If you have a good state of mind, your life will go smoothly.

/July 2023

A philosopher said:

"whether life is good or not depends not on who we are, but on what attitude we hold."

what kind of state of mind, what kind of fate.

Life is not as usual. If you want to live a happy life, you must have a good state of mind.

upside down, stay optimistic

an optimistic attitude may not change your origin, but sometimes it can change your destiny.

tell a story.

two men went out on an adventure and walked into a big desert.

only by crossing the desert can you be saved.

who would have thought that he ran out of water halfway through the escape.

among them, a man was injured and had to stop and have a rest.

another companion left to find water, told again and again before leaving, and waited in place.

with that, my companion went to look for water.

gradually, night was coming, and the companion had not yet returned.

people who stay in place are full of doubts: can he find water? Could he have left my "burden" and escaped from the desert a long time ago?

the more he thinks about it, the more desperate he becomes.

thinking about it, I have an emotional breakdown.

this is the way life is. The more you are in adversity, the more you test one's mentality.

most of the time, you just have to think a little bit more about the bright side of things, and as long as you stick to your optimism for a little longer, there will be twists and turns.

adversity is not terrible, it is terrible to lose optimism.

Churchill said: "an optimist sees an opportunity in every crisis, a pessimist sees a crisis in every opportunity."

therefore, in times of adversity, we must learn to find opportunities in crises.

if you are optimistic, you can see hope and survive in a desperate situation.

if you are pessimistic, you will only see despair.

when angry, keep calm

when faced with people who are unfair or unreasonable, many people always rise up and get furious.

as a result, anger not only does not help, but also makes things worse.

in the grasslands of Africa, there is a very inconspicuous animal called vampire bat.

it is very small, but it is the natural enemy of the Mustang. It is often attached to the Mustang's legs and feeds on blood.

No matter how much the Mustang swings, grumbles and runs furiously, it can't drive it away. The Mustang bitten by it will often die helplessly.

later, zoologists found that the amount of blood sucked by vampire bats was too small to kill the Mustang. It was its rage and galloping that killed the Mustang.

if the Mustang is less angry and a little calmer, what can a little vampire bat do?

I heard teacher Luo Xiang tell a story.

he had a student who failed in the exam. Someone told him that there was a shortcut to go to college.

the student was eager to study, paid the money and went to a university.

there are departments, classes, student ID cards, dormitories, meal cards, and every exam is exactly the same as everyone else.

four years later, the student successfully graduated with a diploma and passed the professional examination.

but in the end, it was found out what was fake, and then the exam was invalidated.

if you are this student, are you angry? Will you get even with the person who tricked you?

but do you know what this student does?

he quickly adjusted his mindset and spent a year and a half taking the self-examination, winning his undergraduate degree, re-taking the professional exam, and passing both of them.

imagine that if he had gone to get even with someone out of anger, complained everywhere, or gave up, what would he have got in a year and a half?

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therefore, peace of mind is the key to success, and anger is the behavior that outweighs the gain.

in the book humanity, the author mentions: "We should give priority to the latter between punishing the wicked and not continuing to hurt ourselves."

is easily infuriated by others, but he is actually unable to control his own performance.

so adjust your mindset before you get angry next time.

if you have peace of mind, you will be able to come up with a better way to solve the problem and stop the loss in time.

stay awake when you are jealous

I have heard a story.

A woman was jealous because her husband doted on his ex-wife's two-year-old daughter but was lukewarm to herself.

one day, while her husband was not at home, she drove her child to another small town dozens of kilometers away, threw it into a shopping mall, and then secretly went home by herself.

as a result, the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't bear it, and I was a little scared, so I went back to find the child.

people often say that jealousy is the root of all evil, it can distort people's hearts and turn them into demons.

the woman's last-minute sobriety saved her, saved the child, and saved their home.

in life, there is another kind of people who are disdainful of others. When others are better than them, they are jealous.

his colleagues have more year-end bonuses than he does.He gritted his teeth with hatred and asked himself why it wasn't me.

the neighbor's child is better than his child in college. When he sees the neighbor, he walks around and doesn't want to talk.

when others wear the same clothes that look better than her, she will secretly roll their eyes.

Bacon said: "jealousy always comes from our comparison with others. Without comparison, there is no jealousy."

when you envy someone, you actually want to be him.

so the psychologist concluded: "jealousy is actually a negation of yourself and the most frank recognition of the person you are jealous of."

when we see the truth of jealousy, we must keep a clear head.

rather than envy others, it is better to improve yourself.

Master Nebula said: "jealousy of others will not do you any good; envy of others will not reduce any achievements of others."

therefore, when jealousy arises, remember to remind yourself: adjust your mindset and face yourself.

in life, there are always all kinds of ups and downs, inevitably the ups and downs of the mind.

but as long as we have a good state of mind, optimistic against the times, calm when angry, calm when jealous, everything will be all right.

there is a sentence in the book "where in the country pass": "follow the heart, if the water is in the river, the bank is wide, the wave is flat, and the bank is narrow, the wave is excited."

one's attitude towards the world is sometimes more important than what the world itself is.

adjusting your mindset is the real kung fu, and living a good life is the absolute truth.

, may you and I be in the corner and turn our hearts to the sun.

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