Put your upturned legs down.

/July 2023


when he was young, writer Yang Jianxun was invited to visit the Berlin Zen Temple.

he had just published his first book and was in high spirits.

during lunch, a monk with a meal reminded him, "Giver, please put your legs down."

the whole hall was solemn and solemn, and everyone sat upright, and he realized that he was carried away and felt very ashamed.

in the years that followed, the monks' words often echoed in Yang Jianxun's ears, reminding him to keep his limits no matter what the circumstances.

Yang Jiang once said: "people always lose their feet when they forget themselves, so they always have some serious mind."

Life is a spiritual practice. Only by abiding by the precepts can you be stable and far away.

Luyu was controversial for an interview. During the interview, a white-haired academician took the stage and bowed to the audience first.

but when he turned to Luyu, Luyu did not get up, but leaned over and shook hands with Jiro's legs.

after the program was broadcast, Peng Lin, a professor at Tsinghua University, commented on Luyu:

"ability aside, it's hard to be liked by her courtesy."

upbringing this thing can not be hidden, can not pretend, it is a person's instinct.

arrogant people often have eyes above the top and behave frivolously.

people with respect are often respectful and humble, making people feel like a spring breeze.

at the 1995 Grammy Awards, a crowd of popular singers rushed to the venue.

suddenly a little girl squeezed out of the crowd and rushed to the singers with her signature book.

because it is broadcast live, it is not convenient for security personnel to get rid of the little girl.

the singers took the autograph books one by one, signed against the back of the little girl's head, and moved on in a hurry.

as the biggest star of the night, Michael Jackson approached the girl and knelt on one knee in front of him.

until after signing, Michael handed the book back to the girl and gave him a smile, then got up and left slowly.

the next day, Michael knelt down and signed the picture for the girl, which became the front page of all the newspapers.

A reporter commented: he conquered the judges with his song, but impressed the world with respect.

in this life, talent determines how fast you go, and self-cultivation determines how far you go.

putting down your upturned legs and respecting others from the bottom of your heart is a person's true nobility.

some time ago, an old classmate contacted me and asked if there was a suitable girl to introduce him.

as far as I can remember, he was a very progressive person, so I pushed a female colleague's Wechat to him.

who knows, when he saw the Wechat profile picture, the girl was holding a bracelet and immediately shook her head in disgust:

"forget it. The woman who shows off her jewelry in this kind of selfie is vain to the bone. "

I didn't tell him that the bracelet was left to her by the girl's grandmother, who hasn't changed her profile picture for four years since her grandmother died.

there are often such people in life who judge others just by one side.

there is such a plot in my favorite movie "call me first".

when the headmaster was giving a speech at the opening ceremony, one student burped frequently, which made other students roar with laughter.

the head teacher of the burping student became angry and ordered him to leave the auditorium at once.

the headmaster stopped the student, took him to the podium and asked him patiently, "Why do you keep burping?"

the student said aggrieved, "I have Tourette's syndrome. I wiggle my neck and make strange noises out of control."

the headmaster nodded and asked, "is there anything we can do for you?"

the student burst into tears: "I just want to be treated like an ordinary person."

the headmaster asked the students to return to their seats and continue their speech amid the hiccups.

years later, a young man who had just won the top ten teachers in the United States visited the old headmaster who was about to retire.

the young man said to him gratefully:

"when everyone thought that a stutterer could not be a teacher, I thought of your understanding of me and persisted all the way to this day."

in this world, some are unreasonable, behind which it is hard to say; some are out of place, and there are bruises all over the back.

I don't know the whole picture and I don't want to comment.

to put your upturned legs down is to let go of the impulse to blame, be compassionate and considerate of others.

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when he was young, Jobs had all the "common faults" of genius.

he disdains to answer other people's questions. As long as an employee can't follow his train of thought, he will insult him as a "fool".

after the launch of the Macintosh computer created by Steve Jobs in 1984, sales were dismal.

Jobs refused to admit that there was something wrong with his design, instead pointing the finger at the company's executives.

later, Jobs joined Pixar, and the company CEO Catmull told him:

"unpolished genius is closer to the devil, and only when you have someone else in your eye can you make the most of your talent."

under the guidance of Catmull, Jobs tried to integrate into the team and gradually put aside paranoia and arrogance in working with others.

11 years later, Jobs returned to Apple, changing his previous image of being superior.

at every product seminar, even the least qualified employee can ask him a question directly.

when he meets with different opinions, he will also invite him to his office for an one-on-one discussion.

from an egotistical dictator to a gentle and patient leader, Jobs transformed himself and led Apple to one of the most successful companies in history.

writer Liu Cixin said: "ignorance and weakness are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is."

people who think highly of themselves live in their own one-third mu of fields, and there are no mountains beyond the mountains and people outside the people.

know how to keep a low profile so that you won't be annoyed by arrogance or stand still because of arrogance.

one night in 1956, Blake, a policeman on duty in Florida, stopped a car.

when Blake checked his driver's license, he saw a black man sitting in the back of the car and immediately decided to detain him with the car.

in his opinion, blacks are uneducated people, and blacks who travel at night must be arrested immediately.

the detained black man kept explaining to Blake that he was a pianist and needed to go to the next performance immediately.

Blake scoffed.

in desperation, the black man had to use the landline of the detention center and dialed a series of numbers.

soon, Blake received a call from his superior.

the black man in his custody is not only a pianist, but also Don Shelley, who has performed in the White House.

We have seen people with tattoos on their arms rescue drowning children, and we have seen men in suits commit domestic violence in the street.

We have seen poor beggars donate money to the mountains, and wealthy celebrities evade taxes.

some things are not what you think, and some truths are not what you see.

to put down your upturned legs is to put down your prejudices, get out of your own narrowness, and tolerate the diversity of the world.

the king summoned a wise man who was traveling around and asked sadly:

"Master, the people are no longer in awe of me, the ministers are deceiving me, and the country is declining day by day. What should I do?"

the wise man glanced at the gorgeous throne and replied:

"you can own the whole country only by laying down the dignity of the king, otherwise all you have is a seat."

A person's life is a process of constantly letting go and getting.

put down your identity and be humble and easygoing; put down your temper and pick up compassion and understanding; put aside your prejudices and achieve magnanimous compatibility.

when you put up your cocked legs and guard against arrogance and rashness, you can go far on the road of life.

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