The truth of the violent wounding case in Hunan was exposed, and the man who did not fight back let the whole net break the defense.

/July 2023

what is your first reaction to being beaten for no reason?

I think most people will rise up after they react.

however, an event in the past two days has made my nose sore.

it happened in Taojiang, Yiyang.

according to the shopkeeper, Xie gave 5 yuan, insisted on giving 50, and asked the shopkeeper to change.

exposed, he grabbed the shopkeeper's hair and pulled it back.

then, slapped the shopkeeper hard.

seeing that the other party did not fight back, Xie's arrogance is even more arrogant.

slapped him several times in a row, punched him in the stomach, and then suddenly swung his fist to greet the temple.

Boxing to the flesh, across the screen, I feel a lot of pain.

how much did Xie hit?

the injuries of the shopkeeper are basically concentrated in the head.

my brain was dizzy after two laps in my temple.

he suffered a concussion and a broken nose.

but the shopkeeper didn't fight back once during the whole process.

You will look even more stunning in our hoco wear with long sleeves. Shopping with us is a guaranteed wonderful experience.

was staggered several times, dragged forward with his hair pulled, slapped in the face, and his cell phone fell to the ground, but he never resisted.

this scene is extremely distressing and puzzling.

Why didn't he fight back in the face of such an overbearing drunk?

after knowing the truth, I felt very sad.

the shopkeeper said:

"I dare not fight back. If I fight back, it becomes a fight."

my wife has just given birth to a baby and has only been discharged from the hospital for three days.

for the sake of my family and for the sake of living, I can't fight back. "

there are crying children on one side and wives who need to be cared for after delivery on the other.

if he gets caught fighting back, who will take care of them?

so, when a rain of fists fell on his head, he controlled his rebellious instinct and thought about his family and children.

this is not only a husband's responsibility, but also a father's responsibility.

at present, this beating man has been arrested by the police for provoking trouble, and what is waiting for him will be severely punished by the law.

since this incident was exposed on the Internet, it has become very popular, with tens of millions of video views and millions of likes.

this incident triggered a great deal of discussion, and many netizens said in the comment area:

"the reason why this man doesn't fight back is so sad."

Yes, "there are no good years, but someone is enduring humiliation for you."

to tell you the truth, it touched me a lot after watching the news.

this father, like you and my parents, is an ordinary middle-aged man.

they will travel for a living, suffer grievances for their work, and encounter scenes of being scolded and humiliated.

grievances, toil and hardship are the normality of their lives.

but when they think of the people they protect, they choose to swallow it silently.

carrying a heavy burden is the full weight of the word "father".

maybe they try their best to make you rich and rich, but they are always trying their best to give you the backing of your life.

without reservation, lift hard, try our best, this is the tears brought to our eyes by a father.

the father of Yiyang, I think of a Douyin post I saw before.

A buyer of a used car found a video in the original owner's driving recorder.

it records the moment of patience and greatness of a father.

before selling the car, the original owner in the video answered two phone calls.

the first one is from my wife, and the children have to pay for the training course.

the man said:

"I have already collected the training expenses for the children."

"I have money on hand, so don't worry."

it should be something difficult at home, and his wife is worried about him on the other end of the phone.

but he spoke softly and kept appeasing his wife, saying several "rest assured" in succession to tell her not to worry.

as soon as he got off the phone, the creditor contacted him.

he said that the car has been sold to a second-hand car dealership, and the money will be called tomorrow and delivered as soon as possible.

I'm really sorry that the money has been delayed for so long.

however, as soon as the phone hung up, the man's suppressed cry came out.

from sobbing to crying, he cried and said, "it's too hard."

this scene makes people extremely sad.

when he sells his car, he can only go to work by bus, but the money can pay off debts and school fees for his children.

he did not complain to his wife, let alone cry that he was poor, but only said "rest assured".

when he was at a dead end, he was still thinking about his own burden.

I can fully imagine what kind of suffering and suffering he went through behind this collapse and crying.

they are not born to be extremely powerful fathers, but the identity of fathers is not only a weakness, but also armor.

remembering that in the TV series coming back, the father played by Wang Zhiwen said to his son:

"every father who has suffered setbacks and suffered hardships will do everything he can to make his childrenBe free from the hardships of life and live a carefree life.

Don't bend over for rice, don't fawn on money, my hard work is to make you relax a little bit. "

when you are young, you don't know what it means, but when you grow up, you don't know your parents' kindness.

compared with the delicacy and softness of maternal love, fatherly love appears extensive and not good at words.

but every time there is any difficulty, it is this kind of love that stands in front of us like a mountain and contains a lot of energy.

on Douyin, a father asked Zhang, director of Beijing traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, "is there any hope for advanced cancer?"

Director Zhang replied, "Sorry, there may be nothing we can do about this."

then he replied to Director Zhang:

"I would like to ask, do I still need treatment for this condition?" I want to leave the money to the children. "

"I want to leave the money to the children", these simple words are full of tears, people suddenly break through.

later, some netizens have been staring at the father's Douyin.

however, the father's Douyin has never been updated, but his profile picture is still a happy memory for him and his two children.

I think of the father who ate eggplant and green onions raw.

he is a truck driver. He has three children and old people to take care of, so he is reluctant to go to an expensive restaurant, so after 14 hours of hunger, he can only eat eggplant and green onions.

I thought of the migrant worker who only ate steamed bread and drank white water in the dormitory.

although he does heavy work at the construction site every day and needs to eat meat to replenish his energy, he chooses to squeeze himself in order to save more money to read to his daughter.

I also think of my father.

sensitive youth, lack of supplies, I have also complained about why my father can not give me a good life.

later I learned that in his third year of high school, he had worked as a part-time worker at a construction site not far from the school.

after lunch, he walked to the school and stood at the school gate for a long time to see if he could find me on the playground.

he didn't let the security guard inform me and just stood there alone.

I also learned about this from my mother a long time later.

I can imagine him, skinny, standing at the school gate, smoking one cigarette after another.

what was he thinking?

when he looked into the school gate, was he imagining that the child was stepping on his shoulder and looking out into the future?

as a father, maybe he doesn't have that much ability.

but he has done his best to raise me, educate me, and support me.

my father doesn't have "prose poems". He only has thick calluses and dense work deadlines.

Life is never easy, and if you think it's easy, then someone must be doing it for you.

like what the writer Ergen said very much:

"Father's love, when you look at it when you are young, he is your patron saint;

when a teenager goes to see, he seems to be an obstacle to your eyes;

when you are a young man, you may think that he has become shorter and you think you are taller than him;

but in middle age, when you go to see that mountain again, you will suddenly find that he has been there all the time, silently looking at his pride, arrogance, selfishness, and narrowness. He is tolerant, silently tolerant. "

as calm as a mountain, as silent as water.