There are three places of fengshui on a woman's body, and to raise well is to be rich.

/July 2023



not long ago, the short video of Yang Guifei restored by the girl god after 00 was a hot search by netizens.

the girl weighs about 150 jin and usually likes Hanfu very much, because she is fat and suitable to imitate Yang Guifei, so she wants to bring up the traditional culture of her hometown.

she taught herself to cross-dress, which not only restored the ancient beauty Yang Guifei, but also imitated the appearance of the characters vividly.

some people praise the girl as "Yang Yuhuan Ben Huan", while others mock on the Internet:

"Yang Yuhuan is no more than a hundred jin."

"to be honest, it's ugly. There must be a misunderstanding about Fei Mei. Can you not tarnish the quintessence of Chinese culture?"

in the face of abuse from netizens, the girl replied faintly:

"I hope everyone can be beautiful and show their beauty."

in a simple sentence, she hit back at everyone who didn't like her, and let everyone see her confidence.

once read such a sentence:

"it is better to say that a woman is a disaster than a woman is feng shui."

good mountains, good water and good scenery are all on her. "

A woman is blessed with the way she talks and does things.

Women's most precious feng shui is not elsewhere, but in their own hands.

take care of these three places of fengshui, happiness and wealth will naturally follow.

develop "steel bars and iron bones"

there is a question on Zhihu:

"Why do many girls know that excessive weight loss affects their health, and why bother their bodies?"

there is a netizen's story to the point:

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"because they rely on their own health, they squander it at will.

when you are at the tipping point of illness, you will understand that what body, what calories, what low-carbon water, are floating clouds.

Don't ask me why, I just passed death. "

in this era of beauty, many people keep losing weight for the sake of beauty.

in the end, his spirit was gone and his body broke down.

in fact, there is meat on the body, which is the embodiment of health and happiness.

those slightly fat women, they never bother themselves too much for the sake of the so-called beauty.

they understand that good health is a person's greatest strength and capital.

my friend Muzi was a little fat for a period of time after giving birth. She once posted self-mockery on moments:

"Maternal love can also be like a mountain. I am as fat as a mountain now."

many people in the comment area advised her to lose weight, some taught on the spot to calculate calories, and some even enthusiastically offered a diet, but Muzi politely refused.

she said this:

"although I am fat now, I accept it calmly.

weight is just a number and doesn't determine a better life.

healthy body is the capital of revolution.

whether it is fat, thin, beautiful or ugly, you should understand that the body is your own.

only when you take care of your body, can you have more energy to do what you want to do and spend time with your family.

people are truly blessed to develop "steel and iron bones" in their whole life.

practice "heart of stone"

for women, the greatest consumption in life is wasting time in indecision.

Women can be weak, but they should also know how to be ruthless.

only if you are ruthless, can you not be soft-hearted and not be dragged down by others.

Miao Jinxiu in the TV series divorce lawyer has a fragile and tangled heart, which makes people not only sympathize with, but also "hate iron into steel".

in order to support her husband to start a business, Miao Jinxiu returned to her family and concentrated on taking care of the elderly and children.

however, when the husband finally had a successful career, he cheated on him.

Miao Jinxiu feels extremely aggrieved:

"I gave up my career for you, but you're out messing around. Where's your conscience?"

the husband did not appreciate it, but ridiculed her:

"Don't say you have to live this kind of life for anyone you marry for me."

even if she is not understood, Miao Jinxiu is still not divorced.

she was immersed in negative emotions all day, indignant at her husband's affair and suffering at the same time.

in the face of a wrong marriage, being able to be hard-hearted and seemingly unkind is actually the greatest protection for yourself.

if Miao Jinxiu can take out her strength and leave the past behind, she may usher in a different life.

ruthlessness is a kind of boldness and courage of a woman.

the more ruthless a woman is, the more beautiful her life is.

it can make people enjoy themselves calmly in times of prosperity, but also abandon things that imprison themselves decisively in times of adversity, and then turn around gorgeously.

A ruthless woman, who knows how to fight when it is time to fight, will not give up her happiness, nor will she blindly give in and be patient.

is like a sentence I have seen before:

"be ruthless, hard in bones and strong in heart. This is the best independence for women."

Women of this era, only by raising a "heart of stone" can they hold the joys and sorrows of life and support the burden of the family.

those women who are a little ruthless in tenderness can walk independently.The ability to walk, but also the strength to dominate fate.

be a cruel and powerful woman, so that you can live a more natural and comfortable life and welcome the embrace of a happy life.

learn to pretend to be deaf

Schopenhauer once said:

"one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is to care about what others think of you."

when a person lacks happiness and recognition in his heart, he will rely on the evaluation of others to support himself.

this coincides with a point I saw earlier:

"if you are a tree, other people's attitude towards you is the wind."

if you always care about other people's opinions, it means that a random gust of wind can shake you violently and even blow you down. "

if you get good reviews, you can be happy all day. Once denied, you will fall into deep negative emotions.

A truly mature woman never cares about other people's comments and doesn't explain too much to people who have nothing to do with them. they are more willing to spend energy to please themselves.

such a woman can live a happy and comfortable life no matter what kind of life she gives her.

A friend has always been such a woman who runs the company by herself and properly realizes her wealth and freedom by her own strength.

A lot of people talk about whether there is a backer behind her, but she always smiles and never takes it to heart.

once I went to a photography circle party with Su Su, at which someone boasted that he had just bought a shop this month.

then someone, not to be outdone, said that he had just bought a villa.

while everyone was busy keeping up with each other, when the manager of the restaurant personally came to propose a toast to Su Su, a group of people gathered to ask Su Su about his origin.

Su Su smiled and said:

"Yes, I just met each other. I just have some business contacts. I'm just an ordinary person."

I pushed her, why not talk about herself and shut up those who brag? after all, she has the capital to show off.

Su Su whispered:

"at my age, I no longer need others to affirm my worth."

Wisdom women all know how to "pretend to be deaf and dumb", because the noise and praise of the outside world are far less beautiful than the indifference of the heart.

as Bi Shumin said, "Honey, there is no one else outside the door, only you."

A really smart woman knows not to live in the comments of others, but to live in her own inner happiness.

ignore the voices of the outside world and cultivate a rich heart.

in this way, beauty and happiness will come as expected.

as the saying goes:

"Life needs to be made by yourself, and happiness is made by yourself."

A woman's blessings have always been learned from within.

time can take away a woman's face, but not her charm from the inside out.

A woman's best feng shui is not her facial features.

A truly blessed woman knows:

raise a body of steel and iron, build a heart of stone, and cultivate a habit of pretending to be deaf and dumb.

May all women have a fine life and have a happy life of their own.

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