No matter how smart a man is, he can't be lucky.

/July 2023


Li Shiheng of the Northern Song Dynasty sent an envoy to Koryo, and the King of Koryo presented a lot of fine silk.

Li Shiheng left the things to the deputy envoy to take care of.

when he returned home, the deputy envoy played a trick and put Li Shiheng's silk cushion under the cabin against water and put his own silk on top.

unexpectedly, when there was a storm on the road, the sailors threw out most of the cargo in the cabin in order to prevent the ship from sinking.

after the storm stopped, people found that all the things thrown away were the deputy envoys, and Li Shiheng's things were still in the cabin.

A wise man suffers a great loss because of his trickery; a dull man seems to suffer a loss, but he is blessed by heaven.

No matter how clever a man is, he is not as clever as God. There is cause and effect in this world, and if you live on the basis of your character, you will be lucky.

Zhuocheng enrollment

Zhang Juzheng of the Ming Dynasty had the ups and downs of the official sea all his life, and he wrote in the incomplete Volume of scheming:

"it is advisable to be sincere in matters, but there is no gap in honesty."

means that when you work with people, you must be sincere, and sincerity will not cause resentment.

Yan Shu, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, is famous for his sincerity.

when he was fourteen, he was recommended to the emperor as a child prodigy.

the emperor summoned him and asked him to take the exam with more than a thousand Jinshi.

as a result, Yan Shu found that the test questions had just been practiced ten days ago, so he truthfully reported to Song Zhenzong and asked for other questions to be changed.

one day, when a lecturer was chosen for the prince in the palace, Song Zhenzong suddenly asked Yan Shu to take office.

the ruling minister was puzzled and asked the emperor why.

Song Zhenzong said that the ministers of the pavilion indulge in pleasure all day long, and only Yan Shu reads behind closed doors.

later, after Yan Shu took office, he had the opportunity to meet a saint.

Song Zhenzong told the reason for his appointment face to face.

Yan Shu explained: "it's not that I don't like drinking and merrymaking, it's just that my family is poor. If I had money, I would go out and have fun. "

therefore, Zhenzong appreciates his honesty and favors him more and more.

as the Biography of Korean Poems says, "if you are honest with others, you must be close; if you are empty, you will be sparse with relatives."

one sincerity is worth thousands of tricks.

there is a wall between people and the world, and only sincerity can lead to the hearts of others.

reliable recruitment

during the period of the three Kingdoms, there was a famous man in the State of Wu named Zhuo Shu. He was a man of great promise, and he would do what he promised.

once, when he was on his way back to Jianye from his hometown Huiji, his friend Zhuge Ke asked him when he would return to his hometown next time.

he told the specific time.

on that day, Zhuge ke was the host of the banquet, but there was no sign of Zhuo Shu, so he stopped his chopsticks and waited for him.

guests all say that Jianye and Huiji are thousands of miles apart, and even if Zhuo is reluctant to break the appointment, it is difficult to arrive on time and there is no need to wait any longer.

unexpectedly, after a while, Zhuo Shu arrived at the table, full of surprise.

people also want to associate with them because of their forgiveness and trustworthiness.

when we judge a person, we often judge him by how much trust he is worth, and then how good he is.

No matter how capable a person is, he will lose people's trust if he acts off the chain easily.

on the contrary, you must keep your word and do what you do, and there will be dignitaries on your way of life.

Wei Wenhou drank with his courtiers, sang and laughed, and it rained heavily.

at this time, Wei Wenhou suddenly ordered the car to go to the mountains.

left and right courtiers asked, "We are having a good time drinking today, and it is raining heavily outside. Where is the king going?"

Wei Wenhou explained, "I have an appointment with Yu Ren (a small official in charge of trees) to go hunting. Although I am happy here, I have to keep the agreement."

so he stopped drinking and feasting, and he personally braved the rain to go to the mountains and told the Yu people to stop hunting.

it was Wei Wenhou's word that was true to his word, assisted by Li Kui and other sages, and famous generals such as Wu Youleyang worked hard, which made Wei the overlord of the Central Plains in the warring States period.

Sanmao once said: "Reliability is an invincible sword in society, and you should take it with you wherever you go."

when getting along with others, there is no ambiguity in promises, there is a reason for everything, and there is an answer to everything.

you let others rest assured, others get along with you, cooperation, will rest assured.

good luck

Wang Chong recorded an allusion in the essay on Heng Fu Xu.

during a meal, King Hui of Chu found leeches in the dish, thought for a moment, and swallowed the leeches.

, there was a lot of abdominal pain.

Ling Yin asked King Hui of Chu how he got the disease.

King Hui of Chu replied:

"there are leeches in the dish, which should be a capital sin according to the law. I can't bear to do this. If I only verbally rebuke the people in the kitchen and do not execute them, then I am abolishing the law. So I swallowed the leech. "

after hearing this, your mother immediately kowtowed and said:

"the Tao of Heaven will help people with virtue. The king is so kind that God will not let you be hurt. "

that night, King Hui of Chu discharged leeches when he went to the toilet, and the abdominal congestion that had plagued him for many years also recovered.

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kindness will flow. If we inadvertently think of a good deed, we may have planted a blessing for ourselves.

during the Spring and Autumn period, the King of Lu, Meng Sun Jinshan, hunted.

in the meantime, Meng Sun hunted a fawn and ordered his subordinate Qinxiba to take the fawn back to the palace.

on the way back to the palace, a doe is getting tighter and tighter.Follow, send out bursts of mourning.

he guessed that the fawn and the mother were mother and son, so he couldn't bear it, so he let the fawn go.

later, when Meng Sun returned to the palace after hunting, he learned that Qin Xiba had let the fawn go without authorization, and in a fit of anger, he drove him out of the palace.

three months later, Meng Sun found a teacher for his son, recalled Qin Xiba to the palace and appointed him as the prince.

the left and right subjects do not understand this very much.

Meng Sun said:

"Qin Xiba is so kind-hearted that he doesn't have the heart to hurt a fawn. I feel relieved to let him be my son's teacher."

although no one sees virtue, one knows how to do good.

suffer losses and attract good luck

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, there was a silk shop in Beijing.

the shopkeeper posted a notice saying: the accounts of our shop have been burned down, and those who owe me money can not be repaid. I owe others, and my vouchers are cashed.

many people think that what the shop owner did was stupid, but the satin shop became so famous that many businessmen came to cooperate.

in the end, the shopkeeper made a comeback and his life became bigger and bigger.

legendary Jin businessman Qiao Zhiyong once hung a plaque couplet in Qiao's compound, engraved with three big characters:


suffer losses in learning.


in fact, everyone has a scale in his heart.

long-term scenery should be far-sighted, giving up temporary small profits in exchange for long-term benefits.

Fan Li, known as the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty, knew how to make a profit.

at the end of the year, if the commodity price rises, he buys it at the current market price, and if the price falls, he strictly implements the contract price.

although Fan Li seems to have suffered some losses in doing so, businessmen from all over the world are willing to do business with Fan Li and have a large number of high-quality and stable partners, thus reducing the total cost a lot.

on one occasion, Fan Li had poor cash flow and borrowed 100,000 yuan from a well-off tenant.

A year later, the rich man went out to collect debts with IOUs from various families and accidentally dropped them into the river, and all the IOUs and travel fees were gone.

in the absence of an IOU, Fan Li repaid the money with interest and gave an extra fare to the well-to-do.

unexpectedly, this practice of "suffering losses" won Fan Li the reputation of Renxin.

after that, in order to expand his business, Fan Li was short of funds three times, and all the well-off tenants took the initiative to deliver money to their homes. U3000

if you blindly seek undeserved happiness and gain for no reason, everything will be taken back by God in the end.

people have a small abacus, heaven has a big abacus, you can afford to suffer losses, you can afford to enjoy happiness.

some students ask Nan Huaijin, a master of Sinology, for advice. What kind of person is easy to succeed?

Nan Huaijin replied, a fool, a person who does not play tricks and is very sincere to people.

the ancients said that the theory of retribution for good fortune was not without reason.

Destiny will not favor the wise, but it will favor those who pass the mark of character.

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