The real self-discipline is the self-improvement.

/July 2023



what does a self-disciplined person look like in your imagination?

is probably a person who can control himself all the time, work hard every day, make progress, and constantly improve himself.

it is a pity that

sometimes you also want to read and learn, but you may not be able to read a few pages, so it is difficult to continue.

sometimes you want to go to bed early and get up early, but you may try for two or three days and you won't be able to hold on any longer.

sometimes, you also want to exercise and exercise, but you may just exercise for a week or two and then easily give up.

the difficulty of self-discipline is not that you can't do simple things, but that you have to keep doing seemingly simple things in a monotonous, boring and repetitive day.

in fact, self-discipline and non-self-discipline are both habits.

but the difference is that it is easy to change from self-discipline to non-self-discipline, but it is very difficult to go from self-discipline to self-discipline.

for example, if you want to be lazy, you just need to give yourself a random reason to make your life easy and comfortable.

but if you want to stick to it, you have to overcome thousands of difficulties, and the whole process will make you feel less comfortable.

We admire people who are self-disciplined not because they are more talented, smarter, or luckier than we are.

is to admire them for their extraordinary persistence and perseverance to do what everyone could have done.

there are many times when we especially pursue perfection in the matter of self-discipline.

We always think that self-discipline means being able to control yourself anytime and anywhere. In fact, when you realize that you are not self-disciplined, it is far more meaningful to correct it in time than to give up completely.

for example, you made up your mind not to play with your phone before going to bed, and maybe you did control yourself at first.

but there are moments when you can't help taking out your phone, and when you play for half an hour, you suddenly remember your promise.

the more you are at this moment, the more you test a person's introspection and consciousness.

most people will remorse themselves and think that they should not play, but now that they have played, keep playing.

only a few people knew they were wrong and immediately turned off their cell phones, determined not to do it again tomorrow.

as a result, both of them failed because they both broke their promises, but the latter is very commendable that they can change their mistakes as soon as they know their mistakes.

in fact, self-discipline requires a step-by-step process, and few people can really live up to their promises.

but to be a self-disciplinator, you need to constantly challenge yourself, and then correct and improve yourself over and over again.

in the matter of self-discipline, never give up after one failure. If you stick to it a few more times, you may not be far from success.

how can a person better achieve self-discipline? Probably when you can feel that self-discipline brings you more and more benefits and enjoyment.

but this feeling is not achieved overnight, it is a process of continuous accumulation.

for example, if you have only read a few pages of books, of course you will not learn the so-called good knowledge and knowledge, nor will you grow much knowledge and wisdom.

for example, you only exercise two or three times, and of course you can't realize the relaxation and pleasure that exercise brings to you.

for example, if you only go to bed early and get up early for a week or two, of course, it's hard to get the energy that regular life brings to you.

only after constantly persevering, constantly overcoming difficulties, and even constantly enduring the pain in the process of self-discipline can you slowly realize the great changes it has brought to you.

sometimes, we have a great sense of frustration in the process of self-discipline, because we seem to have worked hard and it is difficult to see the results, so many people give up.

in fact, the so-called self-discipline is not a final act, but requires you to adhere to it day after day, year after year, or even longer.

keep studying for a year or ten, exercise for a year or ten, and study for a year or ten. There will be a big difference.

only the longer you persist, the more you can reap the greater fruit and see the greater transformation.

everyone aspires to be a self-disciplined person.

but in real life, it is difficult to do so.

in fact, if you know how to break down big goals into small goals and big tasks into small tasks, you will be able to meet better yourself step by step.

if you set up a flag for yourself, it will take you a year to read 60 books, run 1000 kilometers, and write 100000 articles.

then you only need to read 30 pages of books every day, run three kilometers a day, and write 300 words a day, and you can quickly achieve your goal.

what matters is not how much effort you make at a time, but whether you can make a little progress every day than you were yesterday.

self-discipline is a long way to go.

the easiest thing is that it can be implemented every day, but the hardest thing is that it needs to be implemented every day.

A good habit and persistence may seem ordinary and ordinary, but as long as you add the word "every day", it will become especially great.

self-discipline is every day, to be the person you want to be, to do what you want to do, and to live a good life.

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so, instead of saying that self-discipline is a better self, it is a self-improving self, because true self-discipline is endless, and all it needs is enough patience and persistence.

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