"if your husband is having an affair, I advise you to divorce carefully," a divorce lawyer advised all women

/July 2023



"what should I do if I have been married for 13 years and my husband cheated for 12 years?"

"my boyfriend's naked chat was deceived by the foot-pinching guy. Should I go on with him?"


these bloody but real plots are performed in the studio of lawyer Longfei every day.

and long Fei's answer is usually three words: get the money first.

some people even put her live content into notes, classifying cases and knowledge points one by one for fans to review at any time.

infidelity in marriage, contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, lack of progress in boyfriend, cold and violent husband.

in the face of the love and marriage problems of thousands of women, lawyer long Fei never drinks love chicken soup, nor does he wave his hand like an emotional blogger and shout "get rid of scum men".

but from the perspective of a legal person to help you analyze the pros and cons and teach you how to "maximize benefits".

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there is no romance in her studio, only real chicken feathers.

after all, the true face of marriage is never as simple as "whether he loves me or not". It is more a game between emotion and money.

what should I do if my husband conceals physical defects before marriage?

Lady A, who met her husband on a blind date, got a marriage license after falling in love for a year.

to A's puzzlement, the two did not share a room on their wedding night.

my husband explained that he was not ready.

her best friend advised her to "take the initiative" many times, but A did it, but unexpectedly found that her husband had a physical defect.

parents-in-law took her husband to the hospital to see a doctor, and after the examination, they delayed to tell A the results of the examination.

she feels cheated, doesn't want to be a widow all her life, wants a divorce, and doesn't know what to do.

lawyer long Fei told her that this situation belongs to the husband's fraudulent marriage.

suggested that she should talk to her husband calmly about divorce so that everyone can get together and break up.

if the other party refuses to agree, we can only go through legal procedures.

tell him that if it comes to court, the news that the man has physical defects will certainly be all over the city, which will be harmful to his reputation and to find the next one in the future.

if you still don't agree to divorce, take out the man's case, take a picture of the medicine he takes every day as evidence, and go to court to sue.

in this case, the court supports divorce and the bride price is non-refundable.

lawyer long Fei added that even if the man was cured, he would recommend divorce.


he has failed in front of you, more or less psychologically, and is likely to be reflected in other aspects in the future.

even if the man cures his body, he has already caused psychological harm, which is not easy to cure.

Youth is only a few years old, and it's not worth spending on things that don't bear fruit.

my husband is having an affair. What should I do?

classify the situation.

heroine B, 35, has been married to her husband for 13 years and has two sons.

my husband works out of town all the year round and only goes home on holidays.

Last year, when her husband came home for the Spring Festival, B found that he started a business with a girl in another city and lived together in the name of husband and wife.

who can stand 13 years of marriage and 12 years of infidelity?

now B doesn't want to go on, but he doesn't want to make them feel better either.

after listening to B's description, lawyer long Fei immediately gave some advice:

first, a man has kept a lover outside for 12 years behind his wife's back. Obviously, he doesn't love you. Love between men and women is no longer important. The important thing is property.

second, it is impossible to charge them with bigamy.

judging bigamy requires their marriage certificate, video photos of the wedding scene, or information about their children, so it is difficult to obtain evidence.

third, the best way is to have some evidence of the other party's infidelity, get the other party to sign a matrimonial property agreement with him, write down how the house, car, and savings are allocated, and then sign, seal, and date.

written in black and white, is the strongest guarantee.

in fact, the cost of extramarital affairs is very low, and there is not much legal punishment.

A lot of people don't know--

when you cheat and divorce, the husband and wife's property is still split in half.

in TV series, "the cheating party gets out of the house" is all fake. in reality, the wrong party never has a disadvantage in dividing property and fighting for custody of children.

so, once you find out that there is something wrong with the other person, don't cry and hang yourself three times, calm down and look for an opportunity to collect evidence of cheating.

of course, collecting evidence is also skillful.

screenshots and photos are suspected of being ps in the later stage, and the best way is video recording.

hold up your mobile phone to record your partner's mobile phone. In addition to chat records and money transfer records, you also need to take pictures of WeChat account, moments and other interfaces to confirm that it is my Wechat.

if there is a voice bar, click on to play it and record all the sound.

take this evidence to ask the other party to sign a matrimonial property agreement, to fight for more benefits for yourself and your children.

should I leave or not?

A stay-at-home mother who has been married for 13 years is still wondering whether she wants a divorce or not after the mistress approached her to force the palace.

if according to the setting of the domestic drama "Big Lady", most of the women will get rid of the scum men and Nirvana.The drama of life.

but lawyer long Fei said firmly:

"you can't afford this marriage."

the mother has been married and had children since she was 18 and has been out of work for ten years.

neither does he have the ability to make money, nor has he experienced a social beating. He depends entirely on her husband to survive.

and stay-at-home mothers have no income and will be at a disadvantage in fighting for custody of their children.

"when you can't afford all the expenses of your child on your own, you have to kiss ass if you rely on others to give you money."

unless you can completely cover all your child's needs, you don't need to rely on anyone.

now you are preoccupied with making more money. "

lawyer long Fei suggested.

under what circumstances should divorce be recommended?

long Fei replied decisively, "if you don't have a child, get out of here."

"when you can't understand a man or change him, stay away from him."

fans said that her husband promised to write a guarantee, but long Fei's lawyer told her not to write a guarantee, but to write a letter of appointment for marital property.

you should first keep your property in your own hands, plan for yourself, for your children, and be able to keep a little bit.

when a marriage is in crisis, all guarantees are empty talk.

finding ways to ensure one's own material foundation is a more realistic problem of survival.

No money, no money.

what should I do if my husband has been violent for a long time?

the reaction of most people on this topic is: call the police, sue, fight back, stay away from domestic violent men.

but long Fei teaches everyone to "learn to be a pussy".

seeing each other's fists swinging, he hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, Big Brother", and ran away.

Don't be ashamed, it's most important to save your life, and you'll get even with the rest after autumn.

"No matter how affectionate two people are when they fall in love, once you find that the other person has the tendency and desire to hit you, running is the best solution."

A married girl C, her husband always rapes her when she is drunk, several times a month.

lawyer long Fei left two words: leave.

"to put it bluntly, most of these men are not capable of holding banquets, parties, drinking until they are crazy and beating their wives."

"what I fear most is that when this man drinks too much, he will have a cerebral thrombosis, and you have to take care of him for the rest of your life. It will not be so easy for you to divorce."

just like this female fan D, the husband who has been married for decades beats people without moving and is still having sex outside.

for the sake of the children, D tolerated not getting divorced for many years, and finally waited for the child to grow up, just ready to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce, as a result, her husband suddenly had a brain infarction lying in the hospital.

the husband has fallen ill, and the court will not allow him to sue for divorce at this time.

it's the same old saying: domestic violence, only 0 times and countless times.

when you find that there is a sign, you should learn to accept it and know how to protect yourself.

then hurry to leave this man, meet someone bad to stop the loss in time, this is our own responsibility.

Don't stay in the fire pit because you feel sorry for the child.

how can you save others if you can't jump out of the fire pit yourself?

these stories are far from being clear about the true face of marriage.

so, girls, be careful when you marry someone.

it's best to do these three things before marriage:

first, it depends on his original family.

second, look at his credit report.

third, take him for a physical examination.

after marriage, do not easily get pregnant when you are not clear about the quality of your marriage.

when it comes to property issues, try to sign the marital property agreement and notarize it.

you know, the Marriage Law protects property, not feelings.

Don't be in love before and after marriage.

"he is actually very kind to me."

"I can't give up."

in reality, many women use these words to comfort and paralyze themselves.

but the reality is not a fairy tale, once the romance will eventually become trivial.

when passion recedes, marriage often ends with a discussion of human nature and a dispute over interests.

being independent, sober and unattached is the strongest means for a woman to protect herself.

only by grasping the cards in your hand can you keep yourself and your loved ones from getting hurt.

there is a classic line in the movie tiny Times:

"Love without material matter is just a plate of sand, which breaks up after two steps without wind."

money can protect love not only in the hot love period, but also in the cooling-off period.

in fact, the truth of marriage is not that there is no room for sand in your eyes, but whether you can make yourself better.

Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today, and you will win the protracted battle of life.