What is the origin of the 26-year-old fresh flesh who inherited Carina Lau's fortune of 800 million yuan?

/July 2023

there are many rich women in the entertainment industry, but it must be Carina Lau who is the most "arrogant".

that year, Venus was invited to the "Venus Show". In the program, Venus asked curiously, "I hear you are worth 800 million?"

Carina Lau paused for two seconds and replied, "I am more than 800 million, I am priceless."

the same question, if it were for other stars, they would smile modestly and say:

"it's all rumors."

"No, no."

so Venus froze when she heard Liu Jialing's answer.

because she and everyone else did not expect that a star could respond to this question so generously.

but it's not surprising to think about it. She is Carina Lau, the one who even borrows her jewelry exhibition from the Imperial Palace.

how proud is Carina Lau?

in 2019, Cartier opened a jewelry exhibition at the Palace Museum, in which one of the crowns was held by Carina Lau.

the Imperial Palace wants to borrow it for exhibition because this crown has a lot of history!

it was produced in 1906 and was handmade by well-known Cartier craftsmen. It has a history of more than 110 years and is of great collection value.

later, when Carina Lau attended the event, the curious media asked her the price of the crown, but Carina Lau only vaguely said that she was "too expensive to tell her husband"!

almost all the jewelry worn by other stars at the event is provided by the brand or rented.

but Carina Lau is different. She often wears her own collection to attend major events.

(the whole diamond inlaid with the snake body of this necklace below weighs 227 carats. Zhang Yuqi, who said the broken diamond was worthless, had to shout her sister in front of Carina Lau. )

the point is that Carina Lau not only has money, but also has good taste.

someone asked a well-known jewelry designer: who has the best taste in jewelry in the entertainment industry?

designer blurted out: Carina Lau.

then the reporter continued to ask him which one she would like most if Carina Lau wanted to give him a piece of jewelry.

as a result, the designer said: she wants everything.

then we talked about a set of olivine chains by Carina Lau. People thought that there was no diamond value, but the designer said that this set was "priceless".

because this is a Victorian antique jewelry.

A piece of jewelry on hand is the priceless antique grade of the market, which is worthy of Carina Lau.

it is said that the value of her property has reached more than 700 million.

and she used her good taste in every corner of the house.

she once said a classic saying: a "luxury house" without works of art can only be a building materials market.

you think it is an ordinary vase, but in fact it may be a famous product from the Qing Dynasty.

is as high as 40 million yuan, which is worth as much as a luxury house in Beijing.

the "Peach Blossom begins to bloom", also from Zhou Chunya, is also hung in the living room of the family, which is also as high as 13.57 million.

Wear our red short dresses for homecoming to showcase your unique beauty and charm. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

that is, if we have the opportunity to visit Jialing's sister's house, we can learn a lot.

now many stars are marketing stingy people in order to keep a low profile, but Carina Lau is different.

she is not only willing to spend money on herself, but also not stingy with her relatives and friends.

back in those days, on the Idol is coming, she gave Karen Mok a pure gold sailboat.

there has always been a rumor that on her godson's 7th birthday, she gave him a 200-square-meter mansion in Hong Kong and a pure gold tea set worth 300000 yuan.

200 square meters of the house people may think that nothing, ordinary people can afford to buy.

but it is in Hong Kong with an inch of land and money.

you should know that Zhou Xingchi's cottage of more than 100 square meters is already worth 100 million.

and it is said that the house given to the godson is still next to a famous school in clear Water Bay, and its value can be imagined.

by the way, everyone is familiar with this "godson", that is, Hu Jun's son "Kangkang".

on Kangkang's 7th birthday, Carina Lau recognized him as her godson, saying that she was predestined at the first sight of him and felt like the lover of a previous life.

that is to say, where to find such a godmother!

but such a rich Liu Jialing was very short of money when she was a child.

Carina Lau was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. she was a famous master of traditional Chinese painting, but because of the times, her father went to Hong Kong to make a living.

she stayed with her brother and mother in Suzhou to make a living, and there was little left after her mother's meagre salary to pay off debts, and it was a problem even to eat during that time.

when she was 15 years old, she decided to go to Hong Kong to join her father.

maybe it was a coincidence. She, who was working in the factory at that time, decided to apply for the wireless artist training class.

she was only holding the mentality of giving it a try, but unexpectedly, with her solitude and courage, she became a shining star.

Life is getting better and her career is on the rise. Carina Lau was enviable at that time.

but at this moment, she suddenly encountered a tragic change, that is, the kidnapping incident that shocked the Chinese and foreign entertainment circles.

the security guard of the community witnessed the incident and immediately told Zeng Zhiwei and called the police.

but when the police arrived at the scene, Carina LauIt's long gone, nowhere to be found.

everyone searched hard around, but three hours later, Carina Lau appeared by herself.

at that time, she was in a trance and bowed her head in silence.

Liang Chaowei took her to the police the next day, and she told the police that the robbers were after her money.

just took my watch and cash.

later, as the gangsters got caught one after another, the matter came to an end.

but unexpectedly, in 2002, a magazine called East Weekly published an indecent photo of Carina Lau when she was kidnapped.

with public opinion rising everywhere, Carina Lau was once again pushed to the forefront of the wind and waves.

at that time, she almost broke down and even wanted to end herself, but fortunately, with the company of friends and Tony Leung, she gradually came out.

through this great storm, Carina Lau has also grown rapidly.

she despises a lot of things and lives out of a realm:

never care what the outside world thinks, as long as you are happy.

it's like she hasn't had any children since she and Tony Leung got married, and everyone is urging them.

but she responded:

not having children is the result of a discussion between two people.

Tony Leung feels too much pressure to take care of his children, and he already needs to take care of his mother, sister and wife.

Carina Lau also felt that the responsibility of taking care of a child was too great, so they decided to live together all the time.

although Carina Lau does not have children of her own, she does not lack the warmth of her family.

not long ago, Carina Lau posted a photo of celebrating the birthday of her 26-year-old nephew.

my nephew is Liu Zhaoen, the child of Carina Lau's own brother.

in the photo, Carina Lau, 56, is full of energy in a red casual suit.

the smiling face when cutting the cake shows that the relationship between my nephew and nephew is very harmonious.

in real life, Carina Lau also dotes on this nephew.

Liu Jialing, who loves her nephew, even gave her nephew a luxury car as a graduation gift.

the license plate is still the name of my nephew.

if you look at Carina Lau's social software, you can often see her nephew.

travel together.

take him to climb the mountain with Chow Yun-fat.

when they were together in Hong Kong, the two nephews had frequent contacts, and those who did not know must feel that they were "two mother and son".

in 2019, Carina Lau went to London for a Bulgari dinner, and she took her nephew to see the world.

No wonder everyone says that Liu Zhaoen is the "hidden heir" of Carina Lau.

in fact, the problem of this huge amount of property is no longer important to Carina Lau.

as she said at the beginning of the article: she is "priceless".

for her, life is the best now.

accompanied by a lover, the warmth of a family and a career that one loves. Full of comfort and comfort, simple without losing style, calm and energetic.

living what she wants to look like, but also living a look that is the envy of countless people.

money is important, but the freedom to choose your own attitude towards life is more important.