28-year-old naked love scene was banned, 14 years later hit the entire entertainment industry: congratulations, finally her turn to God!

/July 2023

there is a person who is so beautiful and mysterious that you seldom see her on weekdays.

only when she suddenly comes into the world with a new work, do you suddenly remember her existence and express a heartfelt admiration--

Ooh! She's still beautiful.

she is Tang Wei. After missing out on the Cannes film, her new film "determination to break up" with South Korean director Park Zanyu will compete for the Oscars again.

what is Tang Wei in the new film like?

Let's put it this way, it belongs to the classic Tang Wei, what is a classic? Even if she is contaminated with impurities, you can automatically filter her and review her most authentic and charming charm.

when she lured him into the game, she took steps step by step;

her extreme pull when ambiguity persists;

when she gave up her life for love, she calmly refused.

she was clumsy and cold, young but vicious, and pulled the upright and capable criminal policeman step by step into the sweet trap she had designed, then suddenly disappeared, nailing a hole in his heart and turning a red rose into eternal life in the hole.

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she just stands in the film so vaguely that you can't bear to leave your sight for a moment.

Tang Wei is the only actress whose entertainment fits Park Tsan-wook.

the heroine of Park Tsan-wook has always had something in common.

they are sometimes naive, like white deer elves who have never been touched by the years.

sometimes calm and crazy, she is a wolf girl regardless of the consequences.

they are sometimes rich and gorgeous, and they are absolutely crazy.

sometimes it is a beautiful and vicious snake and scorpion.

however, although the external description is ever-changing, the smell is always in the film.

at first glance, it looks calm and calm, but you often feel that there is a sense of tension hidden beneath this tranquillity that "the mountain rain is about to fill the building with wind", and they are ready to rush out and explode from under the calm appearance.

you endure suffering, but you can't stop moving towards her until you wake up with blood from her thorns, only to become addicted to her harmless deer-like eyes.

they are little white flowers growing in endless hell. They refuse to follow you into the bright world. They will only lead you into the whirlpool through the beginning to the end, her company and your pondering.

No, that is to say, their existence is hell, and where they are, the grass does not grow.

that's why Tang Wei and Park Tsan-wook are a match made in heaven. This is a fact that I also authenticate.

"after watching Lust, caution, I always wanted to cooperate with her (Tang Wei)."

Yes, who can refuse Wang Jiazhi in Lust and caution? No one can refuse, and no one is willing to refuse.

in 2007, Ang Lee sent Tang Wei to the stage with a film about abnormal love in troubled times.

before that, Ang Lee went through many twists and turns in choosing the heroine.

choose Shu Qi? She lacks a little bookish, and she doesn't want to take off the clothes she wears back;

choose Zhang Ziyi? She looks so stubborn that she can tell from her face that she won't do anything stupid for love.

so, Big S? She is also too strong, and she, who has always been unrestrained, is not willing to sacrifice so much.

"the performance is not particularly good, but the way she listens to the play, I know, is Wang Jiazhi."

finally, in Ang Lee's shot, this is the kind of Tang Wei.

when she was about to enter the center of the storm, she was trapped in naive fantasies and was unaware of the coming of destruction, which made outsiders all the more pitied.

later, desire and seduction were clearly written in her little eyes and movements, and the other side saw clearly, but could not help seeing loveliness and amorous feelings, and could not help approaching even though she knew the danger.

lust floats in a faint place. "her eyes are really not innocent."

after being deified, it is banned.

No one understands why they only ban Tang Wei and forgive the leading actor and the male director. Venus has complained about this.

however, from another point of view, it is precisely because of the ban that Tang Wei has added a layer of profound color to Tang Wei, turning her from a brave woman who appeared for art to a misty strange woman alienated from reality.

Yes, she has become an image, which is born out of the hotbed of temperament that pervades her, and has been divorced from herself.

so the audience could not accept the role of dragging her back from the fog to the concrete reality.

Tang Wei often walked off the "altar".

even though Beijing meets Seattle, the material Girl is still ostentatious and deliberate.

in the Golden Age, she can not play the fiery vitality of Xiao Hong.

Tang Wei has nothing but beauty for the love of literature and art in the full Moon Hennessy.

when she plays someone who really exists in the world, the shell of her dream goddess is peeled off, her ethereal feeling disappears, and she becomes accessible and not as lovely as she used to be.

it so happens that we have seen her height over and over again, so we are disappointed to see that we have lost our goddess.

the moment when Tang Wei was most questioned was her first costume drama "Daming Fenghua".

because of her smiling face, affected posture and stiff expression, she was directly "oppressed" by Deng Jiajia and made a wedding dress for others for nothing.

ugliness is secondary, and the root is that she hugs when she is angry, when she is scared, when she flatters.With the seven emotions and six desires that belong to human beings, the goddess should be in the position of overlooking the desire.

in the end, the lineup full of bigwigs, like to mention 6 passing points.

originally, there were many cases in which the ordinary face landed first in the movie, and Niangniang Zhang's "Shangyang Fu" didn't even get a passing grade.

Tang Wei was later interviewed and asked about the difference between making a TV series and making a movie, she said directly and loudly that she "can't" and "rookie".

the gap between her movies and movies is so big, the gap between TV dramas and movies is even more imaginable.

but there is no need to be too critical. The next time she comes down to earth, it will be better than this time, or else she can avoid her weaknesses and grow as she did this time.

and this advantage is her own unique temperament, which is a gift, and God only gave it to her.

Tang Wei is stubborn.

"Lust, caution" made her climb to the highest peak, won a lot of applause, but also let her fall to the lowest point, enduring countless rumors. She accepted it all and never regretted it.

she gave her life on a large scale, and her boyfriend of three years abandoned her, and she wouldn't complain.

people who are not on the same path, why force them?

this is also her cleverness.

the road in China is impassable, so she chooses to go out. She studies English and Korean, and speaks Cantonese fluently. According to me, there is no need to admire her amazing talent for language, otherwise, wouldn't her hard work be disgraceful?

and the one who deserves her love must be the one who can read her.

in 2010, South Korean director Kim Tae-yong, who is ten years older than her, made the romantic film late Autumn.

in the film, Tang Wei is like the ideal Tang Wei, she is depressed, patient, depressed, and always carries that iconic and elusive background.

after breaking out in silence, he returned to peace.

he helped her win the award for best actress in Korea, which made her hold the stepping stone to enter the Korean market.

he read her and told her in his own way.

this love is not so much the achievement of each other, it is better for two people to have a wonderful chemical reaction and burst into brilliance.

the independent Tang Wei is stubborn, psychedelic, ruthless and more affectionate. Ang Lee discovered her, Park Zanyu carried her forward, hoping that "determination to break up" will win more awards, and that there will be more directors who fit her in the future.

after all, isn't it a happy thing to film the most beautiful side of a beautiful woman so that you and I can indulge in it?

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