Men fall in love with you completely, most of them will have these kinds of performance, they can't pretend

/July 2023


A man who attaches great importance to emotion must have the following three manifestations.

first of all, it is not easy to take the initiative, but once it takes the initiative, it will be unreserved.

if you have just met a guy like this, you will find him difficult to approach.

maybe he doesn't exaggerate as cold as in the novel, but he really doesn't take the initiative. He even seems to be a little emotionally numb.

he seldom shows his heart, not because he is indifferent to everyone, but because he is observing and examining the world carefully.

it takes some time to discover his charm, because his heart is released bit by bit, and he needs each other to change his heart.

and once such a man is moved, taking the initiative is only the most basic. Everything he has can be given to you without reservation.

he never used his enthusiasm for cheap hypocritical flattery, but left all his tenderness and sincerity to the most important people.

dig deeper, this is a kind of self-esteem.

second, don't make a promise easily. Once you make a promise, you will do it.

Mao is not easy to be famous in the entertainment circle, and there are several famous people who are familiar with him.

but when you watch him take part in a variety show, you will find that he is slow and silent, which makes people wonder how such a person gains so many best friends.

he said:

"in fact, when I was young, I took it for granted to maintain a friendship, as long as we subjectively want to maintain it forever, it can last forever.

but it turns out later that this is not the case, and nothing lasts forever.

when asked, "do you think your friends now will be friends for life?"

Mao was stupefied for a moment, then opened his mouth in embarrassment, but finally did not answer.

this is equivalent to a promise, but adults are not qualified to be naive. However, such a real entanglement is exactly where Mao is not easy to move me.

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people who are too easy to say their promises are either immature or don't give up.

and people who really attach importance to love, do not talk about loyalty, but give the most company to the people around them, do not talk about their dreams, but stick to the cause they love.

they understand that people are fickle, but they still choose to seize everything they care about now.

such a man, a sense of morality and integrity are engraved in his bones.

it is also a principle that their promises will be spoken only when they are absolutely certain.

third, do not give up easily, once you give up, you will never look back.

not getting in touch with your ex after a breakup seems to be the default rule among adults.

but in fact, if you ask your friends, you will find that few men can do it.

in my life, I have seen many men who claim to be affectionate. They like to drink and stay up late, and occasionally share a few sad love songs. If they get to know a new girl, they mention the last relationship without chatting two or three sentences.

he also said sadly that he had been hurt by whom and who had been disappointed.

but girls should remember that they are not affectionate, but pretend to be affectionate.

when I fall in love with such a man, I am often confused when I fall in love with such a man, and after breaking up, I can't let go of my ex and can't treat the present one well.

I have also known some really reliable male friends who do their best in every relationship, but do not complain about their ex after they are separated.

after the breakup, they broke up cleanly and stopped contacting each other, which, in their view, was the last respect for each other.

in fact, emotional things, cold and warm self-aware, will not be easily mentioned in front of outsiders, let alone sentimental as soon as they seize the opportunity, this is a kind of maturity.

you may think that in this day and age, men who meet these three criteria are too rare.

but in fact, there must be a lot of such men around you, but they just look really peaceful.

is not so expressive, nor is he so good at saying nice things. Their integrity and loveliness are wrapped in simple daily life, which can only be found with patience and sincerity.

I hope that when you meet him, you will recognize him and walk towards him.

also believe that he will give you the best love in the world, let time prove that you are not on a whim.