If you do this to your people, please make a deep acquaintance for the rest of your life.

/July 2023

someone said, "

interacting with people begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.


the more people you meet, the more you will find that human nature is complex and you need to be more careful in making friends.

Life comes and goes, and we will meet countless people in thousands of worlds, either in an instant, or for many years.

it is not until middle age that people find that the talent and character of the people they communicate with are important, but it is the character that really plays a decisive role.

if you meet these four kinds of people, please make a deep acquaintance for a lifetime.

people who speak out for justice:

the real pattern is to dare to speak out

what is the most important thing to make friends with people? In my opinion, the first priority is affection.

such people, they do not like those who are meticulous, will not care about the trivialities of the past, and dare to speak out when they encounter injustice.

in the TV series "Menghualu", a storm caused heavy losses to the whole city of Tokyo, Zhao Paner's tea house was destroyed, and the whole wharf was badly baptized by wind and rain.

Chi Kui was used as a wharf wardrobe, and as soon as the wind and rain passed, he led his men to clean up the docks and rivers.

at this time, the official in charge of the wharf came directly to ask questions and asked Chi Kui to lick the mud on his shoes for him, or else he would be killed.

in an era when officials were inherently superior to others, Chi Chi had to kneel on the ground and listen to his insults.

people around are so scared that no one dares to say half a word more.

at the critical moment, Zhao Paner came to help Chi Kui and made it clear that the responsibility for the losses suffered by the wharf lay with the officials, not with Chi Kui.

Chi Huan just escaped an innocent insult, and thus saw Zhao Paner's righteous side.

he immediately put aside the festival between the two people, took the initiative to make friends with Zhao Paner, talked about cooperation, and asked Zhao Paner's three sisters to help him run the restaurant.

Life is a journey full of uncertainty, and everyone has his or her peaks and troughs.

when you reach a narrow point, you especially need someone around you to speak up for yourself.

passers-by come and go in life, and there are plenty of people who are full of flowers when they are busy, but very few people can speak out at the critical moment.

if you can meet, please make a deep acquaintance.

such people tend to take affection more seriously. They will not only speak out at the critical moment, but also improve your situation.

people who are willing to make a profit:

the real open-minded is the willingness to let the interests win together

people often say, "

the world is in a panic, but the picture is a few taels of broken silver.


when it comes to self-interest, most people want to take advantage of themselves.

and people who are really open-minded tend to put aside these self-interests and are willing to let them win.

have seen such a story:

the blogger recalled that in his childhood, in his hometown in the countryside, the yard was all fenced with bamboo.

when he came home one day, he saw his neighbor quietly moving the fence. As a result, the neighbor's yard was bigger and his own yard was smaller.

he ran straight over and told Grandpa. Unexpectedly, after Grandpa knew about this, not only did he not go to the neighbor to reason, but he moved the fence to his own yard.

the blogger was puzzled and angry, staring at the fence through the window as if to see how much the neighbor would go too far.

an unexpected scene happened. after seeing the location of the fence, the neighbor was stunned for a moment, not only moved the fence back, but also moved a little more into his own yard.

after that, no one moved the fence any more, and the two families became familiar with each other, sometimes giving each other something to eat and drink.

in dealing with people, there are many such details.

some people always consider their own interests, but they take it for granted that they will inevitably feel uncomfortable dealing with such people.

but there are also people who are willing to take the initiative to give way to profits, do not care about trifles, and hope that everyone can get a win-win situation. If you interact with such people, your heart will become more and more sudden.

people who are willing to give way tend to be more open-minded and regard relationships as more important than personal interests.

if you can meet, please make a deep acquaintance, they can not only make your heart wider, but also increase the comfort of our lives.

people who send charcoal in the snow:

A true friend is to expect you from the bottom of your heart

as the saying goes, it is easier to add icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.

it is only when you are really in trouble that you know who is really worth making friends for a lifetime.

when singer Liang Hanwen was 30 years old, he lost almost all the money he had earned because of a failed investment, leaving only a five-figure deposit.

at this time, his mother was ill again in the hospital, and those savings were not enough, so he had to borrow money everywhere.

such days lasted for a long time. At one point, he didn't even have a job, and his life was full of hopelessness.

at this time, his good friend Su Yongkang was going to hold a concert. After learning about Liang Hanwen's situation, he took the initiative to invite Liang Hanwen as a guest to sing on stage at his own concert.

it was precisely because of this performance that Liang Hanwen was once again noticed by the record company and got the chance to release a record again.The "Seven Friends" and the brilliance of his music career.

until now, the two still maintain a deep friendship.

some people say:

"when the sun is shining, many people are willing to lend you umbrellas. When it rains, most people quietly take their umbrellas away. "

those who call you brothers on weekdays are not necessarily true friends, but those who give you a hand when you are down must be true friends.

this is often the case in life. When you are beautiful, many people know you, but only when you are down and out, do you really know the people around you.

when we are in trouble, people who can take the initiative to lend a helping hand are even more commendable.

such people tend to be more kind, hope you from the bottom of their heart and really attach importance to you.

be sure to make a deep acquaintance when you meet.

people who bow their heads voluntarily:

the real self-cultivation is the person who is willing to bow his head voluntarily

someone in Zhihu once asked: how to view a person's self-cultivation?

the most popular answer is to see if he is willing to bow his head after something happens.

I think so.

the same is true of friends.

in the adult world, there are often not so many people who are right and who are wrong, but who cares more about friendship.

cousin and her friend Lesser Snow had such a past story:

they got married in the same year, their children were about the same age, and they often made an appointment to play together.

between children of three or four years old, quarrels and fights are inevitable.

once, the two children fought again, and because of carelessness, Lesser Snow's child scratched his cousin's face, and his cousin's child took a bite on Lesser Snow's child's arm.

my cousin was so distressed that she took the child angrily and left, and for several days she didn't pay any attention to Lesser Snow.

after a few days, Lesser Snow specially bought toys for her cousin's children and took the initiative to bring the children to the door to apologize.

after Lesser Snow left, my cousin's husband earnestly advised his cousin that there was no one right or wrong in the fight between the two children, but he just didn't want to share it with you because of such a trifle.

when people interact with each other, there will inevitably be friction on some things.

people who are willing to bow their heads voluntarily are just willing to put aside their concerns because they regard friendship as more important than face.

such people tend to be more disciplined and pay more attention to the friendship between them. Be sure to make a deep acquaintance when you meet.

No one in this world has an obligation to be kind to each other, but it's just the character of some people.

when you meet these people, please be grateful and keep them in your life.

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someone said, "


if you walk with a wise man, you will be extraordinary;

in the company of superior people, you can reach the summit.


if you have a deep acquaintance with those who speak up, you will be more organized.

you will be more open-minded if you make a deep acquaintance with those who are willing to make a profit.

you will be more kind if you make a deep acquaintance with the person who gives you help in the snow.

you will be more restrained if you get acquainted with people who bow their heads voluntarily.

May we all be able to read thousands of sails, practice ourselves, have deep friends and old friends!