The latest news of Lin Zhiying's car accident came: Oh, no old man, what a pity.

/July 2023


it has been more than half a month since Lin Zhiying had a car accident


these days, almost the whole network has been following Lin Zhiying's news.

July 24, some media said:

the accident caused Lin Zhiying's facial fracture, comminuted fracture of humerus and slight brain injury.

if there are fractures in other places and brain injuries, priority will be given to treatment, followed by facial bone reconstruction.

as soon as the news broke, netizens left messages below to wish them an early recovery.

and among these comments, there is one that lets people watch the defense:

"the prettiest face is disfigured, the best swimmer dies from drowning, and the best musician is deaf."

maybe God is jealous of his old face in this car accident.

one year of debut

is called "Asian whirlwind"

Lin Zhiying is the only one who is called the "immortal male god" because there are so many cold-aged handsome boys and beauties in the entertainment circle.

remembering that in "where is Dad going 1", Wang Yuelun's daughter Wang Shiling stared at Lin Zhiying for the first time and murmured:

"kimi's father is so handsome."

at this time, Lin Zhiying is nearly 40.

Children's perception of beauty is simple, they can't lie;

in the past, the public's understanding of good-looking was simple, and a handsome face could make a mess of red.

Lin Zhiying is the beneficiary.

when he was shopping with his classmates, the 15-year-old was chosen by advertisers and shot three big ads in a row.

the 16-year-old was discovered by UFO talent scouts while performing on the stage at school

(the agency that wins the Little Tigers)

, officially sign a contract with UFO Records;

at the age of 17, when his first album was released, the title song "the rainy season at the age of seventeen" became popular all over the country.

until now, many people still know how to sing this song:

"during the rainy season at the age of seventeen, we shared the same expectations and hugged each other tightly /the rainy season at the age of seventeen. We recalled the dribs and drabs of our childhood, only to find that our growth was getting closer and closer."

this is a youthful memory for people of that time; for people now, it is a classic that lasts forever.

with this song and the temperament of his brother next door, he quickly became popular.

then, Lin Zhiying released three albums in a row. The romance and youthful flavor of love songs made Lin Zhiying's "Asian Little whirlwind" blow farther and farther.

in 1993, 18-year-old Lin Zhiying gave a concert at the Hong Kong Red Pavilion.

he is the first singer ever to sing entirely in Mandarin songs, and he is also the youngest.

4 games in a row, the scene is hot, creating the record of the youngest singer in the Red Pavilion concert, which has not yet been broken.

"at that time, I had three albums and thirty songs, all of which were sung."

Lin Zhiying, who came to Hong Kong for the first time, made Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport experience a rare sensation in the past decade.

an unprecedented shock was called "crossing the river dragon" by the Hong Kong media.

I still remember that Lin Zhiying's first announcement was to receive an award for his brother at the Keelung Cultural Center.

and the winner of this award in the second year was Lin Zhiying.

but the splendor dissipated with his enlistment.

enter the mainland

multiple characters become the audience white moonlight

Lin Zhiying joined the army in 1994.

in the Chinese music world at that time, it was a fight between immortals.

songs by Zhang Xinzhe, Lin Yilian and others are played on the street in turn.

although Lin Zhiying has released albums in the past two years, he has gradually been forgotten because he did not appear before the screen.

but God always has a favor for people with good faces.

at the low ebb, he met the noble man in his life, Brother Xia.

at that time, with the vigorous development of culture and entertainment in the mainland, Brother Xia took over the filming of "double arrogance" for him.

at that time, he worked with his former brother Alec Su, and the cooperation and interpretation of the two made the audience rating of the show stand out.

and Lin Zhiying has gained numerous fans in the mainland because of her likable character and handsome appearance.

all of a sudden, it directly opened up the mainland market.

of course, what makes him most talked about by people is the role of "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils" in 2003.

now there is still a lot of debate over the most classic version of "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils" on the Internet.

for viewers who like version 03, Lin Zhiying standing there is Duan Yu.

the Pianpian Childe's posture, affectionate and flirtatious temperament and the appearance of a jade scholar brought Duan Yu to life.

at this time, his career started again.

some people say that it is youth to act in an idol play in your 20s, and to act in your 30s is to pretend to be young.

but this sentence does not seem to be very applicable to Lin Zhiying.

in 2007, idol dramas began to go downhill.

many people are not very fond of TV dramas with this theme.

but Lin Zhiying did the opposite and filmed the Star herding the Sheep.

the popularity of this play must not be so hot.You don't need me to say more.

who doesn't know how to hum "our commemoration" now?

some people in the industry commented that Lin Zhiying's face was born for the entertainment industry.

A naturally pleasing baby face and a pair of affectionate eyes with streamer, as long as you choose the right role in line with your temperament, more than half of it has been successful.

it can be said that as long as he abides by the laws and regulations and does not overstep the storm, his face is doomed to his success in the entertainment industry.

but his success is not confined to this industry.

if we say that his achievement in show business is God's reward for food.

then his attainments in the racing car all stem from the persistence of his dreams.

chasing racing cars and dreams

Lin Zhiying's Weibo name is "dreamer Lin Zhiying", and he is really just like his name in chasing racing cars.

this dream was planted as early as when he took part in the remote control car race at the age of 10.

many people may not know that Lin Zhiying made his first appearance in the entertainment industry to use advertising money to buy a beloved motorcycle.

after graduating from Art College, he entered the entertainment industry.

after making enough money, the first thing he does is to buy a sports car and take part in the race.

from his debut to the present, he has not participated in many works compared with his contemporaries.

because he spends a large part of his energy on chasing dreams.

23, owns the first Ferrari. And with his red Ferrari chariot, he won the third runner-up trophy in his first racing race.

24-year-old, participated in the world international A-class cross-country race, becoming the first driver in Taiwan to participate in the top international race.

26 years old, won the first championship in his racing career at Zhuhai Circuit.

27, the car reached its peak, won 9 professional car racing trophies, 7 championship trophies, 2 runners-up, and became the champion driver of the year.

34, Lin Zhiying officially became a reserve member of the Chinese team, the only Chinese team in F1 in the world.


his love for racing cars is engraved into his bones, and he has persisted in pursuing his dreams for half his life.

before, the media did not know what he was doing, only that he would disappear for a while.

"I have crowd phobia. I don't want my private life to be exposed to the outside world too much. I insist on keeping some of it for myself."

and this part is his car, his dream.

it was not until he won the prize that people knew that this young-looking big boy had such a warm-blooded preference and such a fanatical heart.

at that time, many fans worried about him.

in people's previous understanding, high-speed driving, difficult drift, every race is both dangerous and honorable.

and, at the age of 24, there was already an accident that made fans pinch a cold sweat.

finally, according to media reports:

the car accident caused Lin Zhiying to break three bones in the soles of her right foot and be fixed with four steel nails.

at that time, many people advised him to give up, but he persisted and persisted for half his life.

obviously he can make a living by face, but he insists on strength.

in fact, Lin Zhiying has always wanted to break other people's inherent beliefs about him.

during his enlistment, he was ridiculed and satirized by his teammates because of his appearance. There was a lot of booing when he went on stage.

when he returned to the entertainment industry after leaving the army, all he could think about was: I want to transform into a real man.

but unfortunately, he failed.

because the audience doesn't like it at all.

appearance brings convenience to him, it also sets limits.

it seems that he can only follow the setting and go in circles in the "boy" setting.

but he doesn't want to.

play racing, start a technology company, build a team.

he has been taking practical actions to break the limits of appearance.

in 2013, the hit "where is Dad going?" also led to Lin Zhiying's comeback as a father.

at this time, his topic gradually changed from "immature male god" to "kimi father".

Lin Zhiying likes to hear and see this title.

he hopes to change his identity and likes netizens' love for his son.

but he probably can't get rid of the title of "immortal male God".

because for netizens and even people who like him, it is a kind of affirmation.

his few roles bear the burden of their youth.

playful as Xiaoyuer, moist as Duan Yu, domineering as Vernon Zhong.

on August 9, there was a hot search for the news that Lin Zhiying had been transferred to the general ward, and the eldest brother Lin Zhijie also reported peace in Lin Zhiying's fan group as early as the 30th.

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I hope to hear the news of Lin Zhiying's recovery and discharge soon.

people who like you have been waiting for you.