There are only three kinds of people who like to say "thank you".

/July 2023


the Little Prince says:

"the most powerful weapon in the world is language.

one word can make a person's mood hit rock bottom, and a word can also make a person regain his strength. "

those who have a good heart can always nourish others like spring breeze and rain.

people with grievances say words like flying knives that hurt others as well as themselves.

mouth is the door of the heart, and you need to be more careful when you say it in your ear.

there are thousands of languages in the world, but the most attractive language has only two words, and that is thank you!

people who often say "thank you" have better luck and better fortune.

Thank you = Thank you

someone said, "Don't be afraid to owe others a favor, as long as you know how to pay it back."

it is most important to know how to be grateful for human relations. This is not only an attitude towards life, but also the great wisdom of life.

it is impossible to have everything going well and plain sailing all my life.

when someone gives you a helping hand, remember to say thank you.

only by being grateful can you always feel the happiness you have.

as a literary master of a generation, Shen Congwen also had an extremely embarrassing time.

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when he was young, he came to Beijing alone with literary dreams, but with only primary school culture, he could not gain a foothold in society.

I couldn't find a stable job, so I had to do odd jobs and be an auditor at Peking University at the same time.

in the cold winter months, there is no heating in the house, and there is often no food, so life is very difficult.

Yu Dafu, who was already famous in the literary world at that time, rushed to see him as soon as he received the letter.

as soon as Yu Dafu entered the room, when he saw Shen Congwen shivering with cold wrapped in the quilt, he immediately took off his scarf and wrapped it around him.

invited him out to dinner at noon and left him all his money.

after life is secure, Shen Congwen is finally able to write with peace of mind.

finally became a blockbuster in the literary world with the novel Border Town.

Yu Dafu is undoubtedly the ferry man in his life, helping him through the darkest moments of his life.

half a century later, when Yu Dafu's niece, Yu Feng, visited Shen Congwen, he talked about it excitedly and kept on thinking about it, thanking him for sending charcoal in the snow.

there is kindness in heart and beauty in life.

Liu Dongsheng said in "everything is the best arrangement"

"in my busy life, the greatest gift God has given me is to teach me to be grateful:

Thanksgiving parents, grateful life, grateful for all the passers-by in life. "

nothing in the world is taken for granted.

behind every thank you is the help given by others, and it is a memory worth cherishing.

and these memories will also become our courage to forge ahead without fear.

Tao Yuanming said: "the wise are picturesque, while the benevolent are boundless."

contented and grateful, even if the day is light, it is also a kind of happiness.

if life is a way, gratitude is the most beautiful blooming, accomplishing the warmth of a thousand twists and turns.

Thank you = respect

Cai Kangyong said:

"the more you can talk, the happier others will be, and the happier others will be, the more they will like you;

the more people like you, the more help you get, and the happier you will be. "

saying thank you often can keep us modest and win the respect of others.

some time ago, a piece of news that "college students insulted the takeout clerk and led him to resign" rushed to the list of hot searches on Weibo.

the female college student ordered a takeout, but she wrote her cell phone number wrong because of her carelessness.

the takeout clerk could not contact her in person and could not deliver normally.

later, when the takeout boy contacted her through the platform, the girl was very angry and had a bad attitude because she didn't get takeout on time.

takeout boy said:

"if I send you one more time, I won't say thank you." What a commanding tone. "

unexpectedly, the girl not only did not say thank you, but also abused the takeout clerk.

she feels that if she consumes, the other person should serve her, and she has no need to thank her.

in fact, saying "thank you" anytime and anywhere will not let you down the price, but will also make others think that you are polite.

if you respect others, they will respect you.

Life is not easy for anyone, and every laborer who provides convenience for you should be thanked.

sanitation workers who sweep the road in the morning to keep the city clean and tidy;

the bus driver who takes us to and from work every day;

doctors and nurses who guard our health 24 hours a day.

there are also many workers in different positions who should sincerely thank those who have provided us with services.

without their hard work, there would be no convenient and comfortable life for us today.

say more thank you, less annoyance, more respect, less quarrel.

you show kindness to life, and life will smile back.

once saw a netizen share such a story on the Internet:

"on the bus, I gave up my seat to a little girl, her big eyes blinking at me, sweetly.I said thank you, and at that moment my heart was going to melt. "

you see, a thank you can bring others a good mood, why not do it?

when people walk in the "rivers and lakes", they should learn to be kind to others.

when you pick up something handed over by others, when you arrive at your destination by taxi and receive help from friends and relatives, remember to say thank you.

this can not only leave a good impression on each other, but also bring others a good mood.

affirming the value of others and respecting the fruits of their labor is also self-respect.

Thank you = self-cultivation

as the old saying goes, you can tell who he is by hearing his words.

A thank you is a small detail in life, but it can also show a person's self-cultivation.

those with good self-cultivation have high conduct and go long-term.

only by treating people equally can we stay in the crowd and have a good relationship with the people around us.

Madame Curie, the most famous female scientist in the world, has won the Nobel Prize twice and is respected as "the mother of radium".

and her great achievement is inseparable from the European class teacher who taught her French in her youth.

it was precisely because of the careful and strict teaching of the teacher that Madame Curie got excellent grades at school and finally embarked on the road of scientific research.

after winning the Nobel Prize, she wrote a thank-you note to her teacher and invited her teacher to visit her home.

when the teacher of the European class received the letter, he could hardly believe that the great scientist praised all over the world would write to himself.

although Madame Curie has become famous, she does not look down on her teacher.

instead, he cooks himself and warmly entertains the teachers of the European class.

the cordial conversation also made the Oban teacher forget his restraint and forget that the student in front of him is a Nobel laureate.

there is a cloud in Xunzi:

"Benevolence, righteousness, propriety and kindness are to others as goods, wealth and corn are to the family."

although self-cultivation is invisible, it is deeply rooted in the heart, navigating life day after day, leading us to be beautiful and good all the way.

good popularity comes from good self-cultivation.

A cultured person always gives people a feeling of spring breeze and has a great affinity for the people around him.

people with no self-cultivation are always isolated by the people around them, which makes it more difficult for them to walk on the road of life.

say thank you when others help you, especially when others refuse you or fail to help you.

people should not lose their demeanor and self-cultivation in any scene.

always keep an elegant posture, so that you will not lose your sense of being a man.

writer Haruki Murakami said:

"you should remember those who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who give you kindness, and those who protect you from foreign things;

people who hold you tight in the dark, people who make you laugh, people who chat with you all night, people who come to see you by car, people who say they miss you;

it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, and it is these warmth that keep you away from haze. "

intimate relationships need to be maintained by thanks. People get closer because of thanks, and life is better because of thanks.

"those who like to send flowers are surrounded by flowers; those who plant thorns secretly are covered with thorns."

often say "thank you" to the people around you, always remind yourself to be grateful for the love and help given by others, respect others, and be a humble, unproud and cultured person.

in this way, the road of life will become wider and wider.

, may you know how to always be grateful, always say thank you, and that everything you encounter is beautiful.