"Happy garbage" is dragging down your life.

/July 2023

have you ever had such an experience in life?

stay up for one night and stay up all night. Although you were happy at that time, the drowsiness and tiredness of the next few days made you regret it.

running 3000 meters at a time and reading an obscure book, although it may be crazy at the moment, it can always bring unprecedented satisfaction and pleasure when it is finished.

have seen an image analogy:

"the thrill of dopamine is readily available, but fleeting; the sense of achievement brought by endorphins is commendable but enduring."

the highest level of self-discipline in adults is to stay away from dopamine and chase endorphins.

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only by constantly pursuing a higher level of fun can we have a free and determined life.

low pleasures will drag down your life

many people conclude that the pleasure produced by dopamine is just a word "cool". You don't need to think about it and enjoy it.

think about it. You don't have to consume any energy after browsing dozens of seconds of short videos and swallowing a lot of high-calorie things.

there is a game addict named Quan Quan Yi. He is crazy when he plays games. He used to eat, drink or sleep for more than 20 hours a day.

his house is in chaos and rubbish is piled up.

spent nearly 10 years at home, until the age of 27, the best youth was abandoned a little bit.

similar scenes are not uncommon in daily life:

obviously want to go to bed early, but indulge in short videos and soap operas, and can't stop for hours.

obviously want to be healthy, but always can not control Hu to eat and drink, in the end, the stomach is overwhelmed.

regret after staying up late and guilt after overeating make you feel sorry for yourself and give up.

once saw a famous experiment called "Mouse is Crazy".

A mouse is connected to an electrode, and when it presses a button, a tiny electric current stimulates its brain through the electrode.

thought that the mouse would run away quickly after being electrocuted, but instead of running away, it became more and more excited and pressed the button crazily 7000 times for 12 hours until he died of exhaustion.

it turns out that the area of the brain stimulated by electrodes is the center of pleasure, which, once stimulated, produces dopamine, which is exciting.

it can be addictive to behavior, however, the threshold for happiness is increasing.

when the same behavior is repeated over and over again, the brain develops tolerance and requires more intense stimulation to stimulate pleasure.

that hunger for happiness is like searching for an oasis in the desert, which ends up in vain, only to make yourself more exhausted.

as the saying goes:

"desire is endless. Meet one, there will be another, let people step by step towards the uncertain future, and eventually become the king and defeat. "

low tastes will only unknowingly steal our time and drag down our lives.

Advanced pursuit gives you everlasting happiness

writer Li Siyuan once said something with deep feelings:

"when do people realize the benefits of self-discipline?

probably not in the cold winter, but also to force yourself to get up at five o'clock; not when you feel tired and still need to exercise.

but when you find that your health is getting better, your work is more and more successful, and your life is getting richer and more interesting, you will feel extremely gratified. "

for people who pursue dopamine, ease is temporary, but pain is long-lasting.

for those who pursue endorphins, the process is painful, but the results are often beautiful.

the happiness brought by endorphins is similar to the slow return of a mouthful of bitter tea, which makes people feel more and more rewarding as the goal continues to be achieved.


@ Ningxin

once shared the habits she had maintained over the years, which seemed tedious, but made her enjoy it.

put on exquisite makeup every morning and spend half an hour reading a chapter on psychology;

keep 7 minutes full for breakfast and lunch, and don't eat snacks at ordinary times.

exercise for 1 hour after work, make time to stretch again.

these habits are always hard to stick to at first, but as she sticks to them little by little, it's easy to do now.

in fact, endorphins are also called "happiness hormones" or "youth hormones".

it will make people get immersive pleasure, get complete relaxation, so that people no longer avoid pain, but take the initiative to win control of life.

in a small mountain village in Pennsylvania, there was a groom who at first worked in a steel mill.

he never wants to rise to the sky in one step, but is diligent and down-to-earth every day, always concerned about whether he has made more progress than in the past.

he aims at his best colleagues and works as hard as he can.

in this way, at the age of 30, he became the general manager of Carnegie Steel, and at the age of 39, he became the general manager of National Steel.

he is Charles Chiwab, a well-known entrepreneur.

Real happiness is dressed in self-discipline.Coat, need sweat irrigation, need countless day and night efforts, need perseverance.

the so-called lucky ones only know how to turn pursuit into self-drive.

when others are staggered, you sweat alone; when others sleep soundly, you stay up late to read; when others have nothing to do, you work silently.

as the saying goes:

"True happiness is not the loneliness after a carnival, but a sense of fulfillment and achievement after hard work."

choose a difficult road, it will be difficult at first, but it will be unimpeded later.

the best self-discipline in life is to learn to delay gratification and embrace advanced, lasting happiness.

stay away from dopamine and chase endorphins

Jobs said: "in the first 30 years of life, you form habits; in the last 30 years of life, your habits determine you."

he never lets his children use iPad, but sends them to private schools to learn how to raise animals, grow flowers and do housework.

similarly, Bill Gates' requirement for his children is that they are not allowed to touch mobile phones or play games until the age of 14.

you see, the happier the creator is, the more he seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages and looks to the future.

if you want to be happy for a long time, you should stay away from the temptation of dopamine, chase the pleasure of endorphins and produce self-drive.

scientists believe that the brain is the most powerful weapon, and as long as you know how to cooperate with it, it can help you get almost everything you want.

how to work effectively with the brain? Here are some suggestions:

talk to the brain and adjust the habit pattern

the brain always wants to make you relaxed and happy, and likes to do simple and repetitive things.

you should give instructions to the brain: I want to break through myself. I am an energetic and strong executor. I can manage my time and physical strength well.

We should have the courage to face the challenges and make the familiar things unfamiliar and the unfamiliar ones familiar.

if you can't keep your eyes open by brushing your phone, throw it away.

if you are afraid to try, start doing it immediately and let the brain know that this is what must be done at the moment.

set goals and delay satisfaction

whether it's reading, sports or work.

list long-term goals and short-term tasks without interference from the outside world.

through phased implementation, remind yourself that everything is in an orderly way, stimulate the brain to release endorphins, give you a sense of achievement, and thus work harder.

split tasks and reward the brain

the "tomato work method" is recommended here because it is simple and easy.

is to divide the pressure by dividing a task into multiple tasks, setting each time period to 25 minutes, taking a short break after 25 minutes, and then starting the next task.

take an extra break every four tomato sessions to reward the brain.

meditate regularly and keep a stable state of mind

take 5-10 minutes to meditate and empty your mind, which helps to stabilize the amygdala in the brain.

the lower the activity of the amygdala, the more stable the mood.

meditation can also increase the activity of the brain's left prefrontal cortex, which provides you with positive emotions and allows you to face life more positively.

stay away from temptation and get the results you want


@ Cui Xi

said a paragraph that made me feel deeply:

"there is a villain in all of us who likes to be lazy and lust for immediate happiness.

We don't need to blame it, because only with it can we know how to rest and enjoy.


it's just that sometimes we need to manage it, keep it away from temptation, and give way to diligence and effort.

if one wants to have long-term happiness in this life, one must develop an anti-instinctive physique.

every restraint you make means you are more rational and powerful than ever before.

low-level happiness is like bright fireworks.

Advanced happiness is like still water flowing deep, Cangsheng stepping on the song.

there is no happiness more enjoyable than being in charge of your own life.

there is no power more powerful than self-discipline and persistence.

, when you start to stay away from dopamine and chase endorphins, believe me, you will feel completely free.