All relationships in the world are determined by fate.

/July 2023


in "if you are well, it will be a sunny day," Bai Luomei wrote:

"if there is fate, thousands of mountains of twilight snow, thousands of miles of clouds, will eventually meet again. If there is no chance, from then on, it will be difficult to meet at the ends of the earth. "

fate is a wonderful thing.

those who are not predestined, do not pursue, do not remember, do not hope; those who are predestined, can be treasured, can be hidden, can be accompanied.

some people say that no matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life. It is not an accident that you are destined to meet. There is no chance to meet you. Every time you meet, there is a reason.

in the TV series "meeting Wang Lichuan", Wang Lichuan once said to Xiaoqiu:

"I have always thought that beautiful things have left me forever, and only death and decay are waiting for me.

however, I see the beauty I haven't seen for a long time.

in your eyes, I am so lovely. "

because Xiaoqiu, Wang Lichuan, who thinks he is not perfect, feels that he is so beautiful and worthy of being loved.

is also Xiaoqiu, who gave love and hope to Wang Lichuan, who was seriously ill, and let him escape from death one at a time.

it was only when Wang Lichuan met Xiaoqiu that he saw the beautiful scenery of the world and found the strength to fight against illness.

all the encounters in this world have a mission:

Qian Zhongshu met Yang Jiang, so she had a marriage that helped each other.

Li Bai met du Fu, so he had a friendship of meeting him too late.

Chen Nien met Xiaobei, so when she was in the sewer, she had to look up at the starry sky.

everyone you meet will let you find some meaning in life;

everything you encounter will teach you;

everywhere you go, it will show you the way.

the best thing in the world is to meet.

when you meet a flower, you can reap the fragrance.

when you meet a mountain, you can find freedom of mind.

when you meet someone, you will have expectations in life.

Life, all the encounters, are the most beautiful fate.

all encounters have their own unique meaning.

I have read a sentence: "fate cannot be increased in one day, cannot be reduced in one day, and half a cent is not given to a man."


sounds helpless, but it is a reality that life has to face.

many friends can only accompany you for a journey, after this stage, the time limit of fate is up, just like two stars that once converged, they will eventually slide to their respective orbits.

in the program "Thirteen invitations", Xu Zhiyuan once asked Luo Xiang, "are you still in touch with my former friends?"

Luo Xiang was silent for a moment and replied with a smile, "it's almost gone."

Xu Zhiyuan also seems to have some feelings, saying only faintly, "because we are in different situations."

when we were young, we wanted to keep every friend around us, but we didn't know that there would always be bifurcations in the long road of life.

people who have accompanied each other have unwittingly taken a different path.

as the writer Liu Tong wrote:


the friends you once thought were good friends, the people you thought would go on together all the time, don't know when they got separated on the road.

friends who have walked with you for a long time, thank them, friends who are willing to accompany you for life, thank God.


Life is a prosperous meeting, with flowers blooming and flowers falling.

meeting is the enchanting bloom of flowers; separation is also the beauty of Luoying.

A relationship ends and ends. I hope we can grow up with each other. There is no need to treat each other as enemies or strangers, and it will end cleanly when it is over. From then on, we will say goodbye and be wide.

you have been gentle in my years, and I have amazed your time.

move on, laugh at the passing years, it's good to meet, don't regret it.

Dong Qing once said:

"in a sense, everything in the world is met.

like, cold meets warm, there is rain;

Spring meets winter, and there are years;

Heaven meets earth, there is eternity;

people meet people and have life.


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every time we meet, it is the beauty of life;

every kind of encounter, there are signs of karma.

be kind to fate and be grateful to meet each other.

in the Variety Reader, Pu Cunxin once told a little-known experience.

because he suffered from leg disease when he was young, he was nicknamed "Pu cripple" and "uneven ground" by his classmates, which led to his very low self-esteem.

until I met Dr. Rong Guowei, he not only helped him get rid of his leg disease, helped him regain his self-confidence, but also changed the fate of his life.

it was this doctor who made Pu Cunxin understand the significance of helping others.

after becoming famous, Pu Cunxin has always insisted on helping others.

since 2000, Pu Cunxin has been enthusiastic about public welfare and pawned

AIDS propagandists,

it has been 22 years.

because of meeting, he changed his fate, grateful to meet, he became a better himself.

all the encounters are inevitable, and all parting should be relieved.

meeting and parting are destined to be two poles that pass by each other.

Flowers bloom, is a kind of relief; flowers fall, is an experience.

when you meet, you will cherish it, say goodbye, and don't regret it.

every goodbye is a new encounter.

Life meets everywhere, the world is parted everywhere, we always happen to meet inadvertently, and always leave without telling us in a panic.

all encounters in the world are doomed; all parting has been arranged for a long time.

whether you go or stay, it is a blessing to meet.

Love or hate, companionship is enough.

as long as it appears in life and can accompany you through the journey, it is the best ending.

if life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan.

some people are doomed to leave you, cover your lukewarm heart, do not have to force to stay, those who can not stay, it is better to let go.

the fate of gathering and scattered is all providence. Those who accompany you, cherish it, and those who leave you, say goodbye.

because of these encounters in life, you have a unique self.

every encounter is a gift of fate, and every acquaintance is a gift from God.

, for the rest of your life, may you cherish the encounter, laugh at the parting, and live a warm and rich life every day.