Blessed people often have these four kinds of ​!

/July 2023



what a person looks like often depends on his heart.

appearance is the expression of the heart, a thousand hearts, a thousand hearts.

what is your appearance?

Zeng Guofan said: "being dignified and dignified is a noble appearance, and humility is a noble appearance."

whether a person brings his own picture or not is often related to the following four points.

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people with a noble appearance always "win in stability" u200d

Confucius once said: "the fierce tiger Feng he, those who die without repentance, I will also face the matter and fear, and those who are resourceful and succeed.


means a person who fights with a tiger with his bare hands, crosses the river barefoot without a boat, and has no regrets when he dies.

the person he wants to associate with is the kind of person who knows fear in the face of things and is good at planning and succeeds.

when the water is deep, it slows down; if you are expensive, you speak late. Caution is more powerful than boldness.

people who are cautious in words and deeds in life, like to think twice before they do things, and seek to win in stability.

because they know that haste makes waste, everything is wrong in haste, and they are careful to sail the boat for ten thousand years.

in dealing with the world, no matter what you do, you should not be in a hurry. No matter what happens, you must keep calm and calm.

good things are not taken out of the busy, but the urgent things are done slowly.

busy people are rough and irritable, can't do good deeds, and often accomplish nothing, but only those who are calm and cautious, rather clumsy than coincidental, steady and steady can achieve the success they want.

most people with expensive faces are "informal"

as the old saying goes, "Daxing does not care about meticulous care, but does not give way when it is a big gift."


means: those who achieve great things do not have to pay attention to small details, and those who do big gifts do not have to worry about small modesty.

people who don't haggle over everything, do things magnificently, and are open-minded have a noble appearance.

Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty, met many brothers of life and death at the end of his life because of his magnificent and generous behavior.

later, it was these brothers of life and death who secured him to win the world and created the prosperity of the Han Dynasty.

Han Xin was unrestrained, endured the humiliation of his crotch and became a famous general.

Feng Menglong, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, said: "those who achieve great things do not care about small shame; those who make great achievements are regardless of small forgiveness."


means that those who do great things do not worry about small humiliations; those who make great achievements do not rigidly avoid small mistakes.

being free from trivialities is not only an attitude, but also a realm. Only if we do not haggle over trifles, can we have plenty of time and energy to plan a greater cause.

people who have an expensive appearance know how to "prepare in advance"

there is a saying in the Book of Rites, the Doctrine of the mean: "everything is set in advance, and nothing is wasted."


means that if you do anything, you can succeed if you are prepared in advance, and if you are not prepared, you will fail.

if you are prepared to speak, you will not be defenseless, and if you have a plan in advance, there will be no mistakes or regrets.

Life is like the weather outside the window, full of unpredictable thunderstorms and storms.

so know how to prepare in advance and be vigilant in order to deal with disasters calmly.

Sima Xiangru, a ci Fu master in the Western Han Dynasty, once said: "the wise man has the foresight in the uncute, the wise man avoids the invisible; the disaster is mostly hidden in the vagueness, and occurs in the neglect of human beings."


A wise and resourceful man can perceive it subtly before a disaster occurs, so as to take action to prevent it.

people with expensive faces should "let nature take its course"

all the things you experience and the people you meet in your life are the result of fate.

in front of the complex wheel of fate, most of the time, people can not change their fate.

so wise men never quarrel with fate, just do their best, listen to fate, do what they have to do, and then let nature take its course and give the result to providence.

people often say that suffering is not bitter, pleasure is not happiness. Everything in the world depends on what state of mind you face, things change with your heart, circumstances are created by your heart, and troubles arise from your heart.

sometimes, the more you try to figure something out, the more confused you become. Once you have an obsession in your heart, like a ball of thread, it will only become more and more messy.

people cling to a thought, will be trapped in a thought, a thought to let go, will be in the heart.

there is always an answer to things in this world. Instead of worrying, it is better to let nature take its course.

if a person has a heart of ease, complacency, frustration, calm, calm, familiar with the vicissitudes of life, and let nature take its course, your spirit will show itself.

whether a person has a noble appearance or not depends on his own way of dealing with the world.

only when we do things without haste, know how to win in the midst of stability, do not haggle over trivialities, know how to plan in advance, do our best, listen to our destiny, and have an open-minded mind, can we be successful and rich.

, I hope you and I can maintain an optimistic and positive attitude for the rest of our lives, be calm in prosperity, calm in adversity, and walk through this life gracefully and calmly.