All good luck has cause and effect.

/July 2023

Zhihu said: "the three great blessings of life: false alarm, recovery, and reunion after a long separation. Either way, luck is indispensable."

in life, people often attribute their good fortune to providence, fengshui, etc., but this is not the case.

the Mumu motto says: "if you focus on benefiting others, even if you don't ask for good luck at all, good luck will come all of a sudden."

those seemingly accidental good luck actually have their own cause and effect.

whether you give a false alarm or get it back, good luck will not happen inexplicably. Good luck will come unexpectedly in the following three aspects.

have good intentions and reap blessings

there is a saying in the New Book of Jia Yi in the Han Dynasty: "those who love come back, and those who are blessed come back."

goodness is mobile, and the kindness you give to others will one day benefit you and reap your own blessings.

the so-called good luck is but the reincarnation of cause and effect. A penny of kindness, a penny of luck, a penny of good luck.

in 2018, a man in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province was involved in a car accident and a ride-hailing car accidentally turned right and fell into a river. the situation was critical because the river was deep and fast.

the man and more than a dozen other enthusiastic people at the scene immediately jumped into the rapids of the river to save lives.

with the efforts of everyone, the driver and the female passenger were rescued. When the man saw the rescued female passenger, he found that it was his wife.

after that, under the rescue of the medical staff, the driver and the female passenger turned the corner.

as the old saying goes, "those who are good are also good."

Life is an echo. If you give your kindness to others, you will eventually reap it from others.

as the Spring and Autumn Zeng Zi said, "if a man keeps good thoughts and does good deeds, though good fortune has not yet come, misfortune has gone far away."

the kindness you give inadvertently may not receive an immediate gift, but you can always hear an echo at another node, either to add icing on the cake to your life, or to take a turn for the better in adversity.

keep optimistic and overcome suffering

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."

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most people have heard the line "Forrest Gump".

in the film, there is a young man named Dan who experienced an accident. Although he saved his life, he also lost his legs.

the optimistic and positive Forrest Gump influenced this Dan with his own actions, encouraging Dan to go shrimp fishing with him to find the value of life.

gradually, under the influence of Agan's optimistic and positive attitude, Dan regained his confidence in life and overcome the haze left in his heart.

Forrest Gump explained the power of optimism with his own actions: "since you can't avoid it, you should try your best to run forward and overcome difficulties by your own efforts."

only by walking around the world and being as optimistic and positive as Forrest Gump can you reap a steady stream of good luck.

in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, there is such a girl. Her name is Ye Nuzhen.

not long after she was born when she was young, she never saw this colorful world again because of congenital retinitis pigmentosa leading to optic nerve atrophy.

at that time, the neighbors of the village said that this invisible child might have to make a living by fortune-telling when he grew up.

but instead of giving up because she is blind, she is determined to be useful to society.

she studied Braille assiduously at Nanjing School for the Blind, was successfully admitted by Nanjing University of traditional Chinese Medicine, and then was admitted to the acupuncture and massage major of Beijing Union University. Finally, she set up her own traditional Chinese medicine massage physiotherapy center in Changzhou.

behind her unfinished life is an optimistic and positive life attitude, a blind and unremitting struggle, and finally overcomes all difficulties and realizes her ideal of life.

as she said: "when I can't see the world with my eyes, I have to learn to 'see' the world with my heart. I always believe that I can."

as Schopenhauer once said, "people are not affected by things, but by their views on things."

what life is like depends on our state of mind.

good or bad luck is the cause and effect of the state of mind. Only by being optimistic can we overcome difficulties, and good luck will come unexpectedly.

always be contented, embrace happiness

the Book of morality says: "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous, and it can last a long time."

those who know that they are satisfied will not be swallowed by desire, knowing that enough is enough and will not be in danger.

in a seaside town, there lived a fisherman. At first, in order to save trouble, he weaved a fishing net the size of a table, but he always got nothing when he went fishing.

the neighbor told him that the fishing net had to be made a little bigger before he could catch fish, so he made the net as big as his neighbor's, and sure enough, he caught a lot of fish and was happy all day.

after a while, the neighbor weaves a bigger net and wants to catch more fish.

the fisherman did not follow the example of his neighbor. He felt satisfied that he could catch so many fish now.

the next day, the neighbor put his net into the sea and caught a lot of fish.

but because there were too many fish, the net was too big and heavy to pull up, and the fish struggled hard. Finally, the net broke, the fish escaped, and even the neighbor's boat overturned.

as the old saying goes, "A man cannot be complete, and a melon cannot be round."

there is nothing perfect in the world, just like the fisherman's neighbor, who is still not satisfied with catching a lot of fish, and his greater greed makes him lose more than he gains.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" said: "three thousand in Guangsha, it takes only six feet to sleep at night, a wealth of money, and no more than three meals a day."

if a person is not satisfied with the status quo, he is not satisfied with the present.

blindly this mountain looks at the mountain high, overlooking the happiness of others, but can not see the happiness he has, even if he has a lot, he will never feel happy.

there is a saying in Daojing: "sin is not greater than desire, disaster is not greater than discontentment, and guilt is not greater than desire."

blindly greedy and dissatisfied, often can not get happiness, eyes envy what others have, but do not know that what they have is already very good.

in the bustling world, only when we know how to be content, can we not sink into pain for worldly profits and embrace the beauty and happiness in front of us.

the Ahan Sutra says:

"there is a reason for this and that for another.


all methods have karma, and good or bad luck is caused by cause and effect.

be kind. If you give it to others, you will eventually reap it from others.

stay optimistic, what you suffer today will eventually turn into light and light your way.

the mind is always contented. Happiness comes not from the accumulation of external conditions, but from inner contentment.

as the saying goes: "keep a point of goodwill, hold a point of optimism, hold a point of contentment, can repair a point of happiness, get a point of happiness."

sow the seeds of kindness in your heart, and one day you will blossom and bear fruit and reap good luck and good fortune.

, good luck and all your wishes come true.

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