If you are so realistic, you will feel cold when you read it.

/July 2023

Wen Qian

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the more people you know,

the more you like to be alone

nowadays, it is difficult to tell the true from the false.

if you don't experience something, you'll never know that the human heart is sinister; if you don't hit rock bottom, you'll never see through the twists and turns.

most of the time, I treat others with my heart, but others treat me with my heart.

cut out your heart and heart, and finally get heartless.

finally understand that only you are the strongest backing.

it is becoming more and more difficult to get a true relationship, and no matter how good the oath is in front of the interests, it is more and more difficult to get a true feeling.

nowadays, when you tell him the truth, he thinks you are telling lies; when you tell him lies, he thinks you tell jokes; when you tell him jokes, he takes them seriously.

Shen Congwen said: "see yourself clearly with great joy and sorrow, and see your friends with great ups and downs."

it is also very simple to make yourself happy: if you like, you stay, if you hate, you go, and if you have different ways, you do not conspire with each other!

spend more time on yourself,

waste less energy on others

in the past, I always cared too much about other people's eyes and wanted to please everyone. Finally, I found that doing so could only make me physically and mentally exhausted, but I couldn't get any sincerity.

now I don't care what others say about me behind my back, those who understand me don't need to explain, those who don't understand me don't bother to explain, and they are indifferent to any slander.

anything that can't kill me can only make me stronger.

Life is so short that it's too late to be good to those who care about you, so you don't have time to argue with those who don't matter.

some people say that the happiness of life is half fighting and half following.

struggle is not to fight with others, but to contend with hardship.

follow, not to drift with the current, but to know the rest and then settle down.

people who are really happy never live in other people's mouths or in other people's eyes.

when we always complain about the gloom of the world, we just cover our hearts with dust.

take a light view of everything, you will live a more thorough life.

there are some things that you are destined to get through by yourself.

No one can help you

do you have such a moment:

I suddenly feel depressed. I don't want to talk or go out. I just want to be alone in a daze.

seems to have lost all his strength and can't even cry.

everyone has a dead corner, so they can't get out, and no one else can break in.

even if someone asks, they don't know how to answer.

it's not that I don't want to say it, but it's useless to say it.

Life is always so joking. The more you care about someone, the more hurt you will be.

it is not easy to see a person clearly. The knife that hurts you is often handed by yourself.

Why take some people and things too seriously? there is no one in the world who can't do without each other.

if you are predestined, you will see you again if you miss it, and if you miss it, you will leave if you meet.

there are no ifs in life, only consequences and consequences.

gathering and dispersing has cause and effect, so it is better to let nature take its course.

never try to get sense of security from others

sense of security is always given by yourself, and others will only watch the fun and not be too serious.

Don't be too dependent on anyone, or you will only hurt yourself.

learn to be independent, and sometimes it's okay to be cold.

to be a person who knows how to be silent, it is good to know something in your heart, and there is no need to say it and let everyone know.

Don't show all your cards. Reservation is not hypocrisy, but a realm.

remember, you can cry, you can be angry, but you can't be strong.

when you fall, no one will help you up, and there is a group of people waiting to see your jokes.

the true maturity is to be beautiful even if you are shot while lying down.

there is a saying in the movie Blood Guanyin that the person who bows his head first is not because he is wrong, but because he knows how to cherish it.

cherish the person who always gives way to you, not that he can't beat you, but that he can't bear to break your heart.

he will tolerate your bad temper and is willing to support you forever. it is the greatest blessing to have such a person around you.

the best tacit understanding is not that someone understands what you mean, but that someone understands what you want to say.

those who love you must be treated well, and those who love you must be taken to heart.

do not rely on the favor of others to be unscrupulous, pay each other, cherish each other in order to go to the white end.

Don't envy other people's lives, and don't feel sorry for yourself just because you don't live as you wish.

opportunities are always reserved for those who are ready, get up when they fall, dry after tears, and walk slowly step by step, no matter how difficult it is.

Life is like a glass of boiled water, don't envy other people's drinks have various tastes, in fact, there is no thirst quenched by you.

what you can live like depends on your state of mind.

there will be no second you in this world. Learn to accept yourself as you are and improve who you are at the same time.

Reading makes you more temperamental, while travel broadens your horizons.Learning keeps your mind young all the time.



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