Suddenly the official announced his marriage, congratulations to the whole network, and the feelings of many years were finally exposed!

/July 2023



the official declares marriage!

some time ago, a pair of military lovers from different places in Xuchang, Henan Province, for two years, rushed into a hot search.

they got a license in front of Qixi Festival, and before they had time to experience the joy of their newlyweds, they had to rush onto the high-speed train to return to the team.

two years of long-distance military love, getting together less and leaving more, the days of separation far outweigh the time spent together.

this love, which spans more than 2000 kilometers, they fill the long gap of separation time with double yearning.

she said: "since you choose to be a military family, you who can protect your family and defend your country are the ones I should entrust for life."

from now on, you stand guard for your country, and I will guard your home.

one of the lights you guard will always be reserved for you.

some people say that the loneliest love in the world is a long-distance relationship.

because they wasted their best years on waiting.

but what we don't know is that they turn all their thoughts into the motivation to stick to each other.

as long as all the waiting has a result, then even across the distance, time and space, I will go to an agreement about love.

the magpie bridge will eventually come to an end, but people have their own magpie bridge meeting.

what makes people break the defense is not only sweet and bitter long-distance relationships, but also many forms of love. It is a kind of crossing mountains to see you, a kind of vigorous bluntness and boldness, a kind of hiding and dodging that cannot express love, and a kind of feeling happiness in every insipid and long day.

there are many forms of love, in your heart: what should good love look like?

I hope it was you at first,

then it's you, and finally it's you

many times, we have seen too many parting of life and death, and witnessed too many tear-jerking stories.

on the Internet, the story of a pair of octogenarian old people moved thousands of netizens.

an old man in his eighties unfortunately became seriously ill. The old lady was full of worries and wished she could bear the pain for him, but she could only watch helplessly.

they have been together for 60 years and have never said "I love you" to each other all their lives.

but in an age when they could not express love, they used their lives to fulfill their promise of "choose one person for the rest of their lives".

on his deathbed, the old man asked:

"if you hold my hand 60 years ago, you know that you will be with me in a poor life, a rough life, an ordinary life, and even at the end of my life. I will leave you first and leave this lonely world to you. Would you still choose me to be your lover?"

the old lady has no hesitation:

"I know I have a rough life with you, a life of tribulation, a life of poverty, but I will still choose you. I do! "

at that time, they may not have held a wedding, no vows of sweet words, but at the end of their lives, they tacitly completed their vows.

Love in the twilight years may be less vigorous and wanton publicity, but after decades of helping each other, the initial appearance of love is still there.

that is sincere, romantic and innocent, as always.

even if you get divorced, even if you get old, even if I give you the last ride later.

in March this year, Huang Jiancai, 60, took his wife Yin Taoxiang from his hometown of Changzhou in Jiangsu Province to Shanghai to give chemotherapy to his seriously ill wife. unfortunately, his wife eventually died of illness.

under grief, Huang Jiancai wanted to take his wife home. "We can't let her float outside all the time," he said. "

so he dragged his red suitcase and put his wife's ashes in it. He wanted to walk to the railway station and find a way to buy a ticket.

24 kilometers, the map shows that it is a five-hour journey, but because he doesn't know the way and can't navigate very well, Huang Jiancai asked as he walked all the way, and it took seven hours to get to the railway station.

because he was so sad, he forgot to be tired and didn't feel hungry. He just wanted to take his wife home quickly.

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when the reporter interviewed him, he said it over and over again:

"I can't leave her", "I don't want her to stay outside".

he clutched the suitcase containing his wife's ashes in his hand, while he held his wife's resident death medical certificate in the other.

after several twists and turns, I finally returned to my hometown.

the moment he got rid of his suitcase, he said to himself, "Sister, my son is here to pick you up."

under great suffering and great sorrow, the truth is commendable, which is both touching and heartbreaking.

in this man who calls his wife "sister", what we see is love, love, and reluctance.

when they came, the two men were dragging their suitcases with hope.

back, one person was dragging the suitcase, and one person had been reduced to dust in the suitcase, sprinkled with infinite sadness on the way home.

the line should be repeated and parted from Junsheng.

Life and death, old people, love, these words are not light, put on them, more heavy.

maybe they don't know what love is, but if you ask him again, he will answer you: "No regrets".

I love you to the bone, and I will bury you with you.

Life and death can not block love, not only in this life, but also in the next life. This is the best way to love.

Love is willing regardless of secular vision

Love is always accompanied by health, sickness, prosperity, adversity, poverty and wealth.By your side, with no regrets.

is the miracle that I will wake you up with love even if you become a vegetable.

is desperate in the wind and rain, is the life and death before the catastrophe.

is the worry that falls on the details. It is the anxiety of scraping the door outside the delivery room and listening to the corner of the wall. It is the heartache that I wish I could bear the pain for you.

Love is from now on, there is no room for others in my eyes.

Love is that after you left, I have been alone ever since.

everyone expects miracles, but miracles don't happen.

wife, it will be a pity to die in the end!

found this man again 10 years later, and he is still alone in the memory of their love.

Love is the courage to ignore the secular vision and the unswerving sincerity to move towards you.

recently, a group of photos of pregnant women with facial burns have gone viral online.

Feng Huan, a girl from Qionglai, Sichuan Province, was nearly disfigured because she accidentally fell into a firewood pile when she was a child.

because of her appearance, she thought she would never meet love in her life until she met her husband Zheng Xiaoyun.

only then did she really understand that she is qualified to be loved and deserves to be loved.

they met on a blind date.

before the meeting, relatives had vaccinated Zheng Xiaoyun: "this girl is good everywhere, but her face has been hurt, and her appearance is different from that of ordinary people."

Zheng Xiaoyun said: "people can not only look at the outside, but also at the heart."

although he was ready in mind, he was still a little dismayed at the moment he saw Feng Huan.

he did not expect that her burns were so serious, and he did not expect that she could be so strong and optimistic in the face of the injustice of fate.

Feng Huan was brought up with numerous snub and ridicule, and many of her classmates called her a female ghost.

in those unpopular days, she devoted herself to her studies. Later, she was admitted to a university to study arts and crafts, and her work-study program earned her living expenses.

with the help of her teacher, she won the opportunity to go to Korea to exchange and study. Later, she returned from her studies and became a ceramic artist.

God envies the beauty, and the clouds half cover his face.

if it hadn't been for the accident, Feng Huanhui would have been a very beautiful, excellent and talented girl.

after learning what happened to Feng Huan as a child and her hard experience of studying and starting a business, Zheng Xiaoyun had no other thoughts on her mind but an idea to protect her.

he sympathized with her experience, pitied her past, admired her strength, and was deeply affected by her optimism.

he said:

"after meeting for the first time, I firmly believed that no matter how others objected, we would still be together."

later, as the two hearts got closer, they talked about long-distance relationships thousands of miles apart.

the first Valentine's Day after being together, Zheng Xiaoyun ordered a bouquet of red roses for Feng Huan.

Feng Huan said, "this is the first bouquet of flowers she has ever received."

Zheng Xiaoyun told her, "in the future, you will have what other girls have."

in order to end her long-distance relationship, Zheng Xiaoyun gave up her original job and came to Feng Huan's city to start anew.

like all the loving couples in the world, they travel together, hang out after work together, look forward to the arrival of a new life together, and give the baby a little pocket, which means:

I hope he (she) will put all his or her happiness in his or her pocket.

Feng Huan said: "the husband is like a ray of light in life."

this light dispelled all the coldness and ridicule she had suffered before.

all things in the world are unexpected, there are many things that you can't choose, but there is always someone who can read the beauty behind your scars and tell you that you deserve to be loved.

in the photos, Zheng Xiaoyun always looks at Feng Huan with a smile, but in front of the camera, compared with Feng Huan's cheerful optimism, he is a little shy.

Feng Huan said: "I have received a lot of help along the way, and I will try my best to give back to society in the future."

when the camera turned to Zheng Xiaoyun, he silently said, "No matter what she does, I will support it."

We see the light of happiness in their eyes.

not everyone can choose such a marriage bravely and firmly regardless of secular vision.

in this era of fast-food love, we are used to seeing too many relationships wrapped in freshness and passion, as well as too much betrayal and infidelity.

and Feng Huan and Zheng Xiaoyun let us see the purest appearance of love once again.

the beauty of the heart is more important than the appearance, and it is always the soul that can really stay together.

their feelings may not be replicated, but the innocence, kindness, beauty and uncompromising life at the bottom of their hearts are worth learning.

there are always some people who will break your pessimism about love and let you know that love can be so simple, so ordinary and so beautiful.

what is the best view of love?

some people say:

"I really want an ordinary and down-to-earth relationship, which has a strong sense of life. It doesn't have to be as exaggerated as an idol drama, nor do two people love each other to death."

everyone has their own expectations for love.

when the feelings are as insipid as water, we complain that family affection has replaced love, and we can never find the original romantic feeling.

when two people are bound by passion, such as glue for a long time, they feel too bored.

the more you are familiar with the relationship, the more you have to work hard.

I hope you can feel happy in every ordinary day, and you can also get rid of the vulgar daily feeling of love on every special day.

A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their eyes, and a thousand people have a thousand kinds of love.

implicit, enthusiastic, insipid, affectionate.

however, what touches me most is the love written by Shu Ting in to the Oak Tree:

I must be a kapok near you, standing with you as the image of a tree.

A really beautiful love is that it can not only maintain the independence of the two, but also support and accompany each other. Stand shoulder to shoulder, evenly matched, look at each other affectionately in an independent posture, not the so-called chase and attachment.

in the Book of songs, a woman who marries a man is compared to a kudzu vine wrapped around a tree, clinging to a man.

and the best love for contemporary people should be two people walking side by side, giving each other support, strength, understanding, and pursuing love, dream and freedom together.

as written in to the Oak Tree:

We share the cold wave /thunder /thunder

We share haze /haze /rainbow

seems to be separated forever /but depend on each other for life

this is the great love

, may each of us find love like an oak tree, because falling in love will make us a better person.