Cause and effect (this article is priceless)

/July 2023


in Buddhist terms, there is such a word: causal emptiness.

means that everything in the world is interdependent, and nothing can be achieved without causality.

as the saying goes, "all dharma causes are born, and all dharma karma perish."

one flower, one tree, one person, one thing, fate has its own fate.

this fate method, there is no secret, not in fengshui, often is their own creation.

people do good deeds, and blessings come from them

the Book of morality says: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

if you want to have good luck, as long as you have good thoughts, do more good deeds, and be a good person.

there is such a video widely circulated on the Internet:

in the video, a 5-year-old girl climbs out of her sixth-floor window.

she stands outside the narrow window. If she takes another step forward, she will be in danger of falling.

the onlookers talked about it, but no one tried to save the little girl.

in a critical moment, a takeout boy passed by and hurriedly pulled the battery car aside.

after searching for the ladder, I didn't see it, so I climbed the sixth floor with my bare hands and saved the little girl.

after confirming that the little girl was safe, he rode away quietly.

in order to commend the younger brother for his courageous act of righteousness, the company awarded him the honorary title of "avant-garde rider" and specially gave him a reward of 50,000 yuan.

the little brother who got the reward wept with delight and repeatedly lamented that he was too lucky.

in fact, this is not good luck, but people's every move, hiding their own destiny.

have seen such a sentence:

"whether rich or poor, high or low, kind-hearted is the foundation of life. If you have good thoughts, fate will surprise you inadvertently, even if you don't ask for anything in return. "

believe that there is a god in the first three feet, and there is a clear distinction between good and evil.

pay a goodwill, build a good relationship, in order to get a blessing.

as long as you are kind enough, you will be treated gently by the world.

if virtue does not match, there will be disasters

it is written in Yi Zhuan Shi ci Xia: "Confucius said, virtue is thin and the position is respected, which is seldom inferior."

morality is shallow but occupies a respectable position, and conduct does not match wealth and status, and sooner or later there will be disaster.

such a myth and legend is recorded in the ancient book Tai Ping Guang Ji:

there is a Gao Wu Niang in Luoyang. Her husband is a Li Xianren who was demoted to the world for making mistakes.

one day, Li Xianren said to Gao Wuniang:

"I've been through the robbery, and I'm going back to heaven. You and I will have a fight, and I will teach you alchemy, so that your life will be easier in the future. "

before leaving, he told me:

"you are only a mortal, you can be self-sufficient in gold and silver, and you must not be greedy, otherwise, you will not only harm yourself, but also others."

after Li Xianren flew up, Gao Wuniang made a simple living by refining gold and silver according to his instructions.

Li Qi of Henan Shaoyin accidentally learned that Gao Wuniang knew alchemy and asked her to refine ten kilns of gold for herself.

he also promised that Gao Wu Niang would marry his son and become more prosperous all her life.

Gao Wuniang could not resist the temptation to not only collude with Li Qi's family, but also collude with other ministers in North Korea to harm the people in order to gain greater benefits.

the local people are miserable. Seeing that they are increasingly powerful and unparalleled in wealth, Gao Wuniang and the Li family died together overnight.

he came for an autopsy and found a lot of gold in their stomachs.

people all think that this is a disaster from heaven and is punishing them.

the Book of changes admonishes us: "A gentleman carries things with virtue."

Human virtue is the foundation of survival in the world. Wealth, status, rights, and even all things in the world need profound virtue to bear.

if not, you will be wasting your own blessings, and there will be retribution.

as the old saying goes, "descendants are rich and noble, and their ancestors are virtuous."

in the face of wealth, virtue must not be one step behind.

self-cultivation, self-cultivation, moral cultivation, both moral and financial, life can be more and more smooth.

fate is good or bad, there is cause and effect

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in the Buddha's Sutra of Infinite Life, it is said that when the wicked do evil, they learn from the Ming Ming, while the good people do good, they know clearly.

if there are many evils, the loss of virtue will lead to consequences sooner or later.

on the contrary, good deeds accumulate virtues, the merits are boundless, and there are bound to be good results.

in the English countryside more than 100 years ago, an aristocratic teenager drowned, but fortunately he was saved by a nearby farmer who was working.

the young father was so grateful that he decided to help the poor farmer's son to go to London for higher education.

years later, the farmer's son graduated from St. Mary's Medical College in London.

he became a famous bacteriologist, discovered penicillin in 1928 and won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1945.

the aristocratic teenager also grew up, contracted severe pneumonia during World War II and was in critical condition.

the bacteriologist was Alexander Fleming and the aristocratic teenager was the later British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Fleming's father saved Churchill and made Fleming accept it.Good education;

Churchill's father thanked Churchill and saved Churchill's life for the second time.

this makes people sigh: the cycle of cause and effect in the world is exactly the same.

as the saying goes, "once you become a demon, you become a Buddha."

in life, happiness and misfortune are not doomed, but self-made. Fate is sometimes between people's thoughts.

if you put aside your distractions and focus on the good, the road of life will become smoother and smoother.

if you pass on goodness and let love continue, this blessing will befall you again one day.

the Buddhist sutra says, "if you want to know the cause of the past life, you will receive it in this life, and if you want to know the consequences of the later life, you will do it in this life."

much of what happens to us in this life comes from what we did in the past, and what happens in the future depends on what you do now.

retribution for good and evil has its cause and effect, and there is no substitute for it.

the kinder the heart, the better the life; the more virtues, the more blessings.

this is the simplest principle for people to control fate.

, welcome to forward. Persuade you to do more good deeds, persuade you to accumulate virtue.