Look far, look down, see through

/July 2023

there are three realms in life:

one is to be far-sighted, to have lofty goals in life, and not to be held back by what is at hand.

the second is to see through, through the numerous and complicated aspects, to see the essence of life;

the third is to be bearish, to look down on fame and wealth and superficial vanity in the world, and to face life calmly.

for a person, these three realms are the process from growth to maturity.

from 20 to 30, and then to 40, just like the doors of these three realms, push them open one by one, life will have different experiences and gains.

20 years old

have seen such a story:

when Tan Dun, a famous violinist, first came to the United States, he could only make money by playing the violin.

later he met a pianist, and fortunately, the two fought together for a good place where they could make the most money--

the door of a commercial bank, where there is a large flow of people.

because he has never forgotten that he has a bigger goal-to become a world-class music master.

years later, Tan Dun passed by the bank again and found that the former friend pianist was still playing on the most profitable site, with an expression of intoxication and satisfaction on his face.

when the pianist saw Tan Dun suddenly appear, he asked him where he was playing now.

Tan Dun answered the name of a famous concert hall, and the pianist asked, "is it easy to make money in front of that concert hall?"

this story tells us that how far a person's knowledge determines how far he can go.

short-sighted people are easily blinded by clouds, only see the present situation, or indulge in money, or indulge in comfort, and stop there.

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people with long-term vision are in a different state, just like Tan Dun when he was young.

No matter how fascinating the temptation is, they will stick to their goals and move on.

20 years old, though young, is the most important starting point in life.

at this age, we must grasp ourselves and pave the way for the future.

just like Wanzhang Pavilion to lay a good foundation, only good planning can achieve the future high-rise Lin Yu.

and your original choice determines your future success or not.

is like the sentence I saw in a book:

manage your 20-year-old well, because it determines what you look like and how you live at 40.

30 years old to see through

A few days ago, something like this happened in our unit:

an employee in his thirties felt humiliated when he saw that his colleagues had bought a car, but he had not bought it yet.

so he began to speed up the process of saving money.

finally, his body couldn't stand it any more. one day he suddenly fell into a coma and fell on his job and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

this is very thought-provoking:

if we had less comparison with others, less unnecessary vanity, and thinking clearly that the body is the capital of everything, we would not have done such a thing that the gain outweighed the gain.

it is said that people in their thirties are the most anxious. They open their eyes in the morning: car loans, housing loans, jobs, children.

the essential cause of their anxiety is their uncontrollable fear of the future and their confusion about why they are alive.

they live in comparison with others all the time.

when I see that other people have bought a house and car, I feel that it is the standard of life, and I am in a hurry to live a standard life.

seeing that their children are not as good as others in their studies, they are busy signing up for cram schools and using various radical parenting methods to seek psychological comfort.

in fact, think deeply about it. Everyone lives their own life, so there is no need to compare with others and make themselves so tired.

Children also have their own laws and rhythms of growth, and have their own life code and future destiny, so why should adults worry blindly?

Life has its own destiny, just like people waiting for a bus.

it's no use worrying about when or when the bus should come, whether you carry your luggage on your shoulder or on the ground.

people have to live more and more thoroughly, keep a clear head, and learn to feel at ease.

this is the most precious gift that time has given us.

be bearish at the age of 40

in a variety show "the Life of yearning", when the guests were chatting together, he Jiong raised a topic:

think about it. What do you think you're doing when you're 40?

24-year-old Li Zixuan said sadly, "I think it's enough to live to be 40."

Huang Lei disagreed with her, and when he warned her, there was a passage that made people think deeply.

he said:

"when you reach the age of 40, you will feel that it is not enough to live to be 140, because time is too fast and life is too short.

at the end of your life, you will find that the most touching thing in life is a meal, a hot pot, a bowl of rice, very simple. "

YellowThe teacher's words actually reveal a simple but profound truth in life:

when people live to a certain age, the best state must be no fear and awe, no joy in things, no sorrow in themselves, a return to plain and simple, and a simple happiness moved by one meal.

collector Ma Weidu once said:

"Life can be divided into three stages: profit in youth, fame in middle age, and the third stage is the placement of the soul."

the so-called placement of the soul is to return to the self.

when everyone reaches this stage, the most important thing they should do is:

learned to look at life calmly and look at yourself calmly;

make a clear distinction between the priorities of life and the outside affairs;

I am not tired anymore, and I know how to please myself better.

therefore, some people conclude that the greatest fun after middle age is to know life and yourself.

be able to look down on everything, do what you can do, and enjoy the life you can enjoy.

this is the real happiness of life.

there are three things to see in life: see far, see through, and look down.

see far, let us experience life; see through, let us be enlightened and wise; be light, let us be quiet and far away.

in this way, this life can be called perfect.