From today on, I'm going to go out with cash.

/July 2023


how long has it been since you went out with cash?

two days ago, I passed a steamed stuffed bun shop on my way to work.

saw an old man with a bent figure who spoke not very fluent Putonghua and said to the shopkeeper:

"could you change five yuan coins for me?"

maybe he was busy or troublesome, but the shopkeeper didn't pay any attention to it.

the old man thought the shopkeeper didn't hear and asked several more times, but he was bored with the shopkeeper:

"go and don't interfere with my business!"

at that moment, the old man was like a child who had done something wrong, stuck in place and helpless.

at this time, two or three passers-by saw this and came forward to ask what was wrong with the old man.

because the old man speaks with an accent and the surrounding environment is noisy.

I can only hear it intermittently. It seems that the old man doesn't have a smartphone, but one of his relatives is sick, so he wants to change some change to go to the hospital by bus.

looked at the old man's cautious, bewildered expression.

I wanted to help him, but suddenly I was surprised to find that I had no cash at all.

under helplessness, I can only choose to leave, but I feel sorry all the time.

for a long time, we are used to the convenience of mobile payment, but it is easy to ignore:

everything we are used to is an insurmountable gap for some old people.

once came across a post entitled "Let's go out and bring some cash" on the Internet.

the poster said she found a fruit stall on the side of the road, owned by an elderly grandmother.

while watching the stall, the old man is still taking care of his little grandson in his arms.

when she picked out the fruit and was ready to take out her cell phone to pay, she heard the old woman ask her if she could pay cash.

when I asked, I knew that the old man had been sitting here all afternoon.

it's already hot these days, so people don't want to go out.

but because old people can't use smartphones, they don't have a collection code at all.

it was not easy for someone to patronize, but in the end, few orders were sold.

seeing her hesitation, the old man thought she didn't want to buy it, so he hurriedly said:

"Little girl, I can give you two more peaches. These peaches are so sweet, all right?"

just one sentence, but it makes people very sad.

when they are supposed to spend their twilight years, they have to set up stalls to make money in order to make a living, rain or shine.

time is cruel, taking away not only the old people they are familiar with, but also the era they are familiar with.

it is difficult for them to stay where they are.

now away from home, it has been replaced by ubiquitous self-service machines and code-scanning appointments.

as a result, they look helpless and confused, and they can only grope carefully, but they still hit a brick wall everywhere.

in the hospital hall, an old man accompanied his wife to the hospital.

facing the tedious and complicated procedures alone, he was so nervous that his hands trembled and his head was sweating before the registration machine.

some people say that in today's society, old people need to muster up courage every time they go out.

do you remember the old man who was driven off the bus in Fushun, Liaoning?

in the video, an old man is refused by the driver because he does not have a smartphone and cannot show his health code.

the old man said he could register, and during the dispute, the two men were deadlocked.

the passengers on the bus became impatient because of waiting, and even blamed:

"you'd better go down and keep people from going to work!"

"you can't be disrespectful. So many people are pointing at you."

in the face of the attack from the whole car, the old man always clung to the handrail, looking dazed and helpless.

things ferment on the Internet, some people are angry, some people sympathize.

among them, I also heard such a voice:

"Old people should learn and keep up with the times, or they deserve to be eliminated!"

has it ever occurred to the people who say these words that this seemingly correct suggestion looks powerless and pale to the elderly?

there is an experience of the elderly scanning the code at the station on the Internet, which is made into a VR video.

viewers can experience instant "aging" through headsets:

you will feel blurred vision, limited hearing and inflexible fingers.

and in this state, you should seize the time to scan the code to enter the station.

the train is about to leave, and people come and go around, but no one lend a helping hand.

after the experience, the program group asked the young people three questions:

"how do you feel if this pair of old people are your parents?"

"how will you feel if you face this situation when you are old?"

cute dresses for homecoming are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

"if you encounter this kind of situation again, will you go up and help?"

without exception, everyone was silent.

most of the time, some things can't be done by hard work alone.

with the increase of age, aging is inevitable, and willful powerlessness will become the norm of life.

but for those who have boarded the great wheel of the times by luck, do not ridicule those who are still on shore.

Today's old people are at a loss as to what to do. Who can guarantee that when we grow old, where should we go?

writer Zhou Daxin said:

"everyone feels that aging is far away from them, but in fact they are getting old before they know it."

A generation will grow old. Today it is them, tomorrow it is us.

and a civilized society should have the freedom to let people run, as well as the freedom to let people walk slowly and live calmly.

Technology is cold, but people have temperature.

stop, look back at them, slow down, wait for them, be patient, teach them.

fortunately, more and more stations are beginning to set up channels without health codes;

Wechat also introduces a care mode, which can convert text to voice.

along with it, there are new professions such as accompanying physicians, which can help them make an appointment, take a number, wait for a doctor, and check up.

for the old people walking on the edge of life, the greatest love is to reach out and give them a hand when they need it.

all we can do in life is to give the old ones more care, more care, and more patience.

for example, from today on, you can go out with some cash with you and lend a helping hand to the elderly who need help.

Bi Shumin said in her article "filial piety is priceless":

"I believe that every sincere and honest child has made a grand wish of filial piety to his parents from the bottom of his heart.

I believe that there will be a long time to come, I believe that it will happen naturally, and I believe that one day when I will return home with success and fame, I will be able to enjoy filial piety calmly.

it is a pity that people forget, forget the cruelty of time, forget the shortness of life, and forget that life itself is vulnerable to one blow. "

when we are alive, everyone will grow old one day. Look at the old man's today, that is, tomorrow's us.

to be kind to the old people today is to be kind to yourself tomorrow.

, may every old man have a place to live, be calm and firm, and grow old with dignity.

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