For the person who does you a favor, don't invite him to dinner. Learn these three ways of reward.

/July 2023

English poet John Dunn once said:

"No one is an island, and no one can live on his own."

No one can be truly isolated from the rest of his life.

We will inevitably get into difficulties and troughs, and we need to ask for help from the outside world and trouble others.

after getting help, most people like to treat each other to dinner in return.

however, the weight of a meal is so light that it can only be used to connect with feelings and can not tell all the kindness.

only by learning the following three ways of reward can you strengthen your relationship, enhance your relationship, and even benefit yourself.

help each other to bring the relationship closer

I have seen a question on the Internet: what are the hidden rules of adults that tell the truth?

highly praised answer hit the nail on the head:

it is the golden rule that others will treat you as you treat others.

it is the platinum rule that you treat others in the same way as they do to you.

most relationships in the world are built on reciprocity.

if you cross the bridge built by others today, maybe others need you to hold an umbrella tomorrow.

there is an impressive clip in the TV series "the World".

after Zhou Bingkun resigned, he couldn't find a job, so he asked his sister's high school classmate Cai Xiaoguang for help.

Cai Xiaoguang unequivocally used his contacts to arrange for him to be sent to a soy sauce factory with many benefits and good treatment.

Zhou Bingkun worked hard in the factory and was soon promoted because of his outstanding performance.

he always wanted to thank Cai Xiaoguang in person, but he felt that treats and gifts were not enough to express his gratitude, so he had to procrastinate again and again.

later, Cai Xiaoguang got into trouble, demoted from director of the propaganda department to a workshop worker, and lost the chance to go to college.

when Zhou Bingkun learned of this, he immediately tried to find out a way to inquire for him.

with his help, Cai Xiaoguang won special approval from the factory and successfully entered the university for further study.

Cai Xiaoguang, who returned from his studies, became a director of the troupe and still had a close relationship with Zhou Bingkun.

when supplies are tight, he buys sand, cement and high-quality coal for the Zhou family to repair their houses.

after Zhou Bingkun changed his profession to a publishing house, he was also introduced to a group of literary and artistic seniors.

over time, their relationship became closer and closer.

in this world, there is no eternal strong and there is no eternal weak.

everyone will encounter hurdles that cannot be crossed and problems that cannot be solved.

when others shiver in the cold wind, you drop a handful of sunshine; when you suffer in the hot sun, others will also send a rain.

economists once put forward a "win-win theory of tortoise and hare":

on land, the hare carries the tortoise on his back.

when he got to the river, the tortoise carried the hare upstream on his back to cross the river, and finally reached the finish line.

the best relationship between people is to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

the icing on the cake material feedback is far less precious than the truth of sending charcoal in the snow.

only by going back and forth and helping each other can we enhance our friendship and nourish each other's lives.

be yourself and live up to expectations

writer Simon Sinek once shared a sentence:

"when you receive generous help from others, the only thing you need to do is thank you."

and the best way to thank each other is to live up to the expectations behind goodwill.

the only novel published by writer Harper Lee was done with the help of friends.

A few months before graduating from college, she left her hometown and went to New York alone with a literary dream.

but with her empty pockets, she could not support herself at all, so she had to put down her writing for a while and became an air ticket booker.

for eight years, her life was filled with busy work, struggling between survival and dreams.

so one Christmas Eve, a friend hung an envelope on the Christmas tree, saying it was a gift for her.

Harper Lee opened it and found that there was a check in it that was enough for her to live comfortably for a year.

she was so grateful that she decided to move back to her hometown town to write carefully and live up to the kindness of her friends.

A year later, the novel to Kill a Mockingbird was born. It not only won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, but also was translated into more than 40 languages and became a world-famous bestseller.

with fame and wealth, Harper Lee insisted on giving the money back to his friends.

but in the eyes of her friends, her success is already the greatest reward to herself.

as the saying goes, "money is easy to pay back, but love is hard to pay."

behind the money or resources that others pay for you, there is an inestimable deep friendship.

instead of being repaid in full with a clear price, it is better to be a better person and make the other party feel happy.

when someone promotes you at a low ebb, you should try your best to make achievements so as not to embarrass the other person.

when you are confused, someone tells you that you should actively overcome the difficulties and not let the other person down.

when someone supports you when you are in distress, you should try your best to return the favor and not let the other person feel cold.

Who doesn’t want to look better in her favorite champagne gown for evening event? Find your favorite and it will remain fashionable and fabulous for the years to come.

if youIf you don't take the initiative to make changes and try to solve the problem, it will be futile for others to help you.

the best response to the helper is to be injected with strength by kindness and live out one's own splendor.

when you are grateful and be yourself, you can live up to all the encounters in your life.

illuminate others and convey goodwill

there is a seemingly inconspicuous mutton noodle restaurant in Tongchuan, Shaanxi.

the shopkeeper Xue Sanlin is kind-hearted and very popular.

during the holidays, he also handed out towels, soaps, gloves and other condolences to them for free.

he also volunteered to donate goods and materials, and even waived the meal money of migrant workers and people over the age of 70.

knowing that the staff in the store were worried about their children's tuition fees, he did not hesitate to pay each other several months' wages in advance.

every time he is mentioned, the residents around him feel particularly cordial and call his shop a "house of love".

but Xue Sanlin is not a local, and the shop has only been open for more than three years, so why not help others without pay?

it turns out that he, who comes from northern Shaanxi, entered the society to work at the age of 16, saved enough money and started his own business.

as a result, he repeatedly failed in his business and owed a lot of foreign debt, which was shunned by his relatives and friends.

in 2018, he left his hometown to seek development in Tongchuan.

once, he saw a store on sale and wanted to open a special restaurant in northern Shaanxi.

but he didn't have enough money to rent the store and decided to give up discouraged.

at this time, a boss named Hu Jianhua accidentally learned what had happened to him.

Hu Jianhua, who is already keen on public welfare undertakings, helped him solve his financial problem out of kindness.

residents around also frequently come to the store to support and introduce relatives and friends to dinner.

everyone's kindness warmed Xue Sanlin, let him out of the trough, full of hope for the future.

he didn't know what to repay everyone. After thinking it over, he decided to help more people who were in trouble.

he said firmly: "as long as I open a shop for a day, I will pass on this love."

there are many ways to be grateful, but the most powerful one is to let kindness spread to more corners.

as Xiong Hao, the debater of "Strange Theory", said:

"the glimmer attracts the glimmer, the glimmer illuminates the glimmer, and we find each other and glow together, so that the haze can be illuminated."

when you receive the kindness of others at some point and lend a helping hand when others need it, it is the greatest reward for kindness.

because the meaning of life is that people illuminate each other and depend on each other.

the constant circulation of goodwill and everlasting tenderness will sooner or later benefit the benefactor and return to themselves.

Let goodness take root and spread to a wider place, and the world will never fall into desolation.

likes a sentence in the Little Prince very much:

"cherish those who are nice to you. They could not have done that."

Thanksgiving is not only a compulsory course in life, but also the most valuable quality of life.

in this world, no one will treat you for no reason. All enthusiasm and generosity come from cherishing and caring.

know how to be grateful, do not neglect each other's efforts, do not neglect each other's friendship, can win the hearts of the people and be respected.

always have a grateful heart, be kind to those who have helped yourself, and pass on the love and warmth you get before you can meet all the good things in the world.

believe that if you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life.

, may we repay our true feelings with our hearts and be grateful for a rich life.