2022 New three values Theory (unique)

/July 2023


when one reaches middle age, one's life is half-steep.

Huafa lurks, wrinkles grow dark, and no longer has a fresh face.

with less and less energy and a lot of thoughts, life can only move forward with a heavy load.

however, getting rid of the youth and polishing the rashness, middle age is not the best age in life.

after the baptism of time, wise and sober, mature and steady.

I have met many people, walked many roads, and gradually understood the essence of life.

after middle age, "three values" are more important than facial features.

in addition to world outlook, outlook on life and values, I also summed up the following "three values" and shared them with my friends.

Age concept:

if the heart is not old, the years will not hurt

Director Wang Chaoge has a famous speech, which is deeply touched every time.

"12 years is a reincarnation. At the age of 36, family, work and life tend to be stable, and people are completely divided into two types:

one is to repeat 36 years old; the other is to start looking for a new life.

most people die at the age of 36, not physical death, but burnout, anxiety, silence, and no desire for life. "

in the second half of life, more and more is age, less and less is courage.

too many people "frame" themselves with age, do not dare to try new things, and gradually lose their enthusiasm for life.

I feel that when people reach a certain age, they can only bow and eat and wait for death, and there is no way to turn around from the bottom of the mountain of life.

and some people, however, have never been limited by age to their imagination of life, and have been living a steaming life.

Art Master Huang Yongyu is called "the real version of Zhou Botong".

50-year-old learn driver's license, 70-year-old study abroad, 80-year-old cover shoot, 90-year-old, and drive a domineering red Ferrari.

in the eyes of others, he should have spent his twilight years, but he broke through all the way, playing more and more happily.

I like Dou Wentao's sentence very much: "Old age is not an age problem, nor is it a physiological problem, but a cognitive problem."

time wrinkles the face, but as long as one is enthusiastic, he is always young.

Uncle Beijing drifters, 49, and Wang Deshun, who entered International Fashion week at the age of 80, said:

"good. I'm only 80 years old, and now I'm still pursuing myself."

Grandma Moses, who studied painting at the age of 76 and appeared in time magazine at 93, also has a famous saying:

"Life never starts too late."

the really advanced age view is that no matter how old you are, you are passionate about life, curious about things, and always have the courage to start from scratch.

in the movie Twenty again, grandma Shen Lijun, 70, regained her 20-year-old appearance by chance.

remembering that she had been wandering all her life and endured hardships, she decided to be herself again.

playing bands, falling in love, and chasing dreams, she lived a life she could not imagine at the age of 20, which she had stolen.

Life is not a movie, and you can't turn back time.

but this does not prevent us from living every moment and constantly injecting surprises into our lives.

"No matter how old we are, as long as our beliefs are young, we are still young; old people are not the worst, but old hearts are the beginning of the downhill road."

the so-called youth, middle age and old age are all just a concept, and living a good life is the correct solution.

if the heart is young, every day is a golden age, and every moment can sway.

concept of health:

learn to recognize yourself in the middle of your life

"Roundtable School" has a program that talks about the topic of "age".

I was deeply impressed by the words of a guest:

"once people get older, the body has obviously felt the change.

you begin to admire the energy of young people, and sometimes you have to bow to age. "

when people reach middle age, all kinds of physical abilities are inadequate, and the people around them come and go in a capricious manner, all reminding us:

Feel extremely enchanting in short hoco tight dresses. User-friendly, fun and a great value.

Life is an one-way ticket with no return. In the second half of life, you and I fight for health.

some netizens have shared one of their experiences.

he has been the most hardworking person in the company for more than ten years, and it is common for him to stay up late for projects.

once, after staying up all night for a week, he suddenly blinded and fainted in his bathroom.

thanks to timely rescue, he was lucky to save his life from the dead.

when he woke up, he saw his tearful mother and red-eyed father, and a wave of guilt welled up in his heart.

when he came back from the hospital, he laid down the rule that he must sleep before the wee hours of the morning, found his dusty fitness card and signed up for a private class.

the rich red sauce I used to like seldom appeared on the dinner table, and my friend's wine bureau could push it as much as he could.

in the middle of my life, the best health product is "recognition".

to learn to "recognize pussy" is not cowardice, but to understand that no matter how many achievements of fame and wealth, it is better to live well.

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of investment does not lose money?

one answer was highly liked:

"first, keep a good body;

No.Second, really want to raise a good body, it is your biggest capital;

third, have a chance to do something else. "

A good health can keep your family from getting into a dilemma because of an illness, so that you can stay with your family for a long time, so that we can have the strength to compete with difficulties at any time.

as the saying goes, "you must be full of energy to withstand the difficulties of the world."

in the second half of life, keeping the body disease-free and mind-free is an eternal topic.

three meals a day, regular and quantitative; less oil, less salt, less tobacco and less alcohol; early to bed and early to rise, moderate exercise.

Life does not always come and go. In every ordinary day, learn to be kind to yourself.

Outlook on life:

matter is simple, heart is rich

A paragraph was written in "living simply and Beautifully":

"the more things you want, the less satisfied your heart will be. Even if you finally get everything you want, you will feel depressed.

what is supposed to bring you happiness has become the source of stress, casting a haze on your heart. "

the best state of a person's life is simplicity and simplicity.

when I read Lin Qingxuan's story, I was deeply moved by his sentence "the taste of the world is Qing Huan".

when he was young, he was so famous in Taiwan's literary world that he won almost all the awards in Taiwan's literary circles before the age of 30.

living with newspapers, reporters, lights and applause all day long, although it is beautiful, it is not happy.

when his career reached its peak, he resolutely quit all his jobs and went to the mountain to settle down and cut off all contact with the outside world.

"Qinghuan is the subtraction of life. After we give up the worldly pursuit and the binding of desires, we return to the purest joy, which is the most tasty situation in life."

although life in the mountains is hard, he enjoys himself.

far away from the secular planning, he reached a new peak of creation.

like a sentence very much: "Life should be a process of simplification and simplification, with the world swaying, the heart always like a lotus, blooming quietly."

try to get rid of the mountains of goods, give up all kinds of desires, and get rid of the unimportant people in the circle.

cultivate hobbies that have nothing to do with utilitarianism, and learn skills that have long wanted to test the waters:

travel, measure the world with your footsteps, and collect beauty with your camera.

go to read, savor all kinds of life in the book, and collide with the author's ideas;

think and learn to talk to your soul when you are alone.

teacher Dazeng wrote a limerick, which was thought-provoking:

"Life will be dead in the end, and prosperity will return to the dust." If you chase after fame and profit, why should you do business for the rest of your life? "

the true meaning of life, after all, does not lie in the material, but in the inner thickness.

living here disturbs the world one after another, cutting down the complexity and simplification makes it easy and at ease; only when the soul is rich is it comfortable and safe.

as the saying goes, it is the road that gets longer and longer, and what becomes clearer and brighter is wisdom.

has an advanced age view, dare to try, dare to love, let it go, there is no time in my heart.

develop a correct concept of health, learn to accept, nourish the body and mind, and better balance with the impermanence of life.

keep a minimalist view of life, realize the truth of life in a clean life, and enrich your heart.

the rest of life is not long, take your eyes back to yourself, listen to your inner voice, and develop a good "three values".

only in this way can we be happy both physically and mentally, and be safe both inside and outside.

share with your friends.