What is communication (deep good text)

/July 2023


Hemingway once said:

"everyone needs someone to talk to him openly. Although a man can be very brave, he may be very lonely. "

I think so.

Communication is a necessary skill in interpersonal communication. Timely communication can eliminate unnecessary contradictions and estrangement.

effective communication can shorten the distance between each other and make many things get twice the result with half the effort.

Communication is not only a bridge between people, but also a key to open each other's hearts.

Communication is for the sake of others

writer Akio Yamamoto has such a sentence in "transposition Communication":

"people who think of others are more likely to win each other's favor and communicate more smoothly.


if you only emphasize your feelings, it will do more harm than good.

that's true.

there is such a story in Genius on the left and Crazy on the right.

there is a mental patient who thinks he is a mushroom and crouches in the corner holding a flower umbrella without eating or drinking every day.

for this reason, the doctors used a lot of methods and there was nothing they could do about it, so everyone thought that the man was hopeless.

one day, the hospital invited a psychiatrist. When the doctor saw the patient, he crouched beside him with an umbrella.

after a few days, the patient finally asked, "who are you?"


the patient nodded and continued to squat in place. After a while, the doctor stood up and left. The patient was puzzled and asked, "you are not a mushroom, how can you still move?"


the doctor replied, "mushrooms can also move," and the patient followed suit.

when he saw the doctor going to dinner, the patient followed behind and asked, "how can you still eat?"

the doctor said, "how can mushrooms grow up without eating?"


he thought what he said was right, so the patient ate with him.

A week later, the patient began to move freely and take care of himself like a normal person.

this story tells us that there are many ways to communicate, and learning to think of others is often more important than being in a hurry to express yourself.

when people get along with others, the most effective way to communicate is not to be eloquent, but to think of others.

if you look at problems from each other's point of view, it is often easier to get other people's sincerity and make things better resolved.

if you don't know how to think of others, you can never understand other people's insincerity, just like you can never see the scenery behind you if you don't turn around.

Learning to communicate can not only eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings and disagreements, but also shorten the distance between them.

people who are good at communication are strong in interpersonal communication, and those who know how to think of others are really wise.

Communication is good at listening

Socrates said, "God gives people two ears and two eyes, but only one bite. He wants to hear more and see more and speak less."


the reason why people have two ears, two eyes and one mouth is to make people listen more, see more and speak less.

in life, we always think that those who are eloquent are socialists. no matter who they meet, they can find common topics and integrate into different social circles.

do not realize that sometimes the really effective way of communication is not necessarily to keep talking, but to learn to listen.

I have a friend who has two babies at home. The eldest son is 10 years old, and the second daughter is now 4 years old. It turned out to be a happy family of four, but they also encountered a lot of problems.

she found that since she had Erbao, her sensible and considerate eldest son had completely changed into a child, becoming irritable and losing his temper, and often fighting with his classmates at school.

A friend often says to his son, "now that you are grown up, you should become more and more sensible. I work so hard to take care of my sister every day, and you always make me worry."

through communication with her son, she realized that it was her neglect of her son's feelings and lack of companionship and communication that led to rebellion and quarrels, just to attract her mother's attention.

later, friends often accompany their son to play ball, go shopping, and go mountain climbing and swimming on weekends. After that, the son's character also became cheerful, and the family relationship and atmosphere became more harmonious.

in life, such things are not rare. In many cases, the estrangement and grievances between parents and their children are simply because they do not understand the truest thoughts of their children. As long as they patiently listen to their children's hearts, all problems will be easily solved.

listening is like an arrow, it can go through layers of defense and touch the softest place at the bottom of each other's heart.

to be a good listener is to put down your posture, be a listener patiently, and not underestimate others and think highly of yourself.

as Goethe said: "it is a kind of nature to tell yourself to others, and it is a kind of upbringing to take seriously what others tell you about themselves."

the highest way of communication is not necessarily to talk eloquently and argue with reason, but to listen, not to deny at will, not to judge easily, to give respect to others, but also to give oneself dignity.

Communication is to solve problems

there is a saying in the Water margin: "if the wind does not come, the tree will not."Move, the boat does not shake, the water is not muddy.


there is no love for no reason, no hate for no reason, everything in the world has cause and effect.

everyone's life is not easy. If you haven't experienced it, you can't really empathize with it. That's what happens to people. Anyone can stay out of it until it happens to them.

in this world, how many relatives are estranged because of misunderstandings, and how many feelings go their separate ways because they don't know each other well enough.

timely communication is not only an effective way to resolve contradictions and problems, but also an important way to avoid disputes.

A long time ago, lions and tigers lived in the same place, and they both wanted to be the king of a mountain here.

however, they are slow to move because they are afraid of each other.

one day, the tiger and the lion were looking for prey in their respective places. The tiger saw a sika deer halfway up the mountain and ran halfway up the mountain.

instead of seeing the sika deer in front of him, the lion saw the tiger rushing over like a string away from the arrow.

for this reason, the lion and the tiger fought fiercely, and the sika deer in the distance took the opportunity to escape.

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when the lion was about to die, he said to the tiger, "if you hadn't insisted on robbing my territory, we wouldn't be like this."

the tiger said, "I never wanted to rob your territory. I was chasing the sika deer on the mountainside."

people get along with others, the most fatal misunderstanding, do not know how to communicate with each other, but randomly guess what each other think, in the end, let the two people misunderstand more and more deeply, and finally become strangers.

Carnegie once said:

"if you are right, try to get the other person to agree with you gently and skillfully;

if you are wrong, admit it quickly and enthusiastically. This is much more effective and interesting than arguing for yourself. "

between people, the most difficult thing is to understand.

Communication is an important skill in interpersonal communication. Timely and effective communication can reduce unnecessary troubles. Only by speaking clearly can we better understand each other and solve problems.

Rockefeller, the oil magnate, said:

"if interpersonal communication skills are the same as soup and coffee, I am willing to pay a higher price than anything else."

lack of communication between lovers, understanding leads to estrangement.

the lack of communication between family members leads to resentment.

the lack of communication between friends will lead to drifting away.

Learning to communicate is a necessary accomplishment for adults.

, for the rest of your life, may you learn to think of others, listen, and be with people who are not tired of getting along with each other.

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