"making good money is more important than anything else."

/July 2023

money, is it vulgar?

students raised their hands one after another: "doctors, teachers, scientists."

everyone's ideal is to dedicate themselves to others and the world when they grow up. No one pats his chest and says, "my ideal is to be rich when I grow up."

when it comes to money, they think that when children talk about money, they are going the wrong way ideologically.

but as he gets older and goes from junior high school to college, his parents say that "being a person who is useful to society" gradually becomes "bad at reading. How can I find a job in the future?" How do you make money? How do you support yourself? "

unwittingly, people's attitude towards money has quietly changed.

there is a saying: "when I was a child, I only felt vulgar about money, but when I grew up, I only liked it."

because the older you get, the more you find that money is really important.

I saw a Weibo post describing "girls of different ages from 21 to 27 years old, their views on money." I felt both emotional and true.

"at the age of 21, a female classmate bought a bag worth 10,000 yuan. You don't understand why it is so expensive. My boyfriend said it was to pretend to be forced, so I wouldn't buy it like this. "

"23 years old, you met a rich sister and took good care of you. She gave you a Herm è s bag. After you used it, you found that the quality of the expensive bag was really better. "

"25 years old, you broke up. The boyfriend, who said he would not spend 10,000 yuan on a bag, made good on his promise that he never gave you a gift of more than 100 yuan, but sent thousands of flowers to the cheating object. Your sister told you that you are stupid. How good can people who don't want to spend money for you treat you? "

"27 years old, you finally understand the truth of making a living before making love, and you have worked hard for a long time to get a promotion and a raise. At this time, you find that there is really a lot of difference between a man with a monthly salary of 3,000 and a man with a monthly salary of 30,000. After you make money, you buy a new mobile phone for your parents, who talk about waste and show off to your friends later. It turns out that money does not represent happiness, but it is really easy to be happy if you have money. "

Yes, happiness is so elusive that no one knows what happiness that belongs to you really looks like.

maybe, with money, you need health; with health, you need freedom.

there is no 100% happiness in this world.

it's just that people who have money always have a greater chance to touch happiness.

Li Gongjun said, "it's not hard to live without money, but you can't live at all."

when I was young, I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence. I didn't know how heavy the burden was to hold a family on my shoulders until I was an adult.

the movie "when Happiness knocks" tells the story of a man carrying his family on his shoulders alone.

male owner Gardner, who could not afford a $1200 fine for illegal parking, was forced to pay it back with a 10-day prison meal.

it is hard to imagine that a person has to add prison to his resume just because he has parked the wrong car and has no money.

but life is so difficult.

after he got out of prison, he had no money to pay the rent, so he was driven out by the landlord and had to take his son to the subway station for the night. Even in the most difficult time, he had to sell blood to feed his son.

but even if he was so poor, he never gave up. He started as a salesman, worked hard, and finally became a well-known financial investor.

Gardner taught his son a vivid lesson.

the son spends half of his childhood hungry and cold because of his father's poverty, but half the time is simple because of his father's wealth.

he learned that there has never been real peace and tranquillity in the world, but that there is someone who is carrying a heavy load for you.

in the poorest moment, Gardner still said to his son, "if you want something, go for it."

if you want to live a better life, try to make money.

Guo Degang once described his past like this: "it is difficult to go to heaven, but it is even more difficult to ask for help." Huanglian is bitter, but it is even more bitter without money. "

he also said:

"A rich man is difficult for a man without money, not to mention a bunch of crosstalk people."

suffering step by step, finally we also see the flowers, we also know the stories of colorful lanterns.

that night, I also dreamt of millions of heroic soldiers. "

this is not to say that all winners come out of it.

but to tell you that when you are not born successful, there is no other way but to fight.

there is no such thing as "easy" in the adult world, and hunger is also a real corner of the world.

the grace of life does not fall out of thin air, it must be your own efforts.

when I was a child, I thought that money was only related to adequate food and clothing.

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when I grow up, I realize that money is also involved in feelings.

when we were children, we looked forward to simple and pure love, but we grew up to understand that adult love is sad and helpless without money.

it means that you are often willing but powerless, unable to give you the life you want or the guarantee of your partner's love.

I remember that on Qixi Festival two years ago, there was a very hot one on Weibo.Topic of the door:

"Qixi Festival is coming soon. What gift should I give to my girlfriend?"

within 200 yuan of the budget.


A netizen commented: "for a gift of 200 yuan, you might as well give her a freedom."

indeed, there is no shortage of stingy men in the world. But for this boy, maybe 200 yuan is already a huge sum of money?

for him, this is all he has.

although it seems stingy to outsiders, it at least takes action, doesn't it? It is much better than a man who talks about love but refuses to act.

We are always used to talking about other people's things when we don't know anything.

none of us knows whether this 200 yuan is the boy's meal money for two weeks, and no one knows if he has spent all his money for the 200 yuan gift.

if he has enough money, maybe his Weibo is a different kind of painting style: what gift should I give my girlfriend on Qixi Festival? No budget, as long as she is happy.

who doesn't want to be such a boyfriend?

I really feel that there is no need to be critical.

it can only be said that in the feelings of adults, there is no money, is a kind of sadness.

it may not make it difficult for you to walk, but it will make you sad, just like this boy who makes people wear all kinds of tinted glasses just because of a Weibo.

you can imagine how much grievances he will suffer in the rest of his life, such as living, getting married, betrothal gifts, buying a house, children, and having no money.

money is a man's courage; it's a woman's face; it's the root of marriage; and most importantly, it can be a person's self-esteem.

some people say, "fill your stomach with money first, and then talk about self-esteem and ideals in detail."

before, I didn't quite understand the meaning of this sentence.

ideals, feelings and hopes, which are all things we used to look forward to, why are they associated with vulgar money?

later I realized that ideals, feelings and hopes are still beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have them.

but the ideal is often very plump, and the reality is very bony.

like a line in the movie Sewing Machine Band, it's very cruel: money can save lives, but ideals can't.

Sewing Machine Band is a story that tells ideals, but it doesn't put ideals above money either.

I have always thought that when a person can not let money control your life, this is the right time to talk about ideals.

I have a friend who is also a very idealistic person. His present job is by no means what he expected.

as early as a year ago, he told me that he would resign, but now it is already May and he is still doing countless work in his former unit.

he said:

"resignation is, of course, an angry remark. At that time, I lost 20 jin because of my work, and I always felt that my body was going to be killed by work.

but then I made a careful calculation. I bought a house and a car, and I all had to pay off the loan. The wife of the family is a full-time wife without a job, and a pair of children are crying for food.

as long as I am absent from work for a month, my family will have no income immediately. Then I have to be killed by life.

overwhelmed by work, it is a gradual thing, overwhelmed by life, it is an instant thing. So I chose to go to work. "

he said, "I have ideals, but I want to eat."

after hearing what happened to him, I was very sad.

the reason why life is realistic is that the hardship of life is imminent, but the ideal is poetry and distance.

the reason why money is so powerful is that it outlines the most basic appearance of life.

as we get older, most people begin to understand that talking about money is not vulgar, but mature.

if you think the money is useless, you should go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Jane Austen will say to you:

"A marriage that only thinks about money is absurd, and a marriage that doesn't think about money is stupid."

what money tells you is the truth of the world.

it is gentle and cruel.

when you are radiant, happiness and the other shore are by your side;

but on the other hand, when you are poor and depressed, you will not look good when you look gray.