She was named and banned by CCTV, and her retribution has just begun.

/July 2023

I never thought that watching people eat live would make people sick to their stomach.

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recently, a food network celebrity blogger named "Tizi" shot a video of cooking sharks on the Internet.

in order to show the length of the shark, she lay proudly with the shark.

immediately after that, we began to divide and cook.

when the cooking was finished, she held the shark's tail and began to gnaw.

the style of painting is scary and uncomfortable.

it not only makes people lose any appetite, but also makes people feel nauseous.

after the video went viral, there was a blogger popular science that the 1.7-meter-long shark was actually an internationally endangered human-eating shark and could not be eaten.

Tiko denies this, claiming that the shark he eats is a sharp-toothed shark and is obtained through regular channels.

I didn't expect to hit him in the face too soon.

identified by the police, the shark in the video involved is indeed a national second-class protected animal, the great white shark!

then, the video before the mention was also picked up by netizens.

Golden baby fish, 200 jin ostrich, crocodile tortoise, peacock …... What exaggeration to eat, in order to attract eyeballs, there is no bottom line.

at present, Tizi's millions of fan accounts have been blocked, and the investigation is continuing. If the circumstances are serious, she may face a penalty of more than 10 years.

when everyone knew about this, they all felt that they deserved it.

as an old saying goes, "do not live for your own iniquity."

it is really hard to sympathize with the experience of Tizi.

the so-called webcast should be to show yourself, not the crazy lower limit of the show.

for the sake of traffic, people who lose the bottom line are doomed to be eaten back by traffic.

in recent years, the rapid rise of the live broadcast industry has given ordinary people a chance to become famous overnight.

but a low threshold is both a good and a bad thing.

everyone can be famous for five minutes, but not everyone has excellent talent.

some people who want to get rich through live broadcast, but are unwilling to work hard on their own strength, have a crooked mind.

after he checked into the hotel, the live broadcast urinated in the kettle, then poured it out, adding, "next time the tenant doesn't know, just boil water with this."

after the disaster, he was not satisfied with the kettle, so he picked up the shower gel and kept spitting into it.

finally, he showed off proudly:

"anyway, no one knows, it's so immoral."

"I remember it was the same in a hotel before. In fact, I do this almost every time I go to a hotel."

group really couldn't watch it any longer and reported him directly to the Internet.

but what makes people's eyes drop is that instead of remorse, he is full of grievances: "everyone has to live. If I don't hype it, I will probably starve to death."

that's ridiculous!

whose life is not hard? There are a lot of people who have a harder life than him.

he did it just to catch the eye and make quick money.

the era of traffic supremacy is full of all kinds of temptations. The more people want to take shortcuts, the more they want to get a piece of the pie.

in January this year, an online letter of apology aroused everyone's curiosity and attention.

the cause of the incident is a live broadcast of the man on the platform.

in the video, the man claims to be a driver and starts asking for Wechat when he sees that the girl in the car is good-looking.

the girl was vigilant and deliberately mentioned the previous murder of the stewardess to beat the driver.

the driver disagreed, offered to get off to buy water, and sprayed perfume in the car.

after getting off the bus, the driver said to the camera, "guys, that perfume put her in a coma."

when he got back to the car, the girl was unconscious in the back seat.

after the video was posted online, it immediately caused an uproar.

countless people are worried about this girl.

but the truth is that the driver and the passenger are already husband and wife.

the scene that happened in front of the camera was just a script by two people, and they wanted to use it as a gimmick to attract more people to watch and reward.

is it really worth doing such an outrageous thing in order to catch the eye?

the answer is no.

in the face of the temptation of interests, too many people are carried away.

in 2021, on the "hard living Street" in Changsha, a beautiful woman took a photo with her mobile phone, while another Internet celebrity beauty in a short skirt lay on the ground barking like a dog.

as People's Daily said, "when traffic is completely reduced to business, or even the only driver of content creation, it is inevitable to lose control."

as we all know, LVB revenue is directly linked to traffic.

once these vulgar live broadcasts are made popular, they will only become a cancer in society and pull people's aesthetics to a lower level.

can we get everyone's attention only by pretending to be crazy and foolish?

of course not.

some time ago, Liu Jianhong became popular with fitness.

seeing that everyone could not go out, Liu Jianhong took everyone to do exercises together in the studio.

the action that is easy to learn makes people leap.I want to try.

at first, netizens just watched, and then more and more netizens participated.

many female fans are called "Liu Jianhong Girl".

Dong Yuhui also became popular.


teach English, speak philosophy, and make friends with the audience with your own stories.

a peaceful tone,

talk about it, audience

seems to be listening to a talk show.

I have the goods, but I don't seem to have the goods.

scratch people's hearts, let netizens live for 30 years, and pay N bags of rice for knowledge for the first time.

many netizens said that when watching Dong Yuhui's live broadcast, they didn't know whether to buy something or take notes.

here, there is no hysterical roar, no exaggerated bargaining performance, there is only the collision of knowledge and culture.

this is the correct way to open LVB.

you see, if you continue to output valuable content, you will naturally meet people who appreciate you, and the transmission of health can be seen and loved by more people as well as knowledge.

it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel.

the popularity of Dong Yuhui and Liu Yihong hit many Internet celebrities who pretended to be crazy and foolish in the face.

they use their actions to tell us what Internet celebrities are really worthy of our love and appreciation.

the popularity of vulgar live broadcast and ugliness appreciation culture has not been one or two days.

teacher Guo, who made a frenzy of crazy words, once said that he would broadcast live even if he died.

but overnight, Mr. Guo fell down.

later, unreconciled, she wore a mask and wanted to make a comeback, and she was still boycotted by the whole network.

there is also Xu Genqin, a "high-quality human male" who deliberately sells ugliness. He thinks that with traffic, he can cut leeks unscrupulously.

unexpectedly, the state media directly reprimanded: "High quality or toxic traffic?"

soon after, Xu Qingen's account was blocked and completely cool.

you will find that more and more Internet celebrities with bad deeds are disappearing from everyone's view.

return to the root


Red is only temporary.

the unscrupulous behavior of showing the lower limit may be able to harvest a wave of traffic in a short period of time, but it is difficult to get continuous public attention.

if you only focus on interests and traffic, it is only a matter of time before you turn over.

if you want to be popular for a long time, you have to start with yourself and provide the audience with more valuable content.

this is not only for us, but also for our next generation.

, it's time to make the live broadcast chaos disappear.