The best posture in life: straighten yourself.

/July 2023





as the old saying goes, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

but most of the time, we always habitually focus on others, which only adds a lot of trouble.

do not realize that, in many cases, it is more useful to recognize yourself than to understand others.

because most of the time, we are not dealing with others, but with ourselves.

only by keeping a pair of eyes, examining yourself and internal and external reference, can you constantly update your self-cognition.

the best posture in life is to straighten yourself and keep your heart.

put it in the right position

the ancient Greek philosopher Tracy once said, "the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself."

the greatest ignorance of life is often not the lack of ability, but the inability to recognize one's own position.

A few days ago, I read a story about Zhihu netizens.

the netizen is the chief financial officer of a company, and the leader severely criticized her because she misremembered an account.

she didn't come to the company for a week because she couldn't stand the grievances.

the leader gave her a step by asking the secretary to take her back.

but she said to her secretary, "Let me go back, but I'll take a two-week vacation."

as a result, not only was she ungrateful, she also said that she had left for a trip to Xiamen on the bullet train, waiting for her to come back.

it made her regret.

many contradictions in life are caused by the lack of a clear understanding of oneself.

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if you put yourself too high, you will often fall in pain; if you take yourself too seriously, you will inevitably be disappointed.

in this life, only keeping a clear understanding of oneself is the prerequisite for achieving something.

as the old saying goes, "if you have talent but slow nature, you must be a great talent; if you are wise and gentle, you are great wisdom."

see your weight clearly, put yourself in the right position, keep a low profile and humility, so that the road under your feet can be smooth.

correct your mindset

writer Cai Lan once took a taxi home and saw the driver smiling, with flowers and decorations on the car.

but at that time, few people took taxis, the market was depressed, and most drivers were sad, which made Cai Lan very curious.

the driver said:

"be positive and optimistic, and good luck will follow, just like I took an order before I pulled you."

some people say:

"what people live is the state of mind. If you don't have a good state of mind, even the smallest difficulties will become a gap that you can't cross; when you adjust your mindset well, no matter how big the difficulties will not scare you."

Life will repay you in whatever way you treat life.

Yan Youyun, a Shanghai socialite, has experienced numerous waves in her life, but she is always optimistic and cheerful, making her ordinary life as beautiful as a poem.

although he married love, the husband died in his old age, and the young girls died one after another.

but Yan Youyun will comfort herself that things could have been worse.

even after the age of 100, she still wears makeup, cooks, reads newspapers, plays mahjong, knits sweaters, and even goes out to make new friends and go to parties.

when Yan Youyun was 109 years old, she was asked in an exclusive interview with the New York Times about the secret of longevity. "Don't be sad about the past, always look forward," she said. "

it was this mentality that made her live to be 112 years old.

Zhuang Tzu said, "I know what I have to do, but I feel at ease."

people live a lifetime, only by settling down their hearts, can they live a comfortable life.

whether a person is happy or not depends on whether you will change yourself and constantly adjust your state of mind.

when you are sad, you will cry loudly; when you are tired, you will have a good rest; if you are angry, you will vent your anger through sandbags.

in life, there are always unexpected things, and there are always many difficulties to break through.

only when we correct our mindset, get out of the muddy whirlpool and live every day of our own, can we live a natural and comfortable life.

correct words

Xunzi says: "being kind to others is warmer than cloth, hurting people with words, and deeper than spears."

warm words comfort the heart, while sharp words poke the heart.

Bi Shumin once shared a story of her childhood.

when she was 11 years old, she took part in the school choral competition.

in a rehearsal, the music teacher hovered in the team and heard Bi Shumin singing out of tune, so she said sarcastically in front of the whole class:

"A rat shit spoiled a pot of soup, and now I've removed you from the list!"

then the teacher came to her again and said impatiently how she had grown so tall at such a young age, which had damaged the image of the team.

later, for overall coordinationBi Shumin was asked to stand back on the team, but she could only act as a silent student.

this past has left a deep scar in Bi Shumin's heart.

years later, Bi Shumin has become a well-known writer, still can not forget the past, and is very taboo about singing.

Cai Kangyong said: "knowing how to take others to heart is the real way to speak."

being able to control your mouth and not hurting others with words is the performance of a person's true maturity.

you know, as soon as hurtful words are spoken, some things are completely irreparable.

maybe you forgot all about it after the event, but the person you hurt has left a scar that will never be erased.

when you speak, you should fully consider each other's feelings and learn to be considerate of others in order to make people comfortable.

people who really have a high EQ have a ruler in their mouth and speak in a moderate manner.