It's really important to be with good people!

/July 2023


I have heard such a sentence:

"Straw thrown in the street will be worthless, but if tied to cabbage, it is worth the price of cabbage."

things are like this, and people are even more so!

in our lives, we will meet a lot of people, some optimistic and cheerful, some decadent and gloomy.

they are actually a mirror of us, reflecting what we look like.

Life is a long way, and who we choose to walk with affects the scenery along the way and determines the direction of the destination.

with people with positive energy

Old saying: "if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a tiger and wolf, you must be a beast."

what a person will become often depends on what kind of person he is with.

for example, when you go down with a butterfly, all you see are beautiful flowers;

but if you follow the fly, you will end up in a dirty ditch.

once heard such a story:

there is an old woman who is sad every day and seldom sees a happy time

the neighbor noticed and asked her, "is something bothering you? why aren't you happy all day?"

she said:

"I have two sons. The big one sells umbrellas and the small one sells straw sandals.

on a sunny day, I am afraid that my eldest son's umbrella will not be sold, and on a rainy day, I am afraid that no one will buy my youngest son's straw sandals. How can I be happy? "

after hearing this, the neighbor comforted and said, "isn't that good? no matter it's sunny or rainy, your family has money to collect."

after hearing this, the old woman suddenly felt that this was really the case, and her heart suddenly opened up.

scientists have found after years of research: "Man is the only animal in the world that can accept cues."

positive hints tend to have a good impact on people's psychology, stimulate potential, and better face the sufferings of life.

in fact, whether a thing is good or bad mostly depends on how you look at it.

the moon shines because it is with the sun.

positive people are like the sun, they always have the strength to rise in setbacks and be strong in adversity.

when they encounter problems, they always think on the bright side. In their hearts, life is beautiful everywhere.

when you walk with such people, you are also easily influenced by them, embrace wisdom and bravery, and become optimistic and positive.

with reliable people

A philosopher said, "mortals stand between heaven and earth and must be treated as'


', and later generations will only believe that he is a man, and he must have the value of being a man. "

people live a lifetime, the more reliable they are, the easier they are to gain the trust of others and the closer they are to success.

reliable people do not speculate and harm others, but will achieve their goals one step at a time.

when you are with such people, you will feel at ease, and they will keep their promises to you in mind and try their best to realize them.

once heard a fable:

A long time ago, the dog and the fox were inseparable friends.

the dog is honest and honest, loyal and reliable, has suffered a lot of losses, but never cares; the fox is cunning and shrewd and likes to take advantage.

one day, they came out looking for food together and were caught by hunters.

the hunter said to them:

"you two guess fists, whoever wins, I can let him go, but the loser will become my prey."

as a result, the cunning fox lost and the dog survived.

the dog cried and said to the fox:

"clearly we agreed to put out the stone together, and I gave out the scissors, why did you produce the paper?"

A reliable person always treats others with a kind heart. Even if he suffers losses, he doesn't want the people around him to suffer.

the old man said, "people are afraid of making the wrong friends, and they are afraid of giving them to the wrong people."

people in this life, everywhere in danger, walking with reliable people, it is worthwhile to deliver your heart and move forward side by side with you.

May what we encounter in this life are reliable people, and what we do is worthy of the trust of the people around us.

be with good people

the writer Rozov once said: the touching warm current of human kindness can heal the wounds of mind and body.

good people have a soft heart, while those with a soft heart will give kindness and love to others.

those daily sorrows and pains, inadvertently, will always be cured because of these precious goodwill.

I always have a lot of express delivery at home and save a lot of cartons.

every time I fold these cardboard boxes, put them away neatly, and wait for the cleaning aunt in the building to take them away.

although these cartons don't sell much, they are useless items to me.

but it will be cleaner and more convenient for her than throwing it in the trash and giving it to the cleaning aunt.

this makes me feel very warm, although these dishes are not worth much, but the friendship is difficult to buy at any cost.

the relationship between people is actually mutual

when you are with good people, always remember good thoughts and do good deeds, and the other person will give you kindness.In return.

in life, it is not difficult to find that a kind person, no matter how poor he is, will not deceive you.

No matter how rich he is, he will not do anything bad to you against his conscience.

it is said in Taishang Induction: "the so-called good man is respected by everyone, and God blesses him, and fortune follows him."

kind-hearted people are loved by the people around them, and no matter what they do, they will be protected.

when you can make friends with good people, you are spreading the seeds of kindness and planting Futian for yourself.

writer Liu Tong said:

"you will meet the kind of person you are. You will become what your friends are. "

A group of people will always be somewhat similar, so that they can come together and become friends. After a long time, they will naturally influence each other.

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We can't choose our origins, but we can choose the friends we want to make.

the rest of life is not long, the older you are, the more you will understand that walking side by side with good people is the greatest happiness in this life

with positive energy people, there is sunshine in life and scenery everywhere;

when you are with reliable people, you have something to rely on and you can rest assured of everything.

get along with good people, get along comfortably and heal the soul.

, may we all be good people, to be ourselves and others.