The most advanced way of doing things

/July 2023

I have read such a sentence: "the first reaction in case of an accident can determine the height of a person."

some things are a matter of life and death, some things are extremely difficult, some things are like a pain in the throat, and some things are overwhelming.

different people have different ways of doing things.

and a person's attitude shows not only his accumulated knowledge and wisdom over the years, but also his most authentic character and self-cultivation.

the top ability to do things, but these words: quiet, change, leave.

in case of a big event, Jing

Su Xing once said:

"in order to treat the heart first, Mount Tai collapses in front and the color remains the same, and the Milu deer thrives on the left but does not blink."

that is to say, people who are really good can keep calm even in the face of such a big event as life and death, and then use a clear head to find a solution.

I have heard such a story that several miners are working underground in a mine hundreds of meters deep.

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the miner's lamp suddenly went out because of the fault.

in the dark, everyone panicked.

after a hustle and bustle in the dark, the miners gradually fell into despair.

an older miner kept quiet all the time. Seeing that everyone was tired, he whispered:

"instead of looking for an exit with no result, we might as well calm down and catch the direction of the wind. After all, the wind must have blown from the mouth of the pit."

so the miners tried to calm themselves down and feel carefully whether the wind had blown.

at first, there was no trace of wind.

but after a period of time, their senses suddenly became so sharp that they felt a faint wind on their faces.

I have read such a sentence: "there is stillness in every great event, but there is no ancient sage in the present."

for ordinary people, the more important they are, the more likely they are to be flustered.

however, people who are really powerful can abandon their emotional bewitching, think in silence, and then find a solution.

the quiet pole of the water is clear in appearance, and the quiet pole of the mind is the life of wisdom.

in the face of great events, we must learn to keep calm.

only in this way can people avoid being trapped by emotions, get rid of the fog that traps themselves, quickly find the key to breaking the situation, and even save their lives at important moments.

distress, change

keep calm in the face of great events; learn to be flexible in the face of difficult things.

after all, there is more than one kind of splendor in life, and you can't always look back without hitting the wall.

sometimes, only when you learn to turn can you get out of the predicament, and only when you learn to be flexible can you make a bright willow.

when Lavach was a child, he wanted to be a writer very much.

however, it is not important to write again and again.

Father went to the teacher and asked how he could improve.

the teacher said frankly that the Lawach people are smart and hard-working, but they lack a little imagination in literature.

my parents thought that becoming a painter was also a good way out, so they sent Lavach to paint.

however, Lavach seems to have lost a bit of artistic talent, and the brush always doesn't work in his hands.

when the parents were at a loss for Lavach's future, the chemistry teacher said:

"Lavach's rigorous and serious attitude is exactly what chemistry needs.

his parents suddenly realized and immediately found him a good mentor.

Lavach also devoted himself to showing his talent in chemistry and eventually won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

later generations, he also called his story the "Lavach effect":

that is, when you try your best and don't get a good result on one thing, you might as well change the direction and you may find amazing results.

writer Jiang Xiaoyun once said: "Life is always over a mountain and a mountain, do not go to the end, how to know the next turn will encounter what kind of scenery."

indeed, when the road is blocked, you might as well try to make a detour; when you are in trouble, try to turn.

all roads can lead to Rome, and all kinds of methods can achieve the goal.

never trap yourself in a narrow alley.

learn to turn, learn to change, in order to find a new way out and harvest new scenery.

if you have a bad thing, leave

when you encounter difficulties, it is a person's top wisdom to know how to turn.

when you encounter something bad, it is also a person's intelligence to know how to leave.

in the TV series "meeting season", Cheng Kexin was rather forgiven and rescued in a danger.

after all kinds of hardships, the two naturally developed into boyfriend and girlfriend.

it's just that just a few days after they were sweet, Cheng Kexin found that he had been forgiven from the very beginning.

the so-called heroic rescue is just a deliberate plot;

the so-called advice is just a careful layout;

and I am just a pawn who would rather take revenge on Jane's family.

after seeing all this, Cheng Kexin did not retaliate or complain, but left Ning Shu silently.

returned his peace.It also gives Ning a forgiveness.

on the contrary, I would rather take revenge on the Jian family for the sake of the grudges of the previous generation, which not only ruined their own future and love, but also let a lot of people get involved in one bad thing after another and get hurt.

on the way of life, we will always encounter such bad things, bad things, and troubles.

instead of getting caught up in it, it's better to get out as soon as possible and let go in time.

because arguing with bad things and wrestling with bad people will only turn life into chicken feathers, and even turn yourself into the most annoying appearance.

Nietzsche once sighed: "if you struggle with an evil dragon for too long, he will become an evil dragon himself." If you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will come back to gaze. "

really smart people know how to stop losses and break up their lives in time.

people live a lifetime, either moving forward in the ups and downs, or fumbling in the stumbling.

people who are really good can keep a good state of mind no matter what happens.

in the face of big things, they know how to let their hearts sit still, and then go to find a solution.

in the face of difficult things, they know how to turn for change, and then go to look for willows and flowers.

in the face of bad things, they know how to leave in time, and then go to find new joy.

May you and I both work hard to become such a person.

Don't be afraid of wind and rain, move forward bravely, cherish the present and embrace the future.

, may you be not afraid of things, and live more and more wonderful.