Please take out the trash in your heart

/July 2023

sow Lin Jinglang

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as the ancients said, "if you have a big heart, you will know everything, and if you have a small heart, you will get sick."

A person can see everything if he is broad-minded; if he is too small, everything is a problem.

people's hearts are like water cups, and the space is limited. When you keep adding water, one day it will spill over.

if your heart is filled with garbage, you will crush yourself sooner or later.

only by clearing the zero at the right time and emptying the trash in your heart regularly can you live at ease.

holding your breath in your heart is the most harmful to your body

I have heard a saying: "the stupidest thing in the world is to sulk."

for the sake of sesame seeds, accumulate qi in your heart.

over time, if you have a bad temper, there will be something wrong with your health.


@ kidney beans and rain beans

once shared his aunt's story on Weibo.

an unscrupulous relative came to borrow money from his aunt. At that time, my aunt politely turned down the relative for various reasons.

unexpectedly, the other party scolded her for being stingy.

my aunt was soft-tempered and didn't answer back. But afterwards, she kept the matter in her heart, feeling aggrieved every time she thought of it, and burst into tears.

two months later, my aunt felt unwell and went to the hospital for an examination.

as a result, the examination showed that she had a big lump in her breast.

Auntie was very frightened, but fortunately, after further examination, she was found to be benign.

, the blogger said in Weibo:

"anyone who provokes you and makes you angry and says something ugly is trying to hurt you.

you say everything you want to say, get angry, mentally balanced, and comfortable.

if you are not aggrieved or hold back, your body will naturally be fine. "

similar things often happen in daily life:

"every time I get angry, I feel sick to my stomach. I'm so clogged, I don't have much appetite, and I always want to throw up. "

"once I had a quarrel with my boyfriend. After the quarrel, he was just like nothing else. I was so angry that I had difficulty breathing."

"every time something happens to my father, he holds his heart and sulks. The last time he went to see a doctor when he felt something wrong with his heart, the doctor advised him to keep a happy mood and have a good rest. "


if a person keeps all his bad emotions in his heart, it will only lay a hidden danger to his health.

nine times out of ten, there are unsatisfactory things in one's life.

if you worry too much about something bad, you will not only waste time, but also hurt others and yourself.

Happiness is the most important thing in one's life.

instead of feeling depressed and hurting the body, it is better to take it easy and live calmly.

keep words in your heart, it hurts the most

some time ago, at the party, Xiaoli talked about one of her troubles.

she said that her husband didn't come home from overtime until after 10:00 some time ago, and the two had little time to chat. Moreover, as a result of sitting for a long time, the husband's figure is gradually out of shape.

one day, she said to her husband, "there should be more than work in your life."

she originally wanted her husband to spend more time with herself, communicate more, and improve her relationship after work.

but she was embarrassed to say what she really thought.

when the husband heard this, he thought his wife hated him for being out of shape.

so he signed up for a fitness class and went straight to running after work.

at that time, Xiaoli was depressed all day, thinking that her husband didn't care about him, so she had a cold war with him for several days.

but did not think, is that he did not express clearly, so that the husband will have the wrong idea.

speech is vague and easy to be misunderstood; twists and turns are easy to be puzzled.

there is a clip in the third season of the Happiness Trio:

one day, Xie Nan and his sister-in-law visited Xi Mengyao's house, and several of them talked about the way they got along with their husband.

Xie Nan said, "We talked about it."

then, Mrs. Qian asked Xi Mengyao, "who is in charge of your family?"

Xi Mengyao said:

"both of us can express our bottom line and make it clear.

for example, a while ago, I thought he had too little time with me, so I would say that this would not work, and then he would gradually move the meeting to be held in the evening.

but there are a few days when he is free in the evening, but I ask my friend out, and he will directly say that you can't go out all night. "

, they will arrange their own time reasonably and leave each other time for company.

in life, many people think that "I don't say, you know" is the only thing that matters.

do not realize that the feelings of both sides are exhausted in "you don't talk, it all depends on guessing".

as Confucius said, "you can talk with words but not with them, and lose people."

pretending not to say what you can say directly will only lead to more misunderstandings and even a loss of trust.

Life is short, and everyone is faced with all kinds of troubles.

instead of hiding words in your heart, you might as well learn to be honest, so as to avoid unnecessary entanglements and internal friction.

blocking the pressure in the heart is the most exhausting

there is a dialogue in the movie "the Killer is not too Cold":

the girl asked, "is life always hard?"Or is it just childhood? "

the killer said, "all the time."

there is no word "easy" in adult life, and everyone will face all kinds of stress.

many people will choose to keep the pressure in their hearts and keep their heads down and move on.

but over time, more and more pressure is accumulated, which will only overwhelm yourself in the end.

when my friend Xiaomi first went to work in Shenzhen, the house she rented was far away from the company, so she needed to get up at 6 o'clock every day.

15 minutes walk from home to the subway station, then take the subway for another 20 minutes, and then transfer to the bus for 30 minutes. Every time I come to the company, Xiaomi is exhausted.

at work, as a newcomer, Xiaomi is not familiar with a lot of business, so she is often criticized by her boss.

A plan was done many times, but it was all called back to change it. The PPT of the report was made, and her boss complained that it was too gaudy, so she had to change it countless times.

for a while, because the company was going to hold an event, she worked overtime several times until the wee hours of the morning.

not getting enough sleep at night, not in a good state during the day, and heavy work, Xiaomi lived on the brink of collapse every day.

these days went on for a long time, and it made her realize that she couldn't go on like this anymore.

so she began to look for ways to decompress.

when you encounter a problem, communicate with your colleagues and discuss the solution, instead of doing it yourself.

when you are in an impetuous mood, let yourself stop what you are doing and cushion your emotions instead of writing your plan absent-mindedly.

when you get nervous, go home and let yourself listen to music for a while and don't allow negative emotions to continue.

Balzac said:

"in the great winds and waves of life, we often look like the captain and throw away the heavy cargo in the storm in order to reduce the weight of the ship."

when your stress load is overloaded, let your brain get out of its working state first.

find yourself some ways to relax. It can be a sigh of relief, listening to music for a while, or talking to someone close to you.

after decompression, focus on the present. Focus on the process without being disturbed by the results.

only by turning stress into motivation can we travel calmly on the road of life.

there is a sentence in the book "break up":

"you have to learn to subtract your thoughts and make room in your heart before happiness can come in."

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whether it is complicated things or annoying emotions, they should be cut off and cleaned up at the right time.

Don't hold your anger in your heart, take it easy and be calm;

Don't keep the truth in your heart, be honest with each other, and be well with each other;

do not block the pressure in the heart, decompress regularly and feel at ease.

Life is too short. Only by regularly emptying the garbage in your heart can you walk lightly, travel light, and live comfortably and happily.