Another star "flipped over", fell in love with each other for 12 years was "forced" to get married, the reasons behind the exposure, people are sad!

/July 2023

recently, the Chinese Film hundred Flowers Award has come to an end, and the nine major awards have gone to various schools.

but in the selection of best actor, Shen Teng's score of 0 votes went viral, causing a heated discussion among netizens.

many netizens feel aggrieved and complain for Shen Teng one after another:

"it's not strange not to win a prize, but 0 votes is very strange;

the nomination is affirmative. The nominees are all very good actors, and whoever wins the award is worthy of the name.

it's not surprising, after all, it's a platter movie. "

there may be regrets, but for "10 billion actors" Shen Tenglai, this is "not a big deal" at all.

winning the prize is just the icing on the cake. He has been proving himself with his own strength.

this is not, the 100% volume of "alone on the Moon" has taken the lead in the summer vacation after its release, breaking 2.3 billion.

make the cinema, which has been immersed for a long time, liven up!

how many people, like uncle, want to feel the "Teng style" comedy, but are touched by Shen Teng's crying drama.

in a word, believe Shen Teng, you will not be disappointed!

in the impression of many people, comedians are born with a sense of joy and can throw away their baggage and be clever. Is good enough.

but Shen Teng is more than that.

Shen Teng's parents have placed high hopes on their brother and sister since they were young.

Sister Shen Na is very proud, and she doesn't have to worry about her parents. She has won numerous awards at a young age.

on the contrary, Shen Teng is naughty and playful and does not like to study hard, which can worry his family to death.

seeing the confusion of the future, my sister suggested that Shen Teng apply for the PLA Art School.

I have to say that Shen Teng was lucky to know that the requirements of military art at that time were both good-looking and talented.

Shen Teng, who is shaped like a blank piece of paper, was chosen unexpectedly, which made the family excited.

many years later, when he talked about the scene of the entrance examination at that time, he also teased himself: "it all depends on appearance."

it's no exaggeration. Shen Teng appeared in a special magazine because of his good appearance.

even his classmate Yin Tao said that he was really handsome when he was a student.

Shen Teng has always been complacent about his "good appearance".

but he knows very well that good looks are not good enough, and only by constantly tapping his talent for comedy can he go further.

on the stage, he is good at seizing the hearts of the audience to create joy and make the audience laugh.

in screenplay creation, Shen Teng always gives birth to all kinds of wonderful ideas, which impresses all the students.

even Shen Teng's teacher was optimistic about him and said, "Shen Teng, if you can speak Putonghua well, you will certainly develop a lot in the future!"

until 2003, Shen Teng finally ushered in his first official script, "I want to eat mahua and now I'll screw it for you."

during the performance of this play, Shen Teng's high acting talent and extraordinary on-the-spot adaptability were once again displayed in front of everyone.

the protagonist dropped the microphone accidentally while hanging Weiya in mid-air, and the young actors on the stage were too scared to make a sound, so they had to watch quietly, and the scene was embarrassed for a time.

seeing this, Shen Teng hurriedly spoke beside him: "Manager, we have also made money, and the roof needs to be repaired."

in the face of the sudden rescue, the audience at the scene also laughed and applauded Shen Teng's wit one after another.

but the good times do not last long, because the cost of the performance of the play is very high, the funds are limited, and the income often exceeds the expenditure.

Young actors do not have much appeal at the box office, and when it is bleak, there are only four audiences in a play.

but Shen Teng still hasn't given up his love of comedy.

in order to create, he often stays up for dozens of hours day and night, leaving everyone unable to move, and he is still banging on!

maybe he is born with a talent for comedy and makes great efforts to break new ground in any field!

when it comes to Shen Teng, we have to say that he has a fateful "Shen Ma" combination.

recall that when the two first met, Shen Teng spoke highly of Ma Li:

"she was acting in a small theatre at that time, and as soon as I saw it, I said, this girl is rare."

so, the 2013 Spring Festival Gala, they hand in hand with the sketch "Happiness Today 2", onto the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

Ma Li was dressed in red and had a strong and hot leadership model, while Shen Teng gave a vivid interpretation of the cunning and timid Hao Jian.

overnight, audiences across the country became familiar with "Hao Jian", and Mary's magic laughter was innumerable fans.

the "help or not" in the second year caused a lot of sensation.

one sentence: "if this person falls down and we don't help him, won't his heart fall?" If the heart falls, I don't think we can even get it up. "

so far can be called a classic!

also pushes the "interesting" in the sketch to another level of "meaningful".

in the performance, there was also a small episode.

when Shen Teng fell to the ground to reproduce Mary's porcelain touch, he was so devoted that he forgot to pick up the words.

Ma Li was very anxious and improvised, and hurriedly said, "what he said are all my words" to remind him. Fortunately, Shen Teng reacted and hurriedly went on to say the words, which turned out to be true.

this is not the only time that they have such a tacit understanding. They have achieved each other and are the cards of each other.

Shen Teng said: "Mary and I can show each other our backs at any time, but we don't have to worry about each other stabbing me at all."

Ma Li also said, "as long as Brother Teng says yes, I can." I will never look back on Brother Teng. "

it is with this unswerving belief that they nourish each other, become each other's "backers", and continue the friendship of "Shen Ma" to this day.

at this time, Shen Teng also temporarily left the happy mahua track, switched to comedy variety, and broke out his own world.

in the variety show "Happy Comedian", Shen Teng's talent can no longer be hidden.

in the finals, Shen Teng did not hesitate to give up his lines and comedy baggage just to pay tribute to comedian Charlie Chaplin.

between every move, not only the appearance is similar, the god is more similar.

the lights go out, leaving a person alone, with endless loneliness and desolation in his eyes.

in Ace to Ace, Shen Teng's faceless man caused a lot of laughter at the scene.

netizens also said one after another: Shen Teng, he is indeed a man who grows on the laughing point!

Shen Teng's surprise is that he is unexpected. Everything about him is always out of your imagination.

at this time, he began the battle of "comedian" to "actor".

"Charlotte worry" was born in 2015, which made Shen Teng famous and pleasantly surprised.

the sudden crossing made Charlotte open a counterattack and married the class flower as he wanted. he became famous and went to the peak of his life.

showing off is so strong that even pores have a chance!

"Ma what plum?" "what winter plum?" …… What's more, it makes everyone laugh, and the memory is still fresh.

in the Shameful Iron fist, he plays the martial arts practitioner "Deputy Chief door", which makes people laugh when he moves.

"come here!" So far, it has been imitated by the majority of netizens.

in the richest Man in Tomato, Wang Duoyu is transformed from a loser to a tycoon, from nothing to spending a lot of money, and the trajectory of his life is turned upside down.

walk with swagger, deducing the expansion of a loser's counterattack incisively and vividly.

"Crazy Aliens" plays the role of vulgar marketplace Dafei, which looks smart, but in fact, the honest and honest image is unforgettable.

from cameo to starring, Shen Teng is like a character, from obscurity to $10 billion at the box office. He has been on the road for seven years.

did you find that Shen Teng's characters all have his unique comedy humor, but behind this, there is his thinking and painstaking efforts.

this is also an important reason why Shen Teng quickly turned from a comedian to a movie actor.

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not only does Shen Teng shine brilliantly in his career, but also in love.

in an interview with Luyu, he was asked: "what is the most correct thing you have done so far?"

Shen Teng replied: "enter the happy mahua, and found a girlfriend Wang Qi."

in 2003, Shen Teng met his younger sister Wang Qi.

however, when Wang Qi talked about his first impression of Shen Teng, he was not good. He was a little ruffian and a bad student. He didn't even want to associate with him.

at that time, Shen Teng was a school handsome boy in military art, but he was fascinated by this little division sister.

during a rehearsal, Wang Qi stood on a stool with a feather duster, but was stopped by Shen Teng.

he said to Wang Qi, "just act when you act. Don't pout your ass."

after hearing this, Wang Qi replied angrily: "I was born with such a high ass!"

in this way, one comes and goes, and slowly get along, the two come together.

in a relationship, where there is sweetness, there is always a quarrel, and at its worst, the two have broken up.

at that time, Shen Teng, who did not want to make progress, lived a loose life, and always wanted to be a salted fish.

in addition to rehearsals and performances by the troupe, he plays games in front of the computer all day.

with the accumulation of disappointments, Wang Qi can't see their future.

it wasn't until Shen Teng learned from the bitter experience and decided to change himself that he saved the relationship.

even in Shen Teng's most difficult time, Wang Qi never thought of leaving, no complaints, no high demands, and silently supported him.

until 2015, Shen Teng proposed in public, and the love that had been running for 12 years finally came to fruition.

someone once asked Shen Teng, "when is the best time to get married?"

Shen Teng has always had his own plan for getting married: "I can't ask for nothing of myself. I know when to marry Qiqi."

facts have proved that he has done it, his career is in full bloom, and his family is also very happy.

today's Shen Teng is really a winner in life!

A happy family allows him to create without distractions.

Shen Teng doesn't seem to disappoint anyone in his career, whether it's skits, variety shows or movies.

I have seen someone describe Shen Teng like this:

"I think Shen Teng is more like effervescent tablets. I put it into the cup and snore makes a bunch of bubbles, which consumes a little, but in the end, it also brings a little color to this glass of water."

this is true.

it is Shen Teng's original intention and mission to perform comedies well and create more excellent works.

as Shen Teng said:

"A play is not just to make people laugh, but it is a good comedy to be thought-provoking after a laugh."

success is never achieved overnight. even if God appreciates food, he has to make continuous efforts.

fortunately, Shen Teng has neverGive up, and have been groping forward.

, I hope you and I can be like Shen Teng, in the film of life, do not forget the original ideal and ambition, go all out!