The most comfortable way of life for the rest of life

/July 2023


nine out of ten things in the world go against one's wishes, often making people feel helpless.

if you bump into life blindly, you have to hit the south wall, which will only increase the pain and annoyance.

people who really live a thorough life know that the most comfortable way of life for the rest of their lives is "incompetence".

Let it go, learn to shake hands and make peace with yourself in order to get the relief of the heart.

do not compete with the body

when we were young, we always competed with ourselves, always thinking that we were in good health and energetic, so we ate too much, stayed up late drinking, and led an irregular life, as if there was no limit to our health.

until a sudden serious illness, it suddenly dawned on me: no matter how thick the foundation is, there will be a day to be squandered.

you really can't buy a bill for health if you work hard with an overdraft life.

Uncle Li of the community worked hard in the business world when he was young, traveled north and south, and saved a rich family fortune.

at the end of last year, Uncle Li was admitted to the hospital because of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and saved his life from the dead. Not long after he was discharged from the hospital, he heard the news that a close friend had died.

Uncle Li said that when he was old, he had to bow to his body and point to it to accompany him for more time.

keeping healthy is a lifelong career. Only with good health and exuberant energy can you have more lasting motivation to pursue the happiness you want.

good or bad health has cause and effect, and if you don't cherish it, it will certainly punish you.

the rest of your life is long, don't struggle with your body, don't be so busy that you don't have time to get a good night's sleep, and don't let your mood get sick.

it is a great blessing to be free from illness.

do not compete with fate

it is said that


"A person will meet 8263563 people in his life, will greet 39778 people, will be familiar with 3619 people, will be close to 3619 people, but will eventually be scattered in a sea of people."

because of fate, so we meet. Some people accompany us through our lives, while others leave ahead of time.

Life is welcome to come and go, gathering, dispersion and clutch is a kind of necessity.

do not compete with fate, fate is deep and many gather, and fate is shallow and let him go.

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there is such a story:

on dog days, the grass of the Zen courtyard is withered and yellow.

the little monk said, "sow some grass seeds!" How ugly! "

Master waved and said, "when it gets cold."

in autumn, Master asked the young monk to sow seeds. As a result, the autumn wind rose and the grass seeds drifted while they were scattered.

the little monk shouted, "No!" A lot of seeds have been blown away. "

Master said, "it doesn't matter. Most of what is blown away is empty, and it won't sprout even if you sow it."

in a shower in the middle of the night, the young monk rushed into the meditation room in the morning and said, "Master! This is really over! Many grass seeds have been washed away by the rain! "

Master said, "send it wherever you go!"

A week later, many green grass seedlings grew on the originally bare ground. Some corners that had not been sown before were also green.

the little monk clapped his hands with delight.

everything in the world has its own destiny. Sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

people suffer because they can't let go and can't ask for it.

but with fate, don't ask about the future; if there is no fate, the flowers will bloom, and those who are predestined will come.

when you say goodbye, you will take care of each other; when your fate is gone, you will bless it with a smile.

do not compete with the ordinary

Liang Shuming said: "the biggest scam of this era is to regard desire as ambition."

We have been urged to pursue success since childhood, superficially listing the signs of success as houses, cars and tickets visible to the naked eye.

it turns out that 99% of the people in this world come from ordinary people and eventually return to ordinary people.

he does not hesitate to risk himself and indulge in his work, but neglects his concern for his family.

he likes to be strong, he had an accident in a drunk driving accident, his wife was killed, his sister was paralyzed, and his daughter broke with him.

what he doesn't understand is that his daughter just needs a father.

later, when he learned to make peace with himself, his daughter came back to him.

how many people strive to pursue the extraordinary, but in the end, they will lose a lot of ordinary happiness.

I have heard a sentence:

"all the extraordinary things in the world will eventually return to the ordinary, and their value must be measured by ordinary life."

greatness, brilliance and success are nothing. Only by living a truly good ordinary life can life be complete. "

when a person is mature to the bone, he is calmly accepting his own mediocrity.

Happiness in life is not achieved in applause, vanity and desire, but in simplicity, peace and contentment.

mediocrity is the background of life.

Zhou Guoping wrote in his book "Life is not competitive": "an important aspect of life wisdom is to distinguish what one is able to control."

he who lives thoroughly knows himself.The limitations, no longer overdraw their own.

admit that there is nothing you can do, look down on gains and losses, precipitate yourself unhurriedly, find the life you want clearly, and move forward calmly without distractions.

be the master of your own destiny, don't yield to it; if you can't, be a friend of fate and don't compete with it.

Don't fight in case of trouble,

is the most advanced form of health care


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