The longest relationship between people

/July 2023

there is no proper fate in this world, long-term relationship, focus on management.

trouble with each other, come and go, the friendship can be deeper;

only by being grateful to each other and returning the favor can the relationship last for a long time.

troubles each other, which is the link between the two sides

there is a plot in the best-selling book "Dog Qian Qian", which makes me feel a lot.

Gia's parents bought a house, but the family was strapped because they didn't know how to manage money.

and the dog's owner, Mr. Jin, is a financial expert. He was in a car accident not long ago, so he can't take care of him.

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Gia made a suggestion: "Dad, why don't you talk to Mr. Kim about your financial situation?"

the father said hesitantly, "I don't think he will be interested in this."

Mother agreed: "you shouldn't bother others."

later, at Gia's insistence, her parents agreed to go to Mr. King and asked him to give advice on the financial situation.

unexpectedly, Mr. Jin was happy to help. With Mr. Jin's suggestion, the family's financial situation improved a lot.

two people who met by chance are also helping each other and becoming more and more intimate.

in life, the rule of many people is: do not cause trouble to others, try not to ask others to do things.

We always think that bothering others will bring trouble to each other.

but as psychologist teacher Wu Zhihong said, "if you don't trouble each other, you can't build a relationship."

the best way to make people like you is not to help them, but to let them help you.

because in the process of bothering others, they will gain a sense of achievement after their "needed" needs are met.

therefore, to ask others for help at the right time is tantamount to knocking on a door on your own initiative.

when you muster up the courage to say a word for help, you send a friendly signal to the other person.

and this is often the best opportunity to open up friendship.

Qian Zhongshu has a very vivid metaphor in besieged Fortress:

borrowing books is an excuse for a man and a woman to associate with each other. Once borrowed and returned, the relationship becomes ambiguous.

it's the same with friends. If you trouble me, I'll trouble you. If you go back and forth, you will have a deep affection.

A good relationship is not the brilliance of each, but the intersection of each other.

through moderate trouble, close the psychological distance between each other.

procrastination and indebtedness, miss each other, the relationship can be stable and lasting.

Thanksgiving to each other is a shower that nourishes the hearts of the people

Art master Xu Beihong came from a poor background and grew up with the father of a private school teacher, learning to sell paintings to support his family.

he encountered the darkest moments of his life, when his father, wife and young son died one after another.

alone, life is difficult to continue, and the ensuing blows made him miserable, and Xu Beihong, whose heart was like ashes, went to the Shanghai Bund in an attempt to end himself.

Huang policeman's stubborn income is not high. In order to solve the problem of food and clothing, he took Xu Beihong to the unit canteen for lunch and gave him a dime sooner or later.

he also introduced work for Xu Beihong, so that Xu Beihong earned his first 30 yuan for selling paintings.

under Huang Police's stubborn matchmaking, Xu Beihong's situation gradually improved and gradually gained a place in the art circle.

and Xu Beihong has always kept this kindness in mind.

later, Huang Jing was sent to prison for some reason, and after he was released from prison, he was depressed for a long time.

Xu Beihong was heartbroken when he learned of his situation, so he asked the yellow police to stubbornly become a cashier in charge of student financial aid, and he would pick up the yellow police so stubbornly that they would get together at home during the holidays.

the two people supported each other, which became a story at that time.

sincerity is like a key that can unlock the closed mind between people.

to get acquainted with people, you don't need too many skills and means, but your heart is enough.

A person who knows how to be grateful and is willing to treat others sincerely will also be treated well.

actor Wang Kai was unknown when he made his debut, and his works were not many. With Kong Sheng's work "the camouflage", he became popular all over the country overnight and ranked as a first-tier actor.

at an award ceremony, Kong Sheng came on stage to present awards to Wang Kai, and Wang Kai thanked him for his kindness.

when picking up the movie, Wang Kaining is willing to turn down the invitation of the male number one of other directors, and he is also going to play the supporting role of Director Kong Sheng's team in the midday sunshine.

in fact, there are many actors working with noon Sunshine, but because of Wang Kai's gratitude, he has repeatedly praised him for acting in Nirvana in Fire, the Great River, and other major dramas.

MiyazakiHayao once said: "in the vast sea of people, no matter who will meet, know each other, no matter who will be plain sailing, only with a grateful heart, you can have a lifetime of love and happiness."

people who know grace and know how to drink water and think about the source can save good popularity for themselves and make the road of life wider and wider.

when Hu Shi was a teenager, he was going to study in Shanghai. His mother was worried. When she took him to the station, she said:

you are going to a bigger world, and I can no longer help you. Go out on your own, and give you four words-- learn to ask for help.

No one can live to be an island.

between people is like two lines, do not disturb each otherThey will never meet each other, and good relationships begin with mutual troubles.

but don't forget that no one is born to be nice to each other, know how to give back, never forget the kindness of others, and others will be happy to help you.

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