People who are really good know that "everything is three points late."

/July 2023


once heard such a saying: "A good goal will never be lost by taking its time."

Require to replace your purple maid of honor attire after each occasion? Worry free the minute you buy.

that's true.

in this fast-paced society, everyone wants to be fast and eager to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

do not realize that the more eager you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes in your hurry.

in this world, there is never a lack of speed and efficiency, but a slow heart.

people who are really good know how to be three points late in everything.

speaking three minutes late will bring little misfortune

as the saying goes, "

the water is deep and the waves are small, and the expensive person speaks late.


that's true.

all wise people know how to judge the hour and size up the situation, think carefully, and talk about it later.

and impatient people, when things happen to be thoughtless, they will inevitably say extreme words and cause disaster under impulse.

Lao Wang, a neighbor, is an excellent employee of a security company.

but two days ago, he had a heated argument with the owner.

it turns out that when Lao Wang was on duty, he found that some car owners had irregular parking, blocking the public access to the garage.

he has a hot temper. When he saw this situation, he was furious. He checked the phone and called the owner: "how to park, block the road, or don't blame me for locking the car quickly."

when the car owner heard Lao Wang's question, he was also very angry. when they disagreed, they quarreled on the phone, and the scene once reached a stalemate.

later, the property manager came forward and politely appeased the owner of the car to move the car.

but from then on, the car owner got into trouble with Lao Wang, privately went to the property to complain about him, and even gave him a bad review in the owner's evaluation.

Lao Wang was criticized by the leadership as a result, and the award that should have belonged to him was cancelled.

although it is right for Lao Wang to stop owners from parking indiscriminately, this impatient and reckless way not only does not solve the problem, but also affects his own interests.

if the words come to the lips a little later, there may be different results.

as Seneca said, "the best cure for anger is to wait."

it's the same with talking. Leave time to think and think about it.

if you blurt it out because of impatience and neglect of consideration, it is often full of loopholes.

only by leaving a little time for silence and three minutes late before the words can we effectively resolve contradictions and turn bad things into good things.

people who are really smart will think about it and comb through the logic carefully in order to make people comfortable and make things go smoothly.

doing things three minutes late is good for stability

the ancients said: "

haste makes waste.


this is true.

the faster you are, the less likely you are to succeed. Only by settling down and taking your time can you reach your goal safely.

Mr. Jin Yong made outstanding achievements in his life. He wrote 15 popular martial arts novels and founded the famous newspaper Ming Pao.

when he wrote the Book of Sword and hatred, he wrote very slowly. In order to fit the characteristics of the protagonists, 10 stories have been drawn up in accordance with the plot of the characters.

if he finds that the plan is well known, he will decisively abandon it and slowly create the next one until he is satisfied.

when Ming Pao was in charge of writing editorials, he was even slower. Always fix and change every time, if you are not satisfied once, then again.

on one occasion, when the newspaper couldn't wait, he sent someone to urge him and advised him, "there is no need to change it. It is already well written, and it is necessary to type it right away."

but Jin Yong said calmly, "it's not good to write such a fast article." With that, continue to immerse yourself in revising.

so the publication time is always delayed, and the newspaper office also complains.

but his editorials are always able to express their views accurately, so they are widely welcomed by the public.

Ming Pao has become the largest newspaper in people's hearts.

it was Jin Yong's slow kung fu that contributed to his success.

sometimes, doing things later may seem slow, but it is actually a safer way to reach your goal.

Zeng Guofan said: "everything should be dealt with peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake."

it is true.

things slow are round, blindly seek fast, will only blindly blind, do not see Mount Tai.

if you do things quickly for a while, you will only mess up and ignore the key details, resulting in mistakes.

you can only do things three minutes late and think things through. Although it will take some time, things can be done more safely.

people who are really smart can calmly find their own rhythm, do things steadily, and move forward slowly.

desire is three minutes late, blessing is long

I have heard a saying: "low desires can be obtained by indulgence." The top desire needs to be tortured. "

this is the case.

depends to a large extent on whether delayed gratification can be made in the face of temptation.

the writer also told a story in the song "Don't choose to give up when you try":

Lesser Cold is a person with strong self-restraint.

when he was in college, when others were skipping classes and fooling around, he did not drift with the tide and mastered solid cultural knowledge.

after graduation, he became a company programmer, and he solved a number of technical problems by virtue of his ability. So the company gave it to him within a year.Get a raise twice. For a moment, the limelight is the same.

at this time, he was faced with two choices: to continue to enjoy his success in the applause of flowers at work, or to climb another higher mountain.

ordinary people may make use of their existing achievements to earn more money on their merit books and spend the rest of their lives with ease and chic.

but Lesser Cold chose a more difficult road. Give up your comfortable life and start an Internet company.

on the way to starting a business, life is difficult, and the confusion of relatives and friends comes one after another, followed by a huge gap in social status.

the office location has changed several times, and the partners have been disbanded one after another, but Lesser Cold always sticks to his original intention and moves forward under the interactive erosion of sweat and tears.

in order to accurately locate the market demand, he took the initiative to inspect various places, had in-depth exchanges with industry celebrities, participated in Internet industry forums, and accumulated a great deal of technical experience for entrepreneurship.

in the end, he successfully developed a piece of software, generated millions of profits, became a leader in the industry, and Lesser Cold became a praised entrepreneur.

in front of the trade-off between the gains and losses of his career, Lesser Cold stared at the most important goal, gave up his desire and endured hardship. Although the time was a little late, he got a broader career development.

delayed gratification

'. "

this is true.

time will give the final answer, and those who can resist temptation and know how to delay gratification tend to win a better future.

if you always indulge in pleasure because of momentary desire, you will only lose yourself in the years. Behind the seemingly chic, there is not only a crisis, but also a bet on his own future.

in fact, what lasts longer than having fun in time is delayed gratification. What you want to achieve is entirely up to you.

desire is three points late, look down on temporary success, control the desire for immediate gratification, be willing to spend more time and sweat, accumulate energy while waiting, and usher in a deeper blessing.

A really smart person, who knows how to trade time for space and stick to it in persistence, may succeed later, but the road under his feet will be more stable and farther.

late mindset, low consumption

Schopenhauer said: "one of the greatest weaknesses of human nature is to care about what other people think of themselves."


in life, too many troubles are found for yourself, and sometimes just the unintentional actions of others will make you fall into an endless negative cycle.

Mai is a highly sensitive person.

send a message to her boyfriend, the reply is a little slow, she thinks: do not like her …

at work, Mai was criticized by the leader for statistical errors. When Mai returned to work, he found his colleagues whispering.

in fact, colleagues are just talking about their children's choice of school, lowering their voice because they are worried about affecting others.

at noon, even her best colleague, Lili, didn't ask her for dinner, so she felt left out: "I don't seem to want to be with me."

I didn't think that 10 minutes later, Lily came to find wheat for dinner. She had just gone to make a copy, so it took a while.

I have to say that wheat is so sensitive and thoughtful that it makes him fall into internal friction and make him physically and mentally exhausted.

as the writer Zhang Defen said, "there is no one else outside, only yourself. All troubles come from internal friction."

this is the case.

most of the time, most of the troubles stem from their own lack of self-confidence and wishful thinking, resulting in constant energy consumption.

if you are always obsessed with things that cannot be changed, and care too much about the sounds of the outside world, it will only increase the psychological burden and make you tired.

instead of secretly hurting himself in internal friction, it is better to quit the glass heart, exercise a strong insensitive heart, and reduce self-torture.

mindset three minutes late, calmly face the external storm, rain and snow, do not waste time and energy on unnecessary consumption, in order to become the real winner.

Lin Haiyin said in the Old stories in the South of the City:

"learn from camels, animals that can keep calm. Look at it never in a hurry, walk slowly, chew slowly, always get there, always have enough to eat. "

it is true.

Don't worry about everything. Later, you will meet what you want and get what you want.

speak three minutes late, leave time to think, less harm;

do things three minutes late, plan things thoroughly and stably;

desire is three minutes late, get rid of immediate gratification, blessing is long;

mindset three minutes late, cultivate a dull heart, low consumption.

, in the second half of life, may you have a dull heart and the courage to be late, not to be controlled by desire, and to gain a better self.