Your image hides your upbringing.

/July 2023

there are many such remarks in life:


although my appearance is a mess, my soul is interesting;

although I am untidy, I have poetry books in my belly.

Our blue dress for homecoming will make you look stunning. Benefit now from the utility and simplicity mixes.


but if you can't even manage your appearance well, even if you are full of talent, why should you believe that he can handle other things?

Wilde once said that only shallow people do not judge people by their appearance.

dress like a person, a person's upbringing and attitude towards life are hidden in the external image.

if you want to know the strength and size of a horse, whether it is a good horse or a horse, you can see its manner and breath.

if you want to know whether a melon is good or bad, you can see its shape and color.

there are ways to see a person clearly from his appearance:

character is written on the face, character is reflected in the eyes, tutor looks at posture, aesthetics looks at clothes, whether love clean nails, good dress, look at hair.

A person's image is his business card.

if you look refreshing and dress appropriately, others will feel more comfortable with them.

as Yang Lan said:


No one has an obligation to discover your excellence through your sloppy appearance.


Guo Wanying was beautiful and rich when she was young.

later, she experienced the worst period of her life.

she moved from a mansion to an attic pavilion, from a daughter to a bowl of Plain Noodles for eight cents. Later, when she cleaned the toilet every day, her ten fingers changed shape.

but as long as she meets people, she always puts on clean clothes.

others do not understand, she is already poor so, why still have leisure to dress up?

like a sentence very much: to dress appropriately is to be gentle to yourself.

A master who understands life, no matter how bad the external environment is, can always take care of his appearance.

it does not mean that you must be dressed in a suit, jewelry, and clean, so that you can show your positive temperament and serious attitude of life.

there is no plain sailing life, even if you can not control the fate of misfortune and misfortune, at least neat appearance is your own decision.

keeping a clean and decent copy is not only a tenderness and love for yourself, but also a respect for life.

it is written in Di Zi Gui: "the crown must be straight, the button must be tied, and the socks and shoes are tight."

means that before going out, one should wear a hat properly, button up his clothes, and wear socks and shoes neatly.

well-dressed, well-behaved, calm and independent, is not only a respect for others, but also a mature state of life and attitude towards life.

there is a kind of teaching

raise, call it well dressed

". One book a week is taught

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