How much a man loves you depends on it.

/July 2023


Love is a difficult problem of the century. Everyone wants to see clearly, but few people can stay awake.

as one reader asked:

"how on earth can we know how much he loves me, how much he spends money, how much time he invests, or his attitude after a fight?"

these are all answers, but not all of them.

in my opinion, how much a man loves a woman often depends on this thing: tolerance.

how tolerant a man is to a woman is often a sign of how much he loves.

because a man really loves a woman, he will not only see her strengths, but also tolerate her shortcomings.

and, the more you love, the more tolerant you are.

We all know that everyone's patience and tolerance are limited, but if there is a loving blessing, then many things will become different.

as this passage on the Internet says:

"it's impossible to really love someone. When you see each other, you lose your armor immediately."

so the more a man loves you, the more he will know how to love you, tolerate you and accommodate you.

will do the best possible at these moments so as not to upset you. "

in feelings, we often say: if you love someone, you must love all of her, including her strengths and weaknesses.

it is true that no one is perfect and things are not perfect, especially the small capriciousness and temper of women, which are often misunderstood by men as unreasonable and vexatious.

so if there is no tolerance of love, then it is difficult to believe that it is difficult to go to the end.

because loving someone deeply means caring, understanding, understanding and concession, which are all manifestations of tolerance.

I like a classic line in the movie "Evil from the East and the West" very much:

"if the relationship can win or lose, I don't know if she will win, but I know very well that I lost from the beginning."

Love is a match, but love is an underdog.

Men tend to be unconditional in front of their loved ones.

because my heart cares, I am reluctant to care about it and give up harsh criticism, for fear that you will be sad because of it.

because you know how to cherish, even if you like to complain, have a temper, and be capricious, you are willing to tolerate it again and again.

Love a person is so unreasonable, do not need a reasonable reason, you can accept everything from each other.

tolerate your past, your faults and your temper. As long as it's about you, he can't be tough.

so, you don't have to pretend in front of him, just be who you really are.

even if you quarrel occasionally, he will always bow his head and give you a step down.

as Chen Xiaochun said:

"if I disagree with Caier, even if I get angry again, I will certainly give in."

because of true love, so tolerance; because of deep love, so care.

in a relationship, tolerance is an attitude when a man loves a woman deeply.

MiyazakiHayao once said:

"Love is not about finding a perfect person.

but learn to appreciate the imperfect person with perfect eyes.


everyone has shortcomings, and no one is perfect.

but those who love you can often appreciate the imperfect you with perfect eyes.

faults are lovely in his eyes, and faults are not a big problem in his eyes.

because of the premise of love, everything can be tolerated and understood.

writer Su Xin also said:

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"in this world, no one is more stupid than the other.

some people feel sorry for you, some people tolerate you, and some people support you unconditionally, just because they are deeply in love. "

the person who always gives way to you and is always tolerant and considerate to you is not born with a good temper, let alone doesn't like to care about it, just because he loves you too much.

he may not be much perfect, but he will give you the best guard and enough peace of mind with all his sincerity and maximum tolerance.

and it's all because of love in my heart.

I remember someone once said such a sentence:

"only those who have really loved understand that accommodation is not a compromise, but a willing concession for you.

I understand that tolerance is not connivance, but tenderness because of you. "

Yes, two people together, compared to the sweet words of you and me.

what keeps feelings infinitely warm is mutual tolerance and understanding.

how lucky it would be to meet someone who is willing to tolerate you at any time.

if you meet, please remember to cherish it.

because the person who is willing to give you unlimited tolerance is the one who really loves you to the bone.

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