The 52-year-old Louis Koo sold badly in public: this time, I am reluctant to scold him!

/July 2023


these days are the most uncomfortable moments for Louis Koo.

the film "Battle of tomorrow", which he supervised, was released, but the box office was not ideal.

only exceeded 300 million at the box office in its nine days of release.

according to media reports, the film is expensive because it uses too much high technology and special effects.

to get the money back, it is conservatively estimated that the box office should reach at least 1 billion yuan.

Ten years of hard work, nearly 500 million investment, and sincere special effects, I did not expect such an effect.

the movie's official account posted a video that was instantly poignant.

in one day, Gu Tianle looked at the box office data more than 20 times.

every time I see it, I sigh gently.

on the occasion of public publicity, the 52-year-old Louis Koo, and even the rare public "sell badly", choked up tears for the movie.

Why does Louis Koo value the Chronicles of tomorrow so much?

first, the film devoted too much effort to Louis Koo, who is both a leading actor and an investor.

second, Koo Tien-Lok wants to rely on this film to boost Hong Kong films at sunset and the entire port circle.

the golden age of Hong Kong films is over.

the downturn in the industry in the past two years has made the entire Hong Kong film industry even worse, and many artists have gone out of business at home.

as the president of the Hong Kong Film Workers Association and the Hong Kong Performing artists Association, Louis Koo has always wanted to open up a new path for Hong Kong films.

it is precisely because of this that there is the Chronicle of tomorrow, which is positioned as "China's first sci-fi machine armour refreshing film".

if this film soars into the sky, it can revive the popularity of Hong Kong films and enable more Hong Kong filmmakers to have jobs and start eating.

at the box office like this, why not let Koo Tien-le shed tears.

it's not just himself who cries.

what's more, this time, he may not be able to help others.

as a matter of fact, "Battle of tomorrow" is not Koo Tianle's first "bad movie" at the box office.

for more than 20 years, Louis Koo has made a lot of films.

sometimes more than 10 movies are released by Louis Koo in just one year.

however, their responses were basically mediocre, and only a handful of them scored more than 7 points on Douban.

they are rarely innovative and have few bright spots, just like quick-finished products on the assembly line.

Why is Louis Koo keen on making "bad movies"?

it wasn't until 2014 that this question was answered.

er Dongsheng revealed on Weibo

gu Tianle quietly donated money and built more than 60 schools in the mainland.

it suddenly dawned on everyone: it turned out that Koo Tien-Lok, regardless of anything else, made movies desperately to do charity.

now, more than 100 schools have been donated and completed in the mainland.

he also donated many health centers, water cellars and small-scale water conservancy projects.

moreover, Louis Koo did not donate it at once.

the Koo Tianle Charitable Foundation sends people to regularly monitor donated schools, medical centers or water cellars, and tofu-dregs projects are not allowed.

someone asked Koo Tianle if he had too much money to spend.

Koo Tianle said that he was actually very short of money.

but education is too important to children. "one more school, one less prison."

gu Tianle donated so many schools, however, even when he was most frustrated and depressed, he never publicized it.

so that a reporter once posted an article saying:

"Louis Koo is the most hypocritical star in the entertainment industry.

because he has donated so many schools, I am not the first to know.

he has done such a good job of keeping secrets, which shows how much he




the compassion of Louis Koo is engraved in his bones.

because of compassion, so kind.

he is always trying his best to help others.

on the third day of the first lunar month every year, no matter what the weather is like or what is urgent on that day, Gu Tianle will rush to have dinner with a person.

the other party is not a celebrity or dignitary.

just play Qiu Qianzhi's old actor Roland in the Sculpture Warriors.

just because in the shooting of this TV series, Gu Tianle met this old man who was never married and had no children all his life.

for so many years, Gu Tianle took care of her with no regrets.

"Big Brother B" Wu Zhixiong once went to prison for seriously injuring others.

after getting out of prison, he took his mother to the streets.

his former brothers shunned him.

at this time, Louis Koo came and quietly gave him a large sum of money.

later, Wu Zhixiong developed and wanted to return the money to Louis Koo. Unexpectedly, he said, "I don't want it."

in 2020, actor Zeng Weiquan died of lung cancer.

it was only then that everyone knew that Louis Koo had contributed a lot to the treatment of Zeng Weiquan.

the media revealed that Zeng Weiquan asked Louis Koo to take care of his legacy.

I hope to use this money to help more people in need.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

gu Tianle gives love, harvests love, and makes this indifferent world warm and tender.

probably few people know,

two years ago,

Louis Koo is still writing a blog.

Koo Tianle's blog is not only written by himself, but also neatly typeset and refreshed, and will be accompanied by appropriate pictures.

sometimes, it is the sharing of daily life.

sometimes, it is the feeling of hot news.

sometimes, it is the delivery of a new film.

you know, Louis Koo was even more popular then than it is now.

when you get up every day, there are countless interviews, publicity, filming, and all kinds of things.

he often goes to different cities.

even, most of the day, on the plane.

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but in the 12 years since 2008, Gu Tianle has written tens of thousands of blogs.

12 years is about the time for a generation to grow up.

in the past 12 years, too many things have changed.

however, even if the number of readings of a single article has dropped from tens of thousands at the beginning to hundreds after that, Louis Koo has been updating his blog.

the literary talent of his blog may not be gorgeous, nor does it have any profound content.

but when you think about this scene, it's shocking.

someone was puzzled, so he went to ask him why he persisted.


"fans, I am really glad that everyone comes here every day to see what I have to say."

because of a promise to his fans, Gu Tianle wrote for more than a decade with no regrets.

others are puzzled, but only Louis Koo thinks it is worth it.

he has a tiger in his heart, sniffing the rose;

he never let down the people around him;

he is always grateful to those who accompany him all the way.

this is Louis Koo.

A rare straight man in this era;

is also one of the few lanterns left in this era.

Louis Koo made his debut in 1993 and will soon be 30 years old.

30 years have passed, there has been a big wave in the entertainment industry.

some fall, some sink;

some people are reborn, others show their true appearance;

there are also people who have been washed out with the brightest light by the years.

such as Andy Lau;

for example, Gu Tianle, the eternal "headmaster".

you can say that time beats people.

but from another point of view, doesn't it just verify this point:

character is a person's best pass.

those who match their virtues and positions can go farthest.

among the stars such as crucian carp, Gu Tianle is not the richest, nor is he the most famous one.

but he must have warmed and guarded the most people.

in his lifetime, he has helped so many people and had inner peace and prosperity, which is the meaning of Louis Koo.

maybe he really needs money to build a school again.

maybe he really can't help others, and he's so worried.

but in the minds of the public, Louis Koo is more than just an actor.

as he himself said:

"there are not many people I can help in my life. I only help one when I see one."

when I can't help, I hope someone can be influenced by me to join the ranks. No more, one is enough.


he is committed to public welfare, even if his reputation is damaged, even if he is ruined, he has to forge ahead.

this constant transmission of goodwill is the light that ignites the world.



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