The person who never takes the initiative to contact you actually loves you.

/July 2023


what is a good love like?

some people say that they want to see each other all day, hear his news, feel his hug, and stick together sweetly.

some people say that love is buried in the bottom of the heart of the miss, do not disturb, do not contact, despite emotional ups and downs, but also bear it silently.

whether we get together or part, every way hides the appearance of love.

and every silence has the precipitation of love and the support of love.

the person who never takes the initiative to contact you actually loves you.

No contact, because of trust

Zhou Guoping said:

"it is better for both sexes to keep a proper distance, whether it is in love, marriage or some kind of intimate friendship.

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I agree with you.

even if two people like each other again, they still need to maintain a little sense of proportion and a little space, so that they can breathe freely, but also let each other do their own things at ease.

if you always check the post crazily and find that the other person does not answer the phone, you will have an emotional breakdown and suspect the other person, which will not only make yourself very tired, but also make the other person feel depressed and suffocated.

the more partners who know and trust each other, the more they understand the importance of space.

they don't stick to the form of contact, let alone the frequency of contact, even if they don't say much at the moment, but they keep each other in mind, and this love can nourish each other.

in the TV series Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, such as Yi and the emperor are particularly affectionate.

therefore, many people resent Ru Yi and deliberately planted stolen goods to marry her, making Ruyi guilty of murdering two children.

after the emperor demoted Ru Yi to the cold palace, he did not contact and accompany Ruyi who was in the cold palace.

at this moment, many viewers complained that the emperor was heartless.

however, looking at the essence through the appearance, we will find that the emperor's behavior is precisely in love with such as Yi:

he knew that Ruyi would not be so ruthless, so he deliberately left Ruyi in the cold palace to divert others' jealousy and jealousy from Ruyi.

he knows that if Yi can adjust herself, even if she does not contact, she will not do anything stupid, but will live a unique wonderful life.

moreover, he sent people to secretly protect Ruyi, investigate the real situation, and silently express his love and support for Ruyi.

their stories are moving.

I don't contact you actively because I trust you enough to know that you have the power to take care of yourself and live a serious life where I can't see it.

do not take the initiative to contact, does not mean that I do not care about you, in the corner you can not see, I wait silently, to the moment you really need, in time to appear by your side.

do not contact, in order to complete

my good friend Da Liu loves a girl for many years.

when the girl transferred to the class in the first year of junior high school, he fell in love at first sight and worked hard to follow the girl into the same university.

in his junior year, Big Liu plucked up the courage to express his heart, and the two began a sweet love affair, throwing countless laughter and laughter on the campus.

when she graduated, the girl wanted to study abroad, and Big Liu wanted to take care of her sick parents and was admitted as a civil servant in his hometown.

both of them were very tangled and shed tears countless times. Later, Da Liu offered to break up.

since then, Da Liu has been silently following the girl's information, but has never contacted her actively.

I asked him why, and he said that girls have a bigger world and are not destined to belong to themselves.

True love doesn't have to be possessed, but cherish it when we get together, don't get in touch with each other after breaking up, pay attention to it far away, and feel satisfied.

likes a sentence very much:

"Love is never shallow, there is patience, there is giving, there is waiting, and more importantly, there is perfection.


along the way, more and more found that people's life is an one-way train, to be able to accompany each other, has been a great luck.

for a variety of reasons, some love is not destined to go to the end, no matter how reluctant and heartbroken, we must release the hands we once clenched.

instead of struggling to add chaos to your life, be brave and choose alienation and indifference.

from then on, Tianya has a long way to go, without your company, only the thoughts of dreaming back every night.

even if the tide rises and falls in my heart, I will no longer bother you, so it is my last tenderness.

No contact, busy growing

in the high-scoring movie "listening to the ear", there is a pair of boys and girls who fall in love with each other.

Wen Yuejima, a girl, is particularly fond of reading and writing poems. The boy Seiji Tianzawa quietly likes her and does not say hello to her several times in the library, even if he sits beside her.

in order to make his name appear on the library card earlier, Seiji Tianzawa silently read a lot of books.

when Shimashima Wen borrowed books that month, she found that the names of Seiji Tianzawa were all on the library cards, and they were all listed in front of their own names, so she quietly paid attention to this name.

however, she did not take the initiative to contact the other party.

until by chance, the two officially met, opening the time when she was reading and he played the piano.

when she learned that Seiji Tianzawa wanted to go to Italy to learn how to make violins, Yoshima Wen also came up with the idea that she wanted to be better.

during her two months of closed internship in Tianze Shengji, she frantically consulted materials and actively wrote, and finished a novel.

at that moment, the minds of two people were revealed, but they pointed to a more distant future."I don't want to be your burden." I have already made up my mind to support you behind your back. "

the love of youth is fresh and clear, but firm enough.

compared to crazy expression of love and constant contact with each other, two people silently put this feeling in the bottom of their hearts and work together to become a better themselves, so as to illuminate each other's world.

in real life, such two-way love is always appreciated.

when I love you, you also happen to love me, we respect each other, cherish each other, and support each other to move forward.

when I work hard, you also continue to climb, we meet the summit, together to see the vastness and vastness of the world.

feelings are not day and night, but are connected with each other.

even if there is no contact, the love between the two people will not be reduced, but will precipitate a warm strength and warm growth.

We seek and feel love all our lives.

however, love is not as easy as imagined. It is so revolving, fascinating and even more sighing.

what can I do to have less grief and more aftertaste?

I think:

cherish your time when you get along.

two people talk well, love each other well, and live up to the encounter in the vast sea of people.

after parting, bless each other.

even if we never see each other again, even if we have little contact, I wish you happiness and peace every year.

in this way, you can be happier and regret less.

, may you and I reap our own luck and splendor in this bustling world.