His official announcement of divorce is the biggest joke of the year!

/July 2023

Hello, everyone. Do you know "Top ESO"? have you ever heard of the 0713 re-employment Men's Group?

Happy start again invited six happy boys of the class of 2007 as sunset MC to form a re-employment men's group (bushi).

the memory of my dead fast man suddenly began to attack me.

Fifteen years have passed, and the elder brothers are mediocre in their careers, but their skills of "stabbing two brothers" have only increased.

it is normal for old friends to lose each other, but have you ever seen people play games with their brother's divorce stalks?

good brother Wang Yuexin, as we all know, is divorced.

ordinary people know how to walk around this sensitive topic.

several brothers were better. With the help of five, they sent one to a divorce desensitization bed.

General treatment for divorce: distract until you forget.

divorce desensitization therapy: bring it up all the time, mention people's numbness, and it's over.

if you don't want to mention it yourself, it doesn't matter, you guys are professionals.

Perfect prom with sleeves gown to show off your exquisite charm and elegance. You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and prom with sleeves gown will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

the first person to appear on the stage is "No.1 knife inserter" Zhang Yuan.

Wang Yuexin, after the divorce, he finally got a job opportunity to go to the mushroom house to relax, and woke up with a complaint about bad reviews.

Brother Xiao Liang: he snores and pedals me.

Zhang Yuan:. The reason is probably snoring and kicking people. (all know)

those who are in charge of the situation are confused, and those who sleep beside them are clear.

Um. Why isn't that a reason?

at dinnertime, Wang Yuexin incarnated as a "waiter" to serve everyone.

see other brothers even praise rainbow fart: "your song is very good", "I like you very much", "where is my favorite time?"

to the famous wedding singer Zhang Yuan, there is only one sentence left:

I saw you at a friend's wedding.

Zhang Yuan backhanded: then you can also come to me for the next wedding.

seeing Zhang Yuan's head, the elder brothers finally couldn't help but move their mouth.

when it comes to following the gift, Wang Zhengliang, who gave the most in that year, could not help but insert a knife:

"can I have it back?"

when it comes to the life events of Land Rover, everyone pretends to be affectionate: when you need these five people, we will all be there.

however, Chen Chusheng pointed to Wang Yuexin, then turned around and said the harshest words with the calmest expression:

"he may not be present."

Wang Yuexin was stupefied (99% in desensitization loading).

then laughed: I am unlucky, am I (desensitization complete 100%).

of course, the most ruthless here is the awakening of our "No.2 knife inserter".

for example, pretend to wish Land Rover is about to enter marriage: I wish you the courage to take the next step.

then he patted Wang Yuexin and signaled Huzi: but don't go too far (one step past divorce).

Wang Yuexin:?

even when I was playing songs for my brother, I woke up and didn't forget to change the words impromptu.

"I don't care has no regrets."

"who did the I don't care house give to?"

when he asked Wang Yuexin what color the car he was driving, Wang Yuexin packed a cup:


awaken a series of critical strikes:

the division of property arrived late.

only Wang Yuexin's injured world has been achieved.

the variety of the 0713 men's team made the "divorce desensitization therapy" out of the circle, and the majority of netizens realized that the original behavior of "stabbing two brothers" had existed for a long time.

here we have to mention Li Xiugen, the originator of desensitization therapy of Han Yu.

there are not a few divorced artists who have experienced zhe and mo under Uncle Gen in those years.

an Zaixian and Huishan's brother-in-law love at that time must have been high. When proposing, he filled the trunk of the car with mustard flowers, not to mention how romantic it was.

after the divorce, Li Xiugen gave you a look at which pot he didn't mention.

in the face of divorced artists in debt, Li Xiugen uses the same routine.

while promoting "Solo" on BP, he mentioned "glowing singles".

Li Xiugen immediately started the cheap mouth skill: we have a single person who is heavily in debt.

another Jiang Hudong's desensitization technique is famous for persuading people to remarry.

A divorced artist said bluntly in the program that he had a lot of trouble recently, and he hadn't waited for him to say what was troubling him.

Hu Dong: do you want to remarry?

is also happy to persuade resident guests who have been divorced to consider remarriage.

Zhang Xun: listen to me.

No prize contest: who overfulfills the divorce target in each period?

there is also the laughing fruit culture that has made the "talk show conference" popular in the past two years, not only for employees to set kpi, but also for divorce quota to have kpi.

Cheng Lu, the famous "hard man with soft food", introduces himself to "husband of Siwen" every time, a talk show entertainer who gets rich by his wife's fame and family.

after the divorce, he generously used it as material for self-mockery.

talk directly about the secret of turning a wife into a brother, and how to make a qualitative leap in a relationship that seems to be unable to reach new heights.

be brave enough to argue in marriageOn the momentum of quarreling:

Today, I don't have you, you don't have me;

there is no right or wrong, only win or lose;


after divorce, Chen Lu became a workaholic, often working late into the night and staying at home three times.

No, he doesn't have a home.

Li Sheng, who wrote "the world is not worth it, but the world is beautiful; all living beings are bitter, but you are strawberry", also made public the news of divorce from Blacktail Jam last year.

after that, Li Shu defeated magic with magic and was gone forever on the way to divorce.

I am not lenient in entertaining myself.

the reward system set up for employees becomes the division of their own property.

Li's birthday: heh! Divorce didn't even take away so much!

this posture, I have not yet come out of the news of Li Xia's divorce, but Li Xia has already come out of the divorce.

several talk show actors are also good at playing with their superiors' divorce stalks.

Mr. Shen: your boss is not wearing it well.

Pang Bo: yes, neither our boss (Li Shu) nor our big head (Cheng Lu) does well.

teasing Li Shu and Cheng Lu on the stage that if they were ceremonies of weddings, it would be like cutting the ribbon for a new building.

it's a little unlucky.

say the funniest stem in the most heart-piercing words, enjoy it in the midst of bitterness.

only the parties know whether it is good or bad in a marriage, and there is no need for others to speculate except to respect their blessings.

in the entertainment industry, where everyone has been divorced once, the topic of divorce is no longer taboo with laughter and self-mockery.

Life is hard enough, so desensitization therapy is better.

live in the moment and seize every chance to be happy.