Sports is the best way to invest in yourself.

/July 2023

recently, colleges and universities have begun to issue admission notices one after another, and "grades" have once again become the focus of public attention.

this reminds me of the personal experience shared by the former top student in the college entrance examination and now brain science expert brother Tsinghua Huan on the self-media platform.

he said that the head teacher pulled them to exercise every day, which was one of the important factors for him to be admitted to Tsinghua University.

because exercise can not only make our bodies healthier, but also regulate and optimize the brain, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of self-improvement.

in his book exercise Transforming the brain, he wrote: the most critical role of exercise is to strengthen or improve the brain.

exercise is actually the best investment in the brain.

exercise to make you smarter

I wonder if you have ever had such an experience:

I feel dazed and lethargic. I stand up and exercise my muscles and bones, and I immediately feel much more awake.

work and study are inefficient. Go out and run a few laps, and your condition will soon get better.

as someone said: the greatest charm of exercise is to keep the brain at its best.

Wendy, a neuroscience professor who studies long-term memory, did an experiment with herself and successfully proved it.

Professor Wendy has gained a lot of weight because she has been immersed in the laboratory for a long time and has gradually neglected to take care of her body.

during a rafting activity, she suddenly realized that she was the "weakest" person in her youth, so she made up her mind to go to the gym for exercise.

after more than a year of exercise, she not only successfully regained her slim figure, but also found that her memory and attention had improved.

she, who is very curious about this, shifts her research direction to the changes in the brain caused by exercise.

after the study, she found that long-term exercise had great changes in the anatomical structure, physiological function and function of the brain:

"simply getting your body moving can have immediate and long-term protective effects on your brain, and it can last a lifetime."

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences also published a figure:

compared with sedentary peers, those who exercise regularly have a 2% increase in hippocampal volume.

that is to say, exercise keeps our brains in a state of continuous development, and our memory is getting better and better, thus getting smarter and smarter.

best-selling author Zhang Meng runs at 7 o'clock every day, reads and writes at 8 o'clock, publishes a book for seven years in a row.

can maintain efficient output is that she is good at making use of the time when the brain bursts out of vitality and starts to grow after exercise.

the difficult work is arranged at this time, which virtually improves the work efficiency than others.

for young people, exercise can promote brain development; for middle-aged people, exercise can delay brain degeneration.

A 53-year-old book friend has the habit of exercising every day.

she finds that if she reads a few pages of books after exercise, her brain will become particularly good.

she said that although she is getting older, she can age more slowly through exercise, which makes her feel at ease.

Leonardo da Vinci once said:

exercise is the source of all life.

No matter what age group or occupation you are in, you can develop and protect your brain with the help of sports, and then firmly grasp the initiative in life.

exercise to make you happy

there is a question on the Internet: "what does exercise bring to you?"

highly praised answer is:

"long-term exercise can not only change my appearance, but also bring me a kind of confidence that emanates from the inside."

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exercise lies in that it allows us to release stress, relieve emotions, and gain both physical and mental pleasure.

Brendon Stubbs, an authoritative expert on exercise and mental health, once did an experiment:

he asked the participants to exercise for a week, then paused for seven days to observe their mental state after they stopped exercising.

the results showed that many items of data for all participants fluctuated significantly, and their mental state index decreased by an average of 15%.

among them, the frequency of wishful thinking increased by 23%, self-confidence decreased by 20%, and leisurely degree decreased by 19%.

at the end of the experiment, one participant lamented: "my body and mind are far more dependent on exercise than I thought."

have seen netizens

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when he is unhappy in life and work, he will go for a morning run.

along the Yellow River, it didn't stop until the morning sun began to dazzle.

he said:

"that kind of hysterical cry, the turbid gas in the chest and chest seems to be emptied instantly, becoming very comfortable.

then slowly calm down, thinking about the recent things, it is not as decadent as before, the spirit suddenly improved, as if by the blood. "

Professor Reddy once said:


if you are already depressed, a little exercise will make you feel better, and the feeling of knowing that you are going to be better and self-reliant will completely change your mindset.


sports let us gain a sense of control and self-confidence, get rid of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions.

at the same time, it also promotes the production of dopamine, which increases happiness, making us happier and happier.

people who exercise more and love sports will enjoy the challenges and love life more in the sports that break through themselves again and again.

take control of life, start with exercise

Wang Enge, former president of Peking University, once said when he took office:

people need to make "two friends" in this life, one is the library, the other is the playground.

exercise is not only an important way to assist the development of the brain, but also a good friend who can accompany us all our lives.

to make exercise more effective, we might as well refer to the advice given to us in exercise to transform the brain:

start by walking and find your favorite sports.

as the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning".

for people who have no basic exercise, walking, which we are used to, is the best way to develop exercise habits.

because it can help us break our fear of sports and begin to change with confidence.

then, we try all kinds of sports to find the one that suits us.

if you like the feeling of sweating, go running and dancing.

like a gentle way to stretch your body and mind, you can practice yoga and tai chi;

pick out two or three sports you like, arrange your time for practice scientifically, and enjoy the fun of exercise.

constantly challenge new sports and inject vitality into the brain.

just as there is a plateau in weight loss, so is the transformation of the brain by exercise.

when your body has developed exercise habits and adapted to the rhythm of exercise, the stimulation of exercise to the body and the creation of the brain will come to a standstill.

therefore, we have to try new sports from time to time, so that the body starts a new round of challenges and the brain is developed again.

if you are used to solitary sports, you can try badminton, basketball and other team sports.

always repeat traditional sports such as rope skipping and running, so you might as well follow Pamela, Liu Xihong and other fitness experts to join the trend training.

after exercise, do the most important thing.

within 1-2 hours after exercise, it is the time for the brain to proliferate neurons and strengthen the hippocampus.

if you choose entertainment and relaxation items such as watching a play and sleeping after exercise, it will be a great waste of the value-added function that exercise brings to the brain.

students can recite and solve problems after exercise; office workers can spend their time writing summaries and making forms; and entrepreneurs can think about and plan their future careers.

you know, only when the brain is fully used after exercise, can you really become "smart".

writer Li Shanglong said:

A person who sleeps at home every day never knows that people on the treadmill have another kind of happiness.

when you feel physically weak, run and slowly get back to health.

when you feel confused, jump and inspiration may come up.

when you find yourself in a bad mood, move and your troubles will dissipate.

exercise, although in a short period of time, will not meet the reward we want.

but sticking to it for a long time will give us a stronger body, a more energetic brain and a more pleasant mood, thus opening a continuous stream of compound interest life.

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