The best way for adults to say goodbye to a relationship

/July 2023

NetEase Yun has such a high praise lyrics:

"there are always unexpected encounters and unexpected love in this world. Of course, there are also unexpected goodbyes and nostalgia."

in this journey of life, not everyone can accompany you to the end.

some people will accompany you for a long time, while others appear in your life, leave you unforgettable memories, and then disappear in your memory.

those who stay teach you love and company, and those who leave teach you loss and regret.

when farewell becomes a compulsory lesson for everyone, no matter how much it is difficult to say, no matter how much you don't want to give up, you should learn to let go and let go.

Don't bother to keep

some time ago, Xiaoman broke up with his boyfriend.

after the separation, she kept asking questions:

"what have I done wrong? I promise to change everything.

what kind of girl do you like? I must change in this direction. "

No matter how humble she is and how she refuses to stay, her boyfriend insists on not letting go.

every time we meet, it is she who crosses the distance of the city to find him.

every time he came back, he never saw her off.

when two people are together, he hardly takes the effort to prepare a surprise for Xiaoman. On the contrary, Xiaoman often tries to make him happy.

all that needs to be done and said has been said, but that's what love is, and you can't get it through hard work.

after thinking for a long time, she finally realized that maybe they had no fate after all.

like two previously unrelated intersecting lines, after a brief encounter, their distance will be farther and farther away.

have seen a highly liked message on Douyin:

"No one will be with you all the time, and it's normal for anyone to leave on the way, so when the person with you wants to get off the bus, no matter how much you feel in your heart, be grateful and wave goodbye."

if someone is destined to go, you don't have to ask for it, just because you can't keep it.

if two people are doomed to miss each other, then not to disturb each other and to be well with each other is to give each other the best blessing.

Don't grieve too long

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in her story, nothing is more regrettable than the sudden death of her grandfather, and she was unable to bid farewell in person.

it was Grandpa who brought Xiao Wan up when he was young because his parents were busy at work.

Grandpa is the first to think of Xiao Wan when there is anything delicious at home, which is the envy of other children.

and she suffered any grievances, as long as tell grandpa, grandpa will support her.

later, when she grew up and left home, whenever she was homesick, Xiao Wan was always the first to call her grandfather.

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the period when Grandpa was ill happened to be the busiest period of the company's business. Xiao Wan always said that she would go back to see Grandpa after this period of time.

put it off until I missed my last visit to Grandpa.

when the news of Grandpa's death came, Xiao Wan couldn't believe her ears. Grandpa, who was still very strong during the Spring Festival, left her forever.

she was even more unable to forgive herself. At the last moment of her grandfather's life, she failed to see her grandfather and said goodbye to him.

Xiaowan was so depressed for a long time that she even blamed herself that if she could visit her grandfather, her grandfather might walk with peace of mind.

after a long time, Xiao Wan had a dream in which she kept crying and Grandpa looked at her kindly.

her friend told her that her grandfather could not rest assured to see her, and that if she had been in bad shape, her grandfather would be worried about her.

Xiaowan realized that she could no longer be depressed, and it was always her regret that she could not say goodbye, but she could not walk heavily for the rest of her life with regret on her back.

as a writer once wrote:

"one cannot be together with a loved one forever, no matter how deep the sorrow is, just like the passage of time."

for those loved ones, the best goodbye is for us to live the rest of our lives.

Please take the initiative to get better

in this world, no one can live without others.

when a relationship is irreparable, what the person left behind can do is to let go and let go, and then live a good life.

in the TV series my Liberation Diary, Lian Changxi broke up with his girlfriend on a phone call.

although it was Lian Changxi who broke up, he was also the one who was sad.

both of them work in Seoul, but they live so far away that if they want to send their girlfriend home, he will have to take the subway for another two hours.

the long commuting time makes Changxi feel tired.

his girlfriend did not see her boyfriend's efforts in the relationship, but she always complained that he did not pay enough attention to her, mocked him for talking old-fashioned, and kept ambiguous with other men.

after the breakup, Changxi lived a long period of decadence until his mother passed away.

could not go on, he finally made up his mind to resign and leave his annoying colleague;

moved out of my father's house and bought down a convenience store, trying to start a new life.

when his life gets betterThere is a girl in his life who is really right for him.

there is a copywriter in the movie "Great events in Life":

"No one can be with you all the time, but someone will always be with you."

Don't worry about why others left you, don't ask the reasons for leaving, when a person is in bad shape, we are always easy to meet the wrong person.

when you let go of your sadness and move forward bravely, we can meet the right person more quickly.

heard a sentence and said it very well:

"the so-called adult maturity is to be able to soberly accept anyone's closeness and calmly face anyone's alienation." In the process, we should learn to say goodbye to everyone we meet. "

the world is big, there is little happiness, and there is very little happiness that we can grasp.

in the face of the changes of the world and the separation of loved ones, what we can do is to cherish it when we have it and say goodbye when we leave.

No one's life will come to a standstill. People always look forward and move on.

, share with you.