Hot search number one! Grandpa in Wuhan Sugar Water has set up a stall for 17 years, and the price of 2 yuan has not been raised. It is so unfair to be scolded like this.

/July 2023

these days, people are very distressed to see a piece of news on the Internet.

Grandpa, who sells sugar water for only 2 yuan and has not raised the price for 17 years, has recently been forced to give up business because of a cyber storm.

his name is Xie Yongan. Before that, he would go out and sell sugar water on the street at 09:30 every night.

Red bean soup, mung bean soup, sour plum soup. There are many kinds of sugar water, each of which costs only 2 yuan.

not only the material is real, but also the cup can be refilled indefinitely.

for the elderly and children, Xie Yongan wrote directly on the sign: no charge.

someone once asked, "can this make money?"

Xie Yongan smiled and said, "if you don't want to make money, just drink well."

A simple sentence has pierced many people's hearts.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent cheap dresses for mom of the groom. Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

Xie Yongan's life is not rich, and there is an autistic grandson at home, but even so, the old man still wants to bring sweetness to others.

however, after Xie Yongan became popular, a lot of vicious voices began to appear on the Internet.

some people point the finger at the hygiene problems of sugar water, accusing him of not wearing gloves or masks, so his sugar water is not clean.

there are also people who attack the old man's family, saying that the old man's children and grandchildren are unfilial and the family is not harmonious.

Xie Yongan himself did not surf the Internet, but the grandson of the family cried angrily.

after the incident, someone visited the elderly and found that the old man's home was clean and tidy, and the pots and pans that made sugar water were shiny.

the sons and girls of the old man are not unfilial. Both sons are married, and the old couple live in an old house of more than 40 square meters. Not to mention rich and expensive, they lead a secure life.

Old people are full of sadness about giving up business:

"they dislike me for this and that. They only care about making money for themselves, but they don't know the pity of ordinary people."

Old people

when I saw the sign I used to set up the stall, I was so lost that I said I couldn't use it any more.

"I don't set up a stall there anymore, so don't come to me."

"I wish you all good health and a happy mood."

hearing such a request, my heart is very upset.

Why are you so hard on a good man?

these years, there are always some network sprinklers around, full of hostility, can not see that others are living well, only see who is hot, want to pull people into the quagmire.

they are not good people themselves, nor can they tolerate others to be good people.

for the sake of heat, they have no principle and bottom line, and they will reveal what attracts attention.

but Grandpa Sugar Water, why should he bear their slander in vain?

because he insists on the goodness of his heart, a good man loses his job to survive.

our world should not be like this.

teacher Luo Xiang once said, "Why don't Internet sprinklers talk about logic?" Because they are quarrelling, does the quarrel need to be logical? Logically, that's called argument. "

Yes, it is often useless to reason with Keyboard Man.

they are used to standing on the highest point of morality and judging anyone they don't like.

do you still remember the violent wounding incident in Tangshan barbecue restaurant before?

several girls were beaten crazily by a bunch of mad dog thugs for resisting the harassment of men.

the scene was so tragic that it was scary across the screen.

after the outbreak of public opinion, countless people were denouncing the perpetrators, but as soon as several girls were taken to hospital, new victims appeared.

the landlady of the barbecue restaurant is one of them.

Keyboard warriors began to bombard her for inaction, questioning her: why not fight? Are you working with the gangster?

what is the truth?

then, she immediately asked someone to call the police.

(the woman in black is the boss's wife)

but the abuse and attack never stopped. The boss's Wechat and phone were exploded, and some netizens even sent wreaths to her home crazily.

finally, the landlady can only cry in front of the camera:

"I am also a victim, where can I say justice?" I'm freaking out now. I'm going crazy. "

innocent people are cornered and their quiet lives are messed up.

the keyboard warriors are "satisfied", so they rush to find their next target.

not long ago, Zheng Linghua, a post-1995 girl, successfully saw off graduate students.

she wanted to surprise her grandfather in the hospital bed, took the notice to visit him, and posted photos and videos of the scene on the social platform.

but unexpectedly, this move attracted a flood of abuse and insults:

"the hair is hot and the eyes are hot, as if he is engaged in an improper industry."

"the wine girl can get a master's degree."

"I finally passed the exam, and I can't go either."

after the Internet storm, she couldn't sleep all night, couldn't concentrate on her studies during the day, couldn't eat, and even thought of suicide.

Dyeing your hair can also be abused by the net?

you can never guess how outrageous the angle at which cyber rioters attack people.

these Internet sprinklers, Grandpa Black Sugar Water today, Black Pink Girl tomorrow, who will it be the day after tomorrow?

what happens when cyber violence falls on everyone at random, just like opening a blind box?

I dare not think about it.

when the world gets worse, it begins when ordinary people are subjected to Internet violence.

in the face of cyber violence suffered by others, we often hear such words: "those people scold you, why don't you just watch or listen?" How can things on the Internet affect you? "

sounds reasonable, but is it really the case?

in order to make more people understand the horror of cyber violence, China Changan Network specially filmed a video.

the production team first invited three guests for the test, and then selected 20 volunteers to imitate cyber violence.

before taking the stage, the production team asked the guests if they thought they could withstand criticism.

male guests with tattoos think they don't care, women dressed sexy think they can accept it, and women wearing cos clothes say they have psychological expectations.

but when the volunteers' remarks appeared in front of them, several guests expressed difficulty in accepting them.

one of the girls was so sad that she couldn't control her emotions and left the table angrily.

in the follow-up interview, several people were depressed and obviously could not let go of the malicious comments:

"feels like a knife in the heart."

"I didn't expect to see such a big impact in reality."

you see, never underestimate the harm of cyber violence.

only 20 cyber rioters have caused such harm to the parties. What if 2000, 20000, or even more?

people who have not experienced Internet violence find it difficult to understand the pain of being denied by the whole world.

looking at it, there are many tragedies caused by Internet violence in recent years. Is it all because they are vulnerable?

I don't think so.

like several testers in the experiment, we always think we can ignore the malice of others.

but in fact, we are not as strong as we think.

when all kinds of foul language flood in, it is enough to break a person's heart.

so the next time you encounter someone who is abused by the Internet, don't get involved and don't think they're vulnerable.

Internet violence is far more terrible than we thought.

back to Grandpa Sugar Water.

Why are we so angry and sad to see the old man's withdrawal from the net?

on the one hand, because these Internet sprinklers destroy the goodwill of a good man.

when a good man is severely criticized, when goodwill is misunderstood, who wants to be a good man in the future.

on the other hand, it is because we are ordinary people like Grandpa Sugar Water, working diligently and living a down-to-earth life.

what he went through could also be what happened to us.

if we don't speak for him, then if something similar happens to us one day, who can guarantee that we can get through it safely?

speaking for them is actually speaking for ourselves.

, forward it.

every retweet is a silent support and assistance.

nowadays, because of everyone's attention, more and more people have seen the plight of Grandpa Sugar Water.

netizens are asking the kind old man to stay, hoping that the old man can stay.

the community also says it can provide jobs for the elderly;

We still don't know the future arrangements of the elderly.

Uncle Dan believes that when the voice of kindness gets louder and louder, there will be no place for malice to hide.