Reassuring, it's a person's best ability.

/July 2023

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Mencius once said:

"those who win the hearts of the people will win the world, and those who win the popularity will gain wealth."

A person's greatest ability is not to have money and power, but to win the hearts of the people and make people feel at ease.

the words "reassuring" seem simple, but in fact they are the greatest affirmation of a person's quality and ability.

reassuring is the most important quality of being a person

someone once asked Buffett, the god of stock, "what is the most important quality of being a man?"

Buffett did not answer directly, but asked everyone to make a Mini Game.

he asked everyone to think about two questions.

the first one is which classmate will you buy if you buy 10% of the shares?

the second one is to sell 10% of the shares. Which student will be sold?

after everyone thought about it for a moment, Buffett said slowly:

"if you buy shares, you will not choose the richest and smartest person, but the person who is the most reliable and trustworthy. The shares you sell will be people who often cheat and do not keep promises."

in fact, it doesn't matter whether a person is smart or not, what matters is whether he has a credible and reliable ability, which is much stronger than any other ability.

Confucius once said, "if you want to do something, you should be holy first."

if you want to succeed, you must first practice your internal skills. Only when people do well can things be done, and reliability is a more important quality than intelligence.

only by being a reliable person and doing things at ease can we accumulate good popularity and create good luck.

the real reliability is the ability to reassure people

the Analects of Confucius says: "A gentleman has something to do and something not to do."

A true gentleman has his own principles and bottom lines, and he knows what to do and what not to do.

the same is true of making friends. People who don't run away when things happen are more trustworthy if they know how to take responsibility.

when Zeng Guofan, an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty, first entered the officialdom, he repeatedly had conflicts with others because of verbal conflicts. after self-reflection, he deeply understood the truth of "gathering together to keep his mouth, living alone and keeping his heart".

how can a person who can't even control his speech win the trust of others?

every time after winning a battle, Zeng Guofan never claimed credit for himself, but distributed the credit to his subordinates. On the one hand, he could win the hearts of the people; on the other hand, he could avoid high achievements and let the court feel at ease to himself.

Zeng Guofan's way of dealing with the world can not only give him preferential treatment in a harsh environment, but also benefit his children and grandchildren.

as the ancients said, "fate is decided by heaven, and fate is born by yourself."

many people think that ability is their best card, but do not realize that reassuring is the best business card, with reassuring ability, can lead to success.

reassuring, it is not only a kind of ability, but also a kind of strength, which can bring good luck and even change the fate of your life.

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Let people rest assured, win trust, can go further and further

the Analects of Confucius says: "if a man has no faith, he does not know what he can do."

honesty is the foundation of life, and people who are reassuring will always put it first.

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Ji Bu who meant what he said and would do what he promised to do. He had a high reputation in the eyes of others, so many people established a deep friendship with him.

there was a saying at that time: "it is better to get a hundred jin of gold than to get a promise from Jibu."

later, Ji Bu offended Liu Bang, Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, and was offered a reward for his capture. His former friends were not deceived by heavy money, and even risked the destruction of nine ethnic groups to protect him, which made him out of danger.

as the saying goes, "there is much support for justice, but little support for injustice."

A person who is honest and trustworthy can naturally get everyone's respect and help.

We often say that "a promise is worth a promise". A promise is not only a word, but also a kind of responsibility and responsibility. Really reliable people do not make promises easily, but exports will certainly do so.

there are many smart people in life, but not everyone can be honest and reassuring.

people who are reassuring are more likely to win recognition and praise from everyone.

in this world, there is a kind of energy conservation, reassuring people, less clever and cheap, but have the most great ability.

with reassuring quality, you will gradually develop a unique personality charm, so that you can win hearts and gain good luck!

from now on, let yourself become a reassuring, reliable and excellent person. If you walk with reliable people all your life, the road of life will go further and further.