If you see a person clearly, you will know after a meal.

/July 2023

the more subtle it is, the more authentic a person's upbringing and character is hidden.

when eating, a bowl of rice and a plate of side dishes are all humanized, reflecting the temperament of diners and showing all kinds of sentient beings.

between the limits of the dinner table, it is the best environment to distinguish people.

A person's character will be known after a meal.

the appearance of ordering

A few days ago, at a company dinner, as soon as a new colleague came to the table, he immediately occupied the menu, regardless of everyone's taste, ordering his favorite food.

when the food was served slowly, he pushed the waiter around and shouted to complain. When the food was served, he said thank you impolitely.

Lin Qingxuan wrote in the article "looking at people's character from Food"

"people always choose their own preferences, which are often very close to their own character and nature, so a person's personality can be seen from his food."

every move at the dinner table, between swallowing and swallowing, others can get a panoramic view, inadvertently, it shows your upbringing.

in his book Happy days, Cai Kangyong tells the story of his father's talk about table cultivation.

every time his father treats and decides on the menu, he always explains two sentences to the children at the dinner table:

"the tendons of this family are made of leather, not the point."

"this fish is too big for six guests."

"order shrimp whole, not chopped, it may not be fresh."

even a meal can fully take care of the diner's feelings, which is not only EQ, but also self-cultivation.

he is not the only one at the dinner table. If a person only cares about himself and does not consider the feelings of others, if he is faced with interests, he will certainly take it for himself by any means.

the way you eat

once saw such a scene in a restaurant:

there is a gorgeous, fashionable woman sitting in the shop, particularly conspicuous with jewels.

after she finished her meal, she took out a cigarette and lit it. After a while, the smoke began to spread, but she completely ignored the disgruntled eyes cast by the people around her.

after smoking, she left handsomely, leaving a messy cup and plate seat.

shortly after she left, another woman came to her seat, dressed simply and politely.

I saw that she didn't act too much, but just ate quietly. Before leaving, she gathered together the cups, plates and garbage on the table before leaving.

Old people love to nag: "there is a standing phase, a sitting phase, and an eating phase."

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most of the time, character is reflected in these details.

to see a person clearly, we should not only see his attitude towards major right and wrong, but also his kung fu in the details.

to refine the quality of being a man, start with your manners at the dinner table.

the way you pay the bill

writer Chi Li once told a story that when she was young, she met a young man who was handsome, versatile and well-off.

the two like each other and have plans for further development. unfortunately, after a few meals, Chi Li feels that each other can not be entrusted for life.

Chi Li said:

"he often eats in our canteen and uses my meal ticket. My meal ticket ran out and my salary was so tight that he was unconscious.

people who eat and drink can only see petty profits, do not know how to think for others, do not take into account the feelings of others, in the final analysis, it is selfish, can only know each other, not deep acquaintance.

A person who takes advantage may be harmless in his own eyes, but he often loses the trust of others.

on the surface, it is generous and generous, but in fact, it is hypocritical not to worry about the interests of others.

Bacon once said:

"the evaluation of a person should not be based on his wealth and identity, let alone his knowledge, but on his true moral character."

although the dining table is small, it hides the philosophy of life and the happiness of the world.

A person who pays attention to morality in eating must have a noble soul in his bones.

eating appearance, that is, appearance.

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