Drive Yao Chen mad, angry at Huang Lei, was ridiculed on the hot search: she is so popular, humiliated by internal entertainment?

/July 2023

recently, the entertainment industry is also unstable, and all kinds of news emerge one after another!

once upon a time, there was a drug addict, the film star, who was divorced from the big story.

after that, a loving couple announced their divorce and wailed that they did not believe in love.

but fortunately, there is still a clean stream in this circle, and they are seriously engaged in the cause.

just like Haiqing, one second I saw her shouting "you!" It's my God! "

the next second, she was a thin, cowardly, reticent, disabled Guiying.

is this still the Haiqing we know?

after all, everyone is used to Haiqing's "madness", the eternal source of happiness.

it's true that Haiqing is like a comedian on the run, contracting too many jokes.

he scattered, she suffered, they were both difficult to fly, it was a large-scale social death scene.

but on second thought, everything seems reasonable.

in the 22 years since his debut, Haiqing's label has not only been funny, but also has strength.

because she always knew what she wanted.

acting is Haiqing's best weapon to fight back against public opinion.

Today, she still has a long way to go as an actress.

when it comes to acting, Hai Qing is somewhat talented.

but few people know that she was only seven when she first appeared on the stage.

A crew went to the dance school in Haiqing to select young actors for the TV series "lesson one".

got an audition, and everyone had to perform a sketch.

when all the children came out happily, only Haiqing burst into tears.

in this way, she was chosen.

A month of crew life made her feel fresh and interesting.

and the dream of becoming an actress quietly planted seeds in the bottom of her heart.

more than ten years of learning to dance, day after day of training, let Haiqing pay countless sweat, but all clenched their teeth and persevered.

after graduating from the provincial drama school, she entered the provincial song and dance theater and became a professional dancer.

who knows, after years of practicing dancing, Haiqing's lumbar vertebrae were seriously damaged, and all kinds of ailments came one after another. if it went on like this, the body could not stand the trouble at all.

means that she has to give up her love of dancing and her dream of sticking to it for more than a decade.

at that moment, Haiqing seemed to hear the sound of broken dreams and fell into confusion.

suddenly, an idea climbed Hai Qing's mind and became an actor.

in order to love the performance, in order to stand in front of the camera again, Haiqing has made thousands of times of efforts.

at first, when she saw that the head teacher was Huang Lei, she was very disappointed and couldn't help thinking to herself, can she teach well when she is so young?

Haiqing was written all over his body unconvinced, and the students kept attacking Huang Lei. However, everything can be solved by him.

"she is a good malleable girl, and this kind of courage to lose is very scarce in the film and television industry."

therefore, when she was in college, Huang Lei often took her to rehearse all kinds of plays.

once, near the performance of the play "thunderstorm", Haiqing fell ill. Huang Lei advised her to have a good rest and change someone else to play for her.

hearing the news, Hai Qing put down his cruel words: "I'd rather die on the stage!"

can't beat her, so Huang Lei has no choice but to allow her to take the stage.

perhaps, some people will not understand, others will think that she is hypocritical.

but uncle felt that it was because she was sober and aware of herself.

she knows what she wants, what to fight for and what to refuse.

that enthusiasm for the performance, that do not admit defeat of the "twist", but also made Haiqing.

but the charm of actor Haiqing is just beginning!

as soon as he graduated from Nortel, Haiqing was full of ambition and looked forward to starting his acting career.

but the ideal is good, but the reality is cruel.

she is often rejected by the show and brushed for interviews.

seeing his classmates gradually become famous, Hai Qing, who stood still, felt depressed and helpless.

in 2003, Haiqing ushered in the opportunity to star in Jade Guanyin.

Zhong Ning, the bossy female president, was strong, cheerful and shrewd, but at that time people preferred gentle girls.

coupled with the fact that she didn't play much, she became familiar with her face.

in double-sided Glue, she plays Hu Li Juan, a spicy, delicate and spicy wife.

after marrying Yaping, a young man from the northeast, she slowly moved towards a desperate housewife in a marriage of wits and feathers with her mother-in-law.

went viral, Hai Qing became popular, and she became a hot topic in the street.

in "snail dwelling", she is trapped in trivialities, living like a resentful woman, thinking only about saving money and buying a house.

then to Wang Gui and Anna, she is a good-looking, quiet and temperamental Anna who is besieged on all sides but has to bow to fate.

after playing more and more roles, Haiqing gradually found his own position.

she became a household name.National wife ", the world is full of fireworks, and every minute it can be true.

although the comfort zone has been found, it is not a good thing for Hai Qing, who is keen on challenges.

because she knows that life is going to be broken, and so is acting.

with such a good state of mind, Haiqing actively sought to break the situation and no longer framed the way to play for himself.

when she came back, the audience found that Haiqing had changed.

she became a young and beautiful beauty nurse in "Heart Art" and Xia Nan, a reporter seeking the truth in "Operation Red Sea".

became Zhou Yi, the hot-tempered mother-to-be in Beijing meets Seattle, and a serious, cautious and attentive astronaut in me and my parents.

in order to play well the nurse in "Heart skill", she went to the hospital early and followed the nurse to observe.

when filming Operation Red Sea, it tortured Haiqing even more.

bitten by poisonous insects, beaten to the corners of the mouth oozing blood, wrist bones are hit with lacerations, no matter how the pain has to endure.

is there any reason to work so hard except to really love acting?

with a few eyes, it is easy to bring people in, making people feel that this person is so close to me.

also because Hai Qing acted boldly and risked everything, he always made people believe that with her, the play would not be bad.

therefore, she can play all kinds of characters.

in her words, that is:

"the ideal of life is to get married, have children, and act-the first two are verbs with definite perfect time, and when the acting is not finished, it will accompany a long life."

Hai Qing understands that popularity is only temporary, and acting skills are really good.

only by hiding in the character can she be like a fish in water and stretch her body and mind.

for many people, if the work is out of the circle, it should be exposed as soon as possible to keep it hot.

Hai Qing was different, lived a casual life, and got married early and had children.

she and her husband are classmates in high school and have known each other since childhood.

from romantic love when they were young to getting married and starting a family, they lived a very low-key and happy life.

Haiqing said frankly that if it hadn't been for her husband's support and help, he wouldn't have come to this day.

when you act, you should take care of your family.

she tries to reduce the weight of filming. She just wants to witness the growth of her child and accompany him well.

between the lines of her Weibo words, she is full of pride and happiness.

outside the play, Haiqing accidentally sat down on the seat of the funny girl.

idol baggage? It doesn't exist at all.

every day is to release myself, laughing voice can be heard ten miles, there is nothing she dare not say and dare to do.

when I was a mother for the first time, I took my son Daniel as an experiment.

I can't remember how old my son is!

give an award to Guo Jingming and take off your high heels in front of the whole audience.

(I really tied Q


you think it's over! Then you underestimate Haiqing's "madness".

at the First Film Exhibition, Hai Qing called Yao Chen, Song Jia, Liang Jing and Zhou Dongyu to the stage one by one, the impassioned "Manifesto of Middle-aged actresses."

in order to pick up the show, Yao Chen had to become an executive producer herself. Song Jia has not married yet and has asked everyone to call her Xiaohua.

standing beside Haiqing, everyone looked at a loss and just wanted to escape.

(big injustice


after shouting hard, he joked:

Bring out a sense of modesty with our bride gowns with short cap sleeves . Don’t be shy, just click the button and sit back to enjoy a grand shopping experience!

"We will certainly be cheaper and easier to use than Hu GE. I hope you will give me more opportunities."

after all, Haiqing is the only one who dares to call himself a mad dog.

but it is precisely because of this madness that she can leave no room for herself when she acts.

there is no doubt that a good actor has a thousand faces.

every side is different from her, and her shadow can be found on every side.

Haiqing exudes the charm of a professional actress, enabling her to play every role well and making more and more audiences like her.

in my uncle's opinion, there is nothing to regret about Haiqing's life.

shoot if there is a play, and live a good life if there is no play.

there are roles that everyone can always remember, and there are her husband and children who love her and love her.

she has lived what many people have always dreamed of.

there is no limit to life, and she takes every step just right.

, may Haiqing settle down to act, bring more works and bring more surprises!

I also wish you and I can be like Haiqing, sober, real, and hot inside, ushering in the light that belongs to us.