Another actress was arrested and jailed, addicted to drugs, and made a comeback three times in prison: not banned?

/July 2023


another actress was arrested for taking drugs!

she was once known as "the most beautiful woman in Taiwan" and became very popular.

from pure love actresses to drug use and imprisonment, a generation of goddesses has been reduced to this.

how did she be "destroyed" step by step?

in 2000, a song "Courage" by Leong Jingru became popular all over the country, and it also made the pure and lovely girl in mv popular.

wearing a short skirt, riding a bike unrestrained and unrestrained, his short hair fluttered with the wind.

she is Xiao Mou Shen.

because of her innocuous appearance, she is also known as the "otaku goddess".

but who would have thought that before his debut, Xiao Mou Shen was still a well-known "too sister".

he became famous accidentally because of a flying kick and was discovered by a talent scout.

Xiao Shu Shen has been going well since she entered the entertainment industry.

it took only two years, and with a number of popular works, Xiao Mou-Shen's acting career is overwhelming.

it only took her three years from her debut to her popularity.

because after she rose to fame, a lot of black material was uncovered by the media, which made her gradually depressed.

the two fell in love because of the play, and this relationship was like Xiao's life-saving straw. she clung to it and was madly in love.

even had the word "Thunder" tattooed on the back of his neck.

the good times didn't last long, and the two ended their breakup.

but Xiao Mou Shen has been unable to get out of this relationship, she can not bear the pain, she chose to use extreme methods to calm herself.

there are many ways to escape from life, so why take drugs?

in 2006, Xiao Mou Shen was exposed to taking drugs, which caused a sensation.

No one would have thought that such a "national goddess" had something to do with drug abuse.

this made her reputation plummet.

in the face of the long guns and short guns of the media, Xiao was restless and out of control.

"get out of the way! Is that enough? "

insulting reporters has further damaged Xiao's image, and all the media are reporting her negative news.

after 49 days of detoxification, Xiao Mou Shen finally walked out of the detention center.

at that time, the environment was relatively tolerant of artists. Although Xiao had a bad track record, he still had a play to shoot.

, she became popular again with the TV series Sword Stained with Royal Blood.

just when everyone thought it was a beautiful turnaround, a few months later, Xiao was caught again.

this time, Xiao Mou Shen was not so lucky. She was directly sentenced to one year and seven months in prison, suspended for four years.

but she still doesn't take it seriously.

in 2011, she took drugs for the third time, and this time, she really went to jail.

on the other hand, Xiao Mou-Shen completely lost his good feeling.

the two nominations for the Golden Horse Girl match were supposed to be a great career and a bright future.

unluckily, I played a good hand.

under such circumstances, she personally "killed" her former self!

there has been a hot search recently, which is really unthinkable.

Ke Mou-dong, a former drug addict, unexpectedly took the actor!

Yes, you read it correctly, that is, he was spurned by everyone and then admitted that he was wrong, Ke Moudong.

watching him holding up his trophy and saying his acceptance speech smug,


is confusing.

is there such a high tolerance for bad artists now?

what is even more outrageous is that under the comments on his social platform, there is a sound of support:

others directly say that he should be given a chance and forgive him for once:

Are you puzzled by the many styles of white summer dress beach in our online shop? Ideal choices for your big days!

this is ridiculous!

the biggest irony is drug addict Nai Yingdi.

if he wants to turn over a new leaf, of course he can, but if he wants to make a comeback as a public figure, he must resolutely resist!

just some time ago, Song Mouye posted a Weibo post that sparked heated discussion among netizens.

Song Mouye sued "grievances" in Weibo:

"A reasonable, legal, strictly approved and approved performance" was forcibly cancelled because it was reported.

he doesn't understand this very much.

this logic is played by you.

as soon as this article was published, it sparked a heated discussion.

however, most netizens are not convinced by his story.

this is not the first time that Song Mou Ye has reversed black and white.

in 2016, Song was arrested for taking drugs and was banned from acting for three years.

but what about the truth?

after that, he continued to sing songs and even often appeared in music festivals.

and continue to sell badly, sayingI am the victim, and I will do so because I have to.

it's not that serious?

Why can it be so understated?

the famous screenwriter Ning, after he was released from prison, claimed that he did not regret it and felt that it had little impact.

are they really ashamed of what they have done?

so far, those bad artists are still able to jump in front of the public, without the support of "mentally handicapped fans":

"shouldn't we give him a chance?"

even called the artist's apology at the press conference: take responsibility.

the reason why bad artists should be resolutely resisted is that they can influence the values of many people because of their strong influence.

claiming to be a victim, do you really think you can get out of the relationship?

in this sinful chain of interests, drug addicts are also a link.

the reason why they have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf is who is responsible for all this.

you should know that every penny squeezed out is a bullet shot on the anti-drug police.

once, an autopsy report of the anti-narcotics police caused a sensation all over the network!

when he was chasing drug dealers, he unfortunately fell into the whole set of drug dealers, and drug dealers tortured him dehumanly.

5 ribs were broken raw, skinned and fleshed below the knee.

the nose was cut off with a knife, two eyeballs were mashed and eight fingers were cut off.

tortured him alive for 45 hours!

such vicious torture has long been beyond the limits of the human body.

We can't imagine how the last moment of this narcotics policeman's life was spent in despair.

if mental retarded fans give bad stars a chance, then who will give the anti-narcotics police a chance?

the documentary "Sword of China" records the worst sacrifice in the history of drug enforcement in China.

in Zhenkang County, Yunnan Province, Director Zhang of the police station received the news and immediately ambushed people, waiting for drug traffickers to appear.

an hour later, the drug dealer finally showed up.

several comrades-in-arms saw the right time, jumped on it and held down the drug traffickers.

but just then, an accident happened.

the forced drug dealer pulled away the grenade he was carrying in an instant.

with a loud noise and a living teammate one second, he became a motionless man of blood.

Last year, a

# this time his picture didn't play mosaic #

the second post rushed into the hot search.

the man in the photo is Cai Xiaodong, a Yunnan anti-narcotics policeman.

in the process of arresting drug traffickers, he fought to the death with gunmen and sustained serious injuries, but was later rescued and died heroically.

he used his life to stop the full 30-kilogram drug trade.

in the movie Operation Mekong, many people noticed that

after the death of a drug detector dog in the movie, the teammates of the anti-narcotics team will erect a tablet for him, but the other sacrificed teammates do not even have a tombstone.


for fear of retaliation.

sometimes they can't even publish their names.

the only cause of death was "dying in the line of duty".

A drug enforcement officer met his mother-in-law and daughter during an undercover investigation.

his daughter shouted "Dad" without restraint, but he paid no attention to it.

three days later, the anti-narcotics policeman's home caught fire and no one in his family was spared.

No one is born to bear this.

the reason why we have been able to have a good time is how many anti-drug police officers are carrying forward at the cost of their lives.

stop foolishly asking why you don't forgive the stars who take drugs.

some people even sacrifice to protect us. We have no right to forgive for them.

tolerance and indulgence of drug addicts is a desecration of police officers who have sacrificed their lives in order to combat drugs.

if drug addicts can make a comeback, can we revive our sacrificed anti-drug police?

, resolutely resist drug addicts!