The best fengshui of the family: three words

/July 2023



Home is the way of coming from and the end-result.

Home is not only asylum, but also belonging.

Home is the beginning of life, the source of joys and sorrows, the redemption of the soul, and the concern of a lifetime.

Family style is upright, family and children are filial piety, is the way to start a family.

Zeng Guofan said:

"moral family, more than ten generations;

the family of ploughing and reading takes the second place, and the family of poetry and books takes the second place;

there are only three generations of rich and noble families. "

the rise and fall of a family is inseparable from virtue, which comes from its own way.

Family style is positive

read a story:

Xiao Zhou often fights and sneaks around, then drops out of school, and his wife borrows money to send him to a technical school.

graduated from school and became an assembly line worker in a local factory.

apart from being a little boring, the job is actually not bad.

when Lao Zhou saw that his son had settled down in the past few years, he was filled with joy and asked people everywhere to tell his son his wife.

it is said that his son has grown up now and has changed his temper with an iron rice bowl.

matchmaker becomes.

Lao Zhou arranged his son's marriage, the wedding was held smoothly, and Lao Zhou's hanging heart fell down.

unexpectedly, before dawn, the door of the old Zhou family was blocked, and it turned out that his son gambled again and lost millions.

Xiao Zhou ran away in the middle of the night, leaving his new wife at a loss.

it was only then that Lao Zhou confessed to his daughter-in-law. His son was fond of gambling before, but he didn't expect it.

in fact, what Lao Zhou did not expect is that his father likes to gamble and his family has lost all his land.

Lao Zhou likes to gamble. After decades of poverty, he did not expect that his son would also gamble and gamble even more.

of course, you can't tell your daughter-in-law about this. In the end, the marriage naturally fell through, and the old Zhou family became the after-dinner conversation in the eight townships.

the motto of filial piety and amity room, one of the famous family mottos in China, says:

"the word heirloom is ploughing and reading, and Xingjia is thrift and diligence.

the word "settle down" means concession and tolerance, and the word "defend home" means thief and thief.

the word "lost family" is called whoring and cheap, and the word "defeated family" is violent and fierce. "

in addition to whoring, cheap, violent, fierce, once stained with the word gambling, it is also the way to defeat.

Family style is not only related to the growth of children, but also related to the rise and fall of the family.

as the old saying goes, "Deze has a long history and a long family style."

A good family style is blessed for three generations.

if the family style is not good, even if you have a lot of money, you will be completely defeated.

what is more terrible than losing the family is that a bad family style is like a cancer, passed on from one generation to the next until the family is completely destroyed.

Family and

at home, the more harmonious you are, the happier you are; at home, the more tolerant you are, the easier it is.

some people say:

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"there is scenery in the distance and life nearby."

Family is the people closest to us, home and harmony, is the best fengshui.

so, how can we achieve family harmony?

when people reach middle age, it is enough to be free from blame: not to blame their children too much, not to blame their partner too much, and not to blame the elderly too much.

Contemporary people are under a lot of pressure in life, and they are easy to get angry in case of trouble.

when some people encounter unpleasant things in their work or life, they can't get angry easily at that time and often keep them in their hearts.

when you get home, it's easy to get upset if your children are disobedient and mischievous.

when emotions come up, they will vent their anger on their children and blame them too much.

the younger children may resist by crying, while the older ones will talk back and work against each other, which is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, and the whole family will not be at peace.

there is a psychology book, "it's not my fault." it says:

"the vast majority of couples divorce is caused by long-term accumulation, and such couples blame each other and defend themselves in a snowball way.

husband and wife always stare at each other's mistakes and defend their shortcomings, attitudes and behaviors.

doing so will lead to stubbornness or even intransigence on the part of the other party. "

Home is a place to talk about love, you can't always reason, and you won't give an inch to your partner in order to argue between right and wrong.

when people are old, they are easy to nag.

they seldom accept new things and can only repeat the old stories that remain in their memory.

as children, please be more patient and don't always blame the old, the old and the young. they are getting older and the world is getting smaller and smaller.

filial piety of children

Confucius' disciples said:

"the gentleman is based on this, and he is upright and virtuous.

filial piety is also the essence of human beings. "

filial piety to parents, respect for elder brothers, this is the foundation of life.

I think so.

filial piety, filial piety, filial piety naturally obey, unfilial piety, life is easy to be unhappy.

not long ago, I read a piece of news:

A man's father is terminally ill. The doctor says no more treatment, go out more and eat whatever you want.

most people are probably just listening.

but the man took it seriously. he explained the situation to his wife. after consideration, the wife agreed to his idea and obtained the consent of his son.

pull, including absoluteThe family, including the sick old father, embarked on the journey.

they began to travel around China.

trail all over the country, eating delicacies and enjoying the local beauty.

when someone asks them where they come from, the Don will happily introduce them and show them photos and videos of themselves along the way.

the Don looks so good that he doesn't look like a terminally ill patient at all.

some people say that they have money and leisure, so they can do so.

in fact, it is not. Men are also old and young, quit their jobs during the epidemic, have no source of income, and rely only on a little savings before.

the reason for taking my terminally ill father on a trip is to leave no regrets.

they really live in the present.

in fact, there are many ways of filial piety, not necessarily to travel.

A bowl of water for parents is worth ten thousand tons of ash in front of a grave.

having a heart-to-heart talk with parents, more companionship and more care is filial piety.

not showing face to parents, emotional stability is filial piety;

to make parents feel at ease and rest assured is also filial piety.

filial piety to parents should come from the heart.

in fact, how you treat your parents, children will do the same to you in the future.

Zhou Guoping said:

"Home is a small boat, but it has to carry us through such a long time."

Family style is upright, which is the foundation of developing a family; family harmony is the root of a prosperous family; filial piety of children is the source of a rich family.

the best feng shui for a family is family style, family and filial piety.

, may you and I have a happy and happy life in the future.