Three words of a wise man rotting in his stomach

/July 2023

Cang Yang Gyatso said: "how many secrets a person needs to hide in order to spend his life skillfully."

when dealing with people, you should keep some words in your stomach, no matter who you are, no matter under any circumstances.

in many cases, you can't guarantee whether the listener will keep the secret for you after the secret has been poured out.

keeping your mouth shut in a group often leads to disaster.

three words of a wise man rotting in his stomach, while a fool says it to everyone.

my own repentance

everyone has sufferings and unbearable memories.

but at the same time, people are sunny animals, and no one likes people who are full of negative energy and complain too much, which is the poison of any intimate relationship.

Sister Xianglin is a poor person, and her experience is sympathetic, but she can only complain about it.

when she told everyone that her son had been taken away by a wolf, people sympathized with her at first, then became annoying and ridiculed, and ended up being hated by everyone.

A sign of maturity is to realize that there is no such thing as empathy in the world. Only you know whether life is cold or warm, bitter or sweet.

complaining to people who are close to you will often not be understood, and your experience may be seen by others as a piece of conversation.

so Haruki Murakami said:

"you're going to be a quiet adult, don't get emotional, don't miss secretly, don't look back, and live another life."

embracing silence is the only way in life.

probably everyone who sees the truth of life has turned his life into a "silent mode", fearless, fearless, and silent.

instead of confiding to others, it is better to digest, reflect, heal, and gather the power of growth.

your ambition

"Caigen Tan" says: "the ambition of a gentleman should not be easily known."

means that a person's talent is as precious as pearl jade, so hide it and try not to let others know.

if a person does not understand the Tibetan front, no matter how strong his ability is and no matter how high his IQ is, he will often end up contrary to his wishes.

once, Cao Cao dreamt that three horses were eating food in the same manger and said to Prince Cao Pi:

"Sima Yi is not willing to be a minister and will certainly interfere in state affairs."

Cao Pi has always been close to Sima Yi, and his relationship is relatively good. Cheng Quan protects him, so Sima Yi is spared.

moreover, Sima Yi was so diligent in his position that he personally took care of trivial matters such as mowing and grazing.

he hides his ambition like treading on thin ice. Only in this way can Cao Cao rest assured that he will not get himself killed.

Human nature can not be overestimated, some people will not agree with your aspirations, but secretly stumble, give you all kinds of trouble.

people who have great ambitions are good at hiding.

they do not boast, but hide their edge, be modest and keep a low profile, save energy, pay silently and work hard, so that they can become a general climate and make great achievements.

your own financial situation

We all have three or two bosom friends, and we can't help sharing what we see and feel with them.

but because of the close relationship, you can't reveal your financial situation, which is tantamount to opening your wallet to others.

this will make it very awkward to get along with good friends.

Brother singer coat is a typical example. After getting rich, many villagers envy him:

"Zhu Zhiwen can't spend all his money in a lifetime, and neither can the children of his younger generation."

Proper country simple gown for wedding at low price! Our exquisite selections make the ideal gift.

so he unscrupulously took whatever he wanted from Brother Big Coat, and many relatives and friends also came to borrow money from Brother Big Coat, and deliberately borrowed money without paying it back.

Brother Coat sighed: "Why is it so difficult to be a man?" If you are not famous, people look down on you; now that you are famous, they envy you. "

the human heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant, and the greed of human nature is beyond your imagination.

if you don't reveal the bottom, people still feel your kindness, but if you leak the bottom, they will only think that you don't give enough.

so the ancients said, "if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent."

keep a low profile in order to attract less envy and less calamity in life.

concealing one's wealth is not the same as living in a negative way, but leaving room for oneself to protect oneself.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said: "you can only say three points to everyone, but you can't throw your heart away."

I have so much to say, but I can't tell others all of it.

pay attention to the protection of privacy. Not everyone cherishes himself as much as you do, and not everyone will really think for you.

Don't make mistakes, keep your mouth shut and don't get into trouble.

, in dealing with the world, be cautious for a moment, be cautious for a while, and be cautious for a lifetime.